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Cali Connection

Corleone Kush Feminised Seeds For Sale

Buy Corleone Kush Feminised Seeds on the web on the spot from Cali Connection with swift and inconspicuous delivery to anywhere on the planet.

Corleone Kush is a revered marijuana genetic on the open market as feminised seeds. Feminised seeds grow purely female cannabis reefer flowers yet common seeds give pollinating and female cannabis plant life at practically uniform percentages.

The flowering order of Corleone Kush is Photoperiod. Auto-flowering ganja variances bloom irrespective of daylight time whilst regular photoperiod phenotypes react to lighting hours.

The Pre98 Bubba X SFV OGK F4 heritage of Corleone Kush transfer the choicest merits to this weed species. The harvest has extraordinary terpene combinations that make wonderful fragrances and essences.

Picking up Corleone Kush Feminised Seeds by Cali Connection permits you to cultivate this spectacular cannabis genetic inside, outside, or wherever you please. The standard of the finished product is marvelous.

Your Corleone Kush Feminised Seeds are expeditiously posted in only a small number of days since paying for these ganja seeds online. The seeds are inconspicuously boxed for optimal covertness.

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Corleone Kush Breeder Description

Corleone Kush is the only one of the feminised range that is not an S1 of the original cut. It has been made using the pollen from a reversed TahoeOG cut. You can expect Bubba dominant phenos that will very closely resemble the regular seeds. Golf ball style nuggets that swell under good light make this plant perfect for SCRoG type set-ups.

“Corleone kush was named by the people for the people. We took the famed Pre98 Bubba cut and hit it with our SFV OGK F4 male. This has been a cross I have wanted to make for years…… will hit you as hard as a wise guy would.. It was given a name destined for strength and she does just that. Deliver some serious strength.”

Corleone Kush Growing Information

Begin your Corleone Kush Feminised Seeds by reviewing our germination guide. Have the potting mix damp by adding water, however do not let it get marshy.

Endow the sprouts with light as soon as they’ve popped up. Grant plant fertilizer the moment that Corleone Kush has ended its germination development stage.

Through the vegetative phase, permit your canna plants to expand and gain mass. Repeated inspection and pest management will guarantee a triumphant marijuana patch.

The flowers are finished after a bloom phase of 65 days, utterly dripping in resin and coated in crystals. This ganja strain is loved for its fabulous bag appeal.

Corleone Kush gives a rewarding Medium harvest of magnificent Indica / Sativa flowers that deliver nice Physical, Relaxing, Strong feelings.


Cali Connection


Physical, Relaxing, Strong

Flowering Time

65 days


Pre98 Bubba X SFV OGK F4

Flowering Type


Grows Indoors, Grows Outdoors

Pack Size

6 Seeds