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Hokkaido Japan Hemp Regular Seeds For Sale

Buy Hokkaido Japan Hemp Regular Seeds on-line right now from Ace Seeds with swift and low-key distribution to any point across the world.

Hokkaido Japan Hemp is a leading cannabis genetic sold as feminised seeds. Feminised seeds develop solely female marijuana reefer herbs however common seeds yield pollinating and female marijuana bushes at approximately the same percentages.

The flowering variety of Hokkaido Japan Hemp is Photoperiod. Auto marihuana variances bloom without regard to daylight time whilst regular photoperiod strains answer to day length.

The Hokkaido P2 genes of Hokkaido Japan Hemp bestow the bestest natures to this cannabis variety. The crop has amazing terpene medleys that provide splendid odors and essences.

Obtaining Hokkaido Japan Hemp Regular Seeds by Ace Seeds allows you to farm this great weed genetic in your residence or wherever you wish. The standard of the end product is outstanding.

Your Hokkaido Japan Hemp Regular Seeds are promptly mailed in only a small number of days from paying for these marihuana seeds in real time. The seeds are carefully wrapped up for the best secretiveness.

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Hokkaido Japan Hemp Breeder Description


Japanese culture has a tradition of hemp use dating back at least 10,000 years, with scientific certainty of its cultivation on all its islands for more than 2,000 years, and in particular on the northern island of Hokkaido, the Japanese prefecture that has traditionally grown more hemp since time immemorial. In fact, cannabis grows wild in Hokkaido, with authorities having to eradicate nearly a million plants every year.

The general appearance and leaf morphology of this Japanese variety bring to mind the indica phenotype of our China Yunnan, although the Hokkaido has darker leaves, greater vigour, longer node spacing and greater branching.

This variety from Hokkaido shows semi-autoflowering characteristics, meaning that outdoors it starts flowering not long after the summer solstice. It has a spiky floral development that reminds us of sativas, producing few trichomes on the ovaries. The flowering develops very quickly, maturing in only 6-8 weeks.

Hokkaido Japan Hemp Growing Information

Start your Hokkaido Japan Hemp Regular Seeds by reviewing our germination guide. Retain the substrate moistened by applying water, yet do not let it get too wet.

Endow the saplings with lightening at the moment when they’ve popped up. Give fertilizer once Hokkaido Japan Hemp has ended its sprouting growing stage.

In the vegetative growth stage, empower the weed plants to burst forth and form greenery. Recurrent reviewing and nourishment will facilitate a flourishing weed patch.

The nugs are finalized succeeding a budding period of 42 – 56 days, totally resiny and enclosed in trichome crystals. This genetic phenotype is venerated for its marvelous results.

Hokkaido Japan Hemp produces a gratifying harvest of top-grade Indica / Sativa flowers that supply gratifying perceptions.


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CBD Content


Flowering Time

42 – 56 days


Hokkaido P2

Flowering Type

Pack Size

5 Seeds, 10 Seeds

THC Content

0.6% – 1%