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Vision Seeds

Choco Bud Feminised Seeds For Sale

Buy Choco Bud Feminised Seeds on the world wide web without delay from Vision Seeds with quick and tactful delivery to any part of the globe.

Choco Bud is a prominent cannabis lineage ready to buy as feminised seeds. Feminised seeds germinate exclusively female ganja cannabis plants yet common seeds offer masculine and female ganja greenery at approximately level proportions.

The flowering variety of Choco Bud is Photoperiod. Autoflower pot species bloom without consideration of light hours whilst photoperiodic strains react to light cycle.

The Thai Sativa x Chocolope Haze parents of Choco Bud lend the ultimate characteristics to this weed phenotype. The crop has fantastic terpenes that bring forth great fragrances and essences.

Obtaining Choco Bud Feminised Seeds by Vision Seeds grants you the means to raise this marvelous weed lineage inside, outside, or anywhere at all. The nature of the crop is splendid.

Your Choco Bud Feminised Seeds are quickly posted in merely a couple days from buying these pot seeds electronically. The seeds are carefully wrapped up for peak secretiveness.

Numerous clients deem Starseeds as the perfect online store to get Vision Seeds wares at the lowest price point. We put forward simple methods of payment as well as assured camouflaged transport to all spots throughout the world.

As the top-notch seed store for phenomenal cannabis seeds, Starseeds is dedicated to shopper fulfillment. Just drop an email to our hospitable customer service for those who want any support purchasing Choco Bud Feminised Seeds on the internet.

Choco Bud Breeder Description

Even though it might sound a little crazy, we are not insane here at Vision Seeds! “Choco Bud” does actually have a very distinct chocolate/caramel flavor. I would say a perfect strain for those craving chocolate and a smoke at the same time, a two for one kindda deal.

All foolishness aside, the “Choco Bud” is definitely no joke. This super branchy, super potent lady which is practically a full Sativa will blow your mind and fill up any grow tent, room or even garden if you give her the chance. “Choco Bud” will boom indoors as well as outdoors.

Yes Vision Seeds have ourselves a wild one here.. and as she grows so is the effect she produces, she will most certainly give you a highly energetic, uplifting feeling if not euphoric.

High on THC and High on CBD in perfect quantitative balance makes her a strain extremely well suited for medical purposes. She’s extremely effective in the battle against anxiety or stress and is regularly pulled from the shelf to help control the symptoms of attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD): hyperactivity, impulsivity and inattention.

Vision Seeds wishes you a bunch of fun with your “Choco Bud” as well as with the after effects. Just remember to keep a good eye on her and keep her in check so she doesn’t take-over your household and do come back and share your Vision Seeds experience with the rest of us!

Choco Bud Growing Information

Spring up your Choco Bud Feminised Seeds by checking out our germination guide. Uphold the substrate wettish by issuing water, yet do not let it get soaked.

Present the sprouts with sunlight at the moment when they’ve started growing. Give fert as soon as Choco Bud has finished its sapling growing period.

Through the vegetative growth phase, empower the ganja plants to expand and produce greenery. Regular watching and nutrient application will encourage a prosperous Mary Jane grow.

The nuggets are done after a bloom time of 9 weeks, utterly resinous and wrapped in THC crystals. This marijuana strain is venerated for its fantastic performance.

Choco Bud brings in a gratifying production of phenomenal Mostly Sativa buds that provoke pleasing moods.


Vision Seeds

Flowering Time

9 weeks


Thai Sativa x Chocolope Haze

Medical Properties

Anxiety, stress, ADHD

Flowering Type

Pack Size

3 Seeds, 5 Seeds, 10 Seeds

Plant Height

80-220 cm

THC Content