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Frozen Tangie Feminised Seeds For Sale

Buy Frozen Tangie Feminised Seeds on the internet right now from Sumo Seeds with speedy and tactful distribution to any place across the globe.

Frozen Tangie is a treasured marijuana phenotype on the market as feminised seeds. Feminised seeds produce exclusively feminine ganja reefer herbs yet common seeds offer pollinating and feminine ganja bushes at approximately level percentages.

The flowering class of Frozen Tangie is Photoperiod. Auto-flowering marijuana cultivars bloom without consideration of lighting schedule whereas conventional photo-period strains react to lighting hours.

The Lazy Ice x Cinderella heritage of Frozen Tangie supply the elite aspects to this weed chemovar. The final product has astonishing terps that make phenomenal scents and qualities.

Securing Frozen Tangie Feminised Seeds by Sumo Seeds gives you the means to tend this astonishing cannabis phenotype inside, outdoors, or wherever you please. The nature of the crop is outstanding.

Your Frozen Tangie Feminised Seeds are rapidly posted in only a couple of days following buying these marijuana seeds online. The seeds are stealthily encapsulated for maximal secrecy.

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Frozen Tangie Breeder Description

Frozen Tangie is one of our new strains which we are really fond of. A beautiful plant loaded with shiny frosted trichomes. We decided to bring back our Lazy Ice and cross it with a fast flowering Cinderella. The outcome is a simply amazing sativa cannabis plant. Just like ice cream; Frozen Tangie will make people cheerful and enjoy every toke they take when smoking this tasteful cannabis strain. Covered in shiny “ice” crystals the buds look like a frosted ice-cream.

Frozen Tangie has an average between 70 to 110cm size when grown indoors. Outdoors she can grow into a 2 meters tall cannabis plant when placed directly into the soil. She has a classic sativa appearance with long-shaped leaf fingers and large stretched sativa buds. She will be totally covered in shiny trichomes. A great leaf to bud ratio. She will need 9 to 10 weeks to become fully mature and to harvest her precious “iced” sativa buds. A great overall yielder! With an average of 550 to 625 g/m2 it is one of our most giving cannabis plants. Her buds are so dense that even a novice grower can achieve high quality heavy harvests. When grown outdoors you can expect her to give the grower approximately 350 to 450 grams per plant. But she will need a lot of sun and is more suitable for Mediterranean climates.

A clear fruitful grapefruity aroma and taste. A sweet desert to share among your friends to enjoy a great night with lots of smiles everywhere! A great sativa effect which will give the user smiles throughout his face. Remember when you were a child, and you received an ice cream. Exactly that smile will appear when smoking Frozen Tangie. With a high THC value, it will suit users who need an euphoric uplifting strain.

Frozen Tangie Growing Information

Spring up your Frozen Tangie Feminised Seeds by checking out our germination guide. Keep the planting mix damp by issuing water, except do not let it get waterlogged.

Endow the weeds with light as soon as they’ve started growing. Give plant nutrients once Frozen Tangie has finalized its sprout growing stage.

In the veg stage, empower the marijuana plants to develop and earn leaves. Periodic examination and pest management will assure a booming herb nursery.

The budlets are harvestable after a flowering phase of 63 – 70 days, utterly caked in resin and masked in THC crystals. This cannabis strain is beloved for its excellent outcomes.

Frozen Tangie offers a worthy harvest of magnificent Mostly Sativa nuggets that deliver pleasing sensations.


Sumo Seeds

CBD Content

0 – 1%

Flowering Time

63 – 70 days


Lazy Ice x Cinderella

Flowering Type

Pack Size

3 Seeds

Plant Height

Indoors: 70 – 110 cm; Outdoors: 200 cm.

THC Content