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Sagarmatha Seeds

Chunky Cheeze Feminised Seeds For Sale

Buy Chunky Cheeze Feminised Seeds on the world wide web without further ado from Sagarmatha Seeds with prompt and safe transport to anywhere on the world map.

Chunky Cheeze is a cherished cannabis cultivated variety on the open market as feminised seeds. Feminised seeds germinate exclusively feminine weed cannabis herbs while common seeds offer masculine and feminine weed plant life at roughly equal proportions.

The flowering sort of Chunky Cheeze is Photoperiod. Automatic pot strains bloom careless of daylight time whilst photo-type cultivars react to day length.

The Big Bud Pheno heritage of Chunky Cheeze impart the greatest attributes to this marijuana variety. The end product has wonderful terps that provide awesome fragrances and essences.

Scoring Chunky Cheeze Feminised Seeds by Sagarmatha Seeds grants you the resources to tend this astounding cannabis cultivated variety indoors, outside, or any place at all. The standard of the yield is top-notch.

Your Chunky Cheeze Feminised Seeds are expeditiously sent in merely a couple days from buying these pot seeds electronically. The seeds are inconspicuously bundled for max secrecy.

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Chunky Cheeze Breeder Description

This strain of cheese from the original Big Buda gene pool has been especially selected for her aroma and high yields. Chunky is a potent skunk: one plant which brings that unique taste and aroma from the early 80s straight to your pipe. This girl grows up to be the perfect Christmas tree, frosting with sticky crystal balls of glistening THC trichromes. This cup winner will be sure to bring happiness and good cheer to all your friends and family. So grow some cheeze and go crackers!

Chunky Cheeze Growing Information

Begin your Chunky Cheeze Feminised Seeds by following our germination guide. Keep the growth substrate damp by issuing water, yet do not let it get swampy.

Supply the seeds with illumination the moment that they’ve sprouted. Grant fertilizer immediately after Chunky Cheeze has concluded its germination growing state.

Within the vegetative cycle, help the weed plants to prosper and generate leaves. Repeated supervision and pest control strategies will establish a thriving weed seed grow.

The budlets are finished succeeding a budding phase of 55 days, entirely resinous and masked in crystals. This genetic phenotype is valued for its superior terpene profiles.

Chunky Cheeze provides a fruitful crop of top-grade Indica / Sativa flowers that produce pleasing senses.


Sagarmatha Seeds

Flowering Time

55 days


Big Bud Pheno

Pack Size

5 Seeds

Flowering Type

Plant Height

45-75 cm