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Dasht Desert Regular Seeds For Sale

Buy Dasht Desert Regular Seeds on the world wide web pronto from Landrace Warden with swift and tactful delivery to any global destination.

Dasht Desert is a renowned ganja chemovar available to purchase as feminised seeds. Feminised seeds produce entirely female canna pot herbs yet common seeds yield pollinating and female canna greens at just about the same percentages.

The flowering nature of Dasht Desert is Photoperiod. Auto ganja chemovars bloom irrespective of light hours whilst photo-period strains grow in accordance to light schedule.

The Heirloom Landrace genes of Dasht Desert impart the bestest aspects to this cannabis variety. The outcome has wonderful terps that provide incredible fragrances and tastes.

Scoring Dasht Desert Regular Seeds by Landrace Warden grants you the means to tend this jaw-dropping cannabis chemovar inside, outside, or anyplace else. The caliber of the load is magnificent.

Your Dasht Desert Regular Seeds are promptly posted in only a short number of days from paying for these ganja seeds on the internet. The seeds are stealthily bundled for peak discretion.

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Dasht Desert Breeder Description

Dasht Desert is an heirloom landrace strain that originates from Balochistan, Pakistan. Balochistan is an arid, mountainous, desert region that is Pakistan’s largest province but also its least heavily populated. Dasht Desert is a regular, indica-dominant, early-flowering, photoperiod cannabis strain.

Dasht Desert’s natural environment is cold, dry and high altitude but it can also be grown successfully outdoors in cold, dry climates, sub-tropical mountain and temperate regions. Most phenotypes have narrow, sativa-like leaves and very short internodal spacing, a reflection of its adaptation to the prevailing environmental conditions. Growers will be happy to see a greater production of flowering clusters than of leaf.

This is a strain that requires little attention or nutrients making it easy to grow. It has a very high resistance to drought and benefits from good drainage as it likes to stretch its roots, a trait that is a response to the local environment in which it developed. Plants typically grow to a height of 120 – 150 cm. with some phenos displaying nice purple shades. Northern hemisphere harvests are due around October / November following a 9 – 11 week flowering period and yields are good at 300 – 650 gr/plant. Good resin production for making hashish.

The scent of Dasht Desert combines rotten onions, diesel, pepper and cloves while its flavour is fruity with notes of basil and hints of fuel. The psychoactive effect is cerebral and uplifting with an initial ‘head rush’.

Dasht Desert Growing Information

Sprout your Dasht Desert Regular Seeds by reviewing our germination guide. Uphold the soil or media moistened by supplying water, nevertheless do not let it get overly saturated.

Endow the weeds with lightening promptly after they’ve started growing. Give plant fertilizer once Dasht Desert has finished its sprout growing period.

In the vegetative phase, permit the marijuana plants to develop and create mass. Repeated checking and nourishment will contribute to a flourishing MJ grow.

The budlets are finalized after a budding period of 63 – 77 days, entirely laded with resin and enclosed in trichome crystals. This cultivar is respected for its primo terps.

Dasht Desert brings in a gainful Medium – High production of high-grade Indica nugs that provide gratifying Cerebral, Uplifting sentiments.


Landrace Warden


Cerebral, Uplifting

Flowering Time

63 – 77 days


Heirloom Landrace

Flowering Type



Pack Size

3 Seeds, 5 Seeds, 10 Seeds

Plant Height

120 – 150 cm.


Medium – High