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Jack Herer Regular Seeds For Sale

Buy Jack Herer Regular Seeds on the world wide web instantly from Sensi Seeds with swift and private distribution to anywhere on the planet.

Jack Herer is a renowned cannabis cultivar on sale as feminised seeds. Feminised seeds grow exclusively female marijuana dope herbs yet common seeds give pollinating and female marijuana greenery at practically equal ratios.

The flowering nature of Jack Herer is Photoperiod. Auto marihuana chemovars bloom undeterred by day length whilst standard photoperiod genetics grow in response to light cycle.

The Haze parents of Jack Herer give the choicest excellences to this cannabis variety. The end product has phenomenal terpene combinations that create marvelous scents and essences.

Scoring Jack Herer Regular Seeds by Sensi Seeds authorizes you to farm this great marijuana cultivar indoors, outdoors, or any place else. The value of the matured crop is marvelous.

Your Jack Herer Regular Seeds are expeditiously forwarded in only a couple of days from buying these marihuana seeds online. The seeds are inconspicuously wrapped up for supreme secrecy.

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As the first-class seed store for special cannabis seeds, Starseeds is faithful to shopper gratification. Do email our pleasant sales service if you happen to require any help getting Jack Herer Regular Seeds online.

Jack Herer Breeder Description

This multiple Cannabis Cup Winner is undoubtedly one of the most speical types of marihuana in the cannabis world today. Named in honor of world famous global hemp activist and author of the most informative book on hemp and cannabis, ‘The Emperor Wears No Clothes’. Many years of extensive breeding and special selection gave way to this multiple Haze hybrid that will deliver good yields of heavy clustered, medium density buds glistening with juicy, resin coated Haze bracts that have a fresh and peppery, pungent Haze smell mixed with a hint of fruity skunk. Jack Herer has an award-winning flavor of strong peppered Haze spiced with a delicious dash of fruity acridness and the effects have a quick onset with a strong uplifting cerebral high and a giggly edge.


2006: 2nd – High Life Cannabis Cup (Seed Bank Hydro Haze) 
2006: 2nd – High Life Cannabis Cup (Grow Shop Hydro Haze)
2005: 1st – High Life Cannabis Cup (Coffeeshop Hydro) 
2004: 1st – High Life Cannabis Cup (Coffeeshop Hydro) 
2004: 1st – High Life Cannabis Cup (Seeds Haze Hydro)
2003: 1st – High Life Cannabis Cup (Seeds Hydro)
2003: 1st – High Life Cannabis Cup (Grow Shop Bio)
2003: 3rd – High Life Cannabis Cup (Coffeeshop Hydro)
2002: 3rd – High Life Cannabis Cup (Coffeeshop Hydro)
1999: 1st – High Times Cannabis Cup (Sativa Cup)
1994: 1st – High Times Cannabis Cup (Overall)

Jack Herer Growing Information

Spring up your Jack Herer Regular Seeds by checking out our germination guide. Retain the soil or media moistened by adding water, except do not let it get too wet.

Present the plants with brightness right after they’ve popped up. Provide fertilizer once Jack Herer has concluded its sapling growing stage.

Throughout the vegetative growth phase, empower the dope plants to progress and gain vegetation. Repeated watching and nutrient provision will contribute to a flourishing weed crop.

The flowers are completed growing after a flowering phase of 7-10 Weeks, absolutely plastered with resin and wrapped in crystals. This weed variety is highly regarded for its superb quality.

Jack Herer supplies a worthy crop of divine Mostly Sativa buds that provide good highs.


Sensi Seeds

Flowering Time

7-10 Weeks



Pack Size

10 Seeds

Flowering Type

THC Content