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Fenopure CBG Feminised Seeds For Sale

Buy Fenopure CBG Feminised Seeds on the information superhighway directly from FENOCAN with speedy and tactful distribution to anywhere on the planet’s surface.

Fenopure CBG is a reputable cannabis phenotype on sale as feminised seeds. Feminised seeds spring up solely female marijuana dope plants however common seeds give pollinating and female marijuana herbs at approximately uniform proportions.

The flowering pattern of Fenopure CBG is Photoperiod. Autoflower reefer variations bloom careless of lighting schedule whilst photo-periodic phenotypes grow in accordance to light schedule.

The Unknown genes of Fenopure CBG bring forth the greatest natures to this marijuana species. The harvest has terrific terpene medleys that create wonderful scents and qualities.

Bagging Fenopure CBG Feminised Seeds by FENOCAN gives you the means to crop this great cannabis phenotype inside, outdoors, or wherever you require. The caliber of the load is magnificent.

Your Fenopure CBG Feminised Seeds are expeditiously forwarded in only a short number of days since buying these reefer seeds on-line. The seeds are cautiously wrapped up for the best covertness.

Many purchasers perceive Starseeds as the perfect seed store to procure FENOCAN strains at affordable prices. We give painless payment means as well as secured careful shipment to all spots anywhere in the world.

As the chief seed distributor for special cannabis seeds, Starseeds is devoted to shopper happiness. Just email our pleasant sales service in the event you want any help acquiring Fenopure CBG Feminised Seeds online.

Fenopure CBG Breeder Description

Fenopure CBG is a CBG-dominant variety with good resin qualities. CBG is short for Cannabigerol, a cannabinoid currently under research for various potential pharmacological properties. CBG is known to be the ‘mother of all cannabinoids’ as it is a precursor to CBD, CBC (cannabichromene) and THC.

Fenopure CBG produces extremely low THC content and is therefore legal for cultivation in many countries of the world. Fenopure CBG is 60% sativa and can be cultivated indoors as well as outdoors.

Indoor plants take 7 – 8 weeks to complete flowering with each plant producing 15 – 25 gr. When grown outdoors plants are ready in September – October in the northern hemisphere yielding 150 – 300 gr. each. Wherever they are grown plants require medium amounts of nutrients to produce their best results. Mature buds are quite long and have a bushy appearance with plenty of resin.

Terpenes are earthy and fruity. CBG production is between 6 – 9% while total THC is less than 0.2% with less than 0.05% Delta-9 THC. CBD totals less than 1%.

Fenopure CBG Growing Information

Spring up your Fenopure CBG Feminised Seeds by looking over our germination guide. Retain the growing mix moistened by provisioning water, although do not let it get soaked.

Bestow the plants with illumination immediately after they’ve started to grow. Deliver plant feed as soon as Fenopure CBG has fulfilled its sapling development period.

Within the vegetative growth phase, permit the plants to progress and form vegetation. Repeated supervision and fertilizing will foster a lucrative MJ grow.

The flowers are done after a bloom period of 49 – 56 days, entirely plastered with resin and shielded in sugar crystals. This weed strain is venerated for its top-notch quality.

Fenopure CBG offers a worthy Low – Medium harvest of superb Mostly Sativa buds that produce nice feelings.



CBD Content


Flowering Time

49 – 56 days



Flowering Type


Indoors, Outdoors

Pack Size

1 Seed, 3 Seeds, 5 Seeds, 10 Seeds

THC Content



Low – Medium