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Chem OG Feminised Seeds For Sale

Buy Chem OG Feminised Seeds over internet on the spot from Female Seeds with quick and inconspicuous transport to any point across the world.

Chem OG is a prized marijuana phenotype retailed as feminised seeds. Feminised seeds produce solely female weed weed plants while common seeds bear pollinating and female weed greens at close to level ratios.

The flowering nature of Chem OG is Photoperiod. Auto-flowering weed cultivars bloom careless of day length whereas regular photo-period phenotypes react to light cycle.

The OG Kush x Chemdawg genes of Chem OG add the greatest natures to this weed phenotype. The crop has prodigious terpene compositions that result in awesome odors and tastes.

Picking up Chem OG Feminised Seeds by Female Seeds gives you the ability to cultivate this phenomenal cannabis phenotype indoors, outdoors, or wherever you desire. The nature of the yield is exceptional.

Your Chem OG Feminised Seeds are rapidly sent in only a small number of days following paying for these weed seeds electronically. The seeds are secretly packed for max concealment.

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Chem OG Breeder Description

This exciting American OG strain is the result of crossing an OG Kush mother with a highly potent original Chemdawg father. She is a strong, resistant and sturdy stemmed plant. Thanks to her genes the plants present OG Kush-type buds, really dense and pop-corn shaped. She is a highly productive plant, with light green colored leaves (with different phenos the leaves tend to get a yellowish green aspect) and vivid green buds. These buds are abundantly covered with orange pistils giving the plant a beautiful and attractive appearance. Besides the orange pistils the buds have a very noticeable layer of trichomes.

Keep humidity low in the final stages to prevent mould. She likes different growing techniques. She’s a versatile plant and reacts well to stress and any overfeeding. Screen of Green training method is a highly recommended method. The smoke is smooth and delicate, she charms with an intense combination of flavours. One can clearly distinguish pleasant notes of lemon, pine, earthy and a woody flavor. That is thanks to its OG Kush origins, while the Chemdawg father gives the strain a very distinctive, prominent sour taste with that typical diesel/fuel taste.

The effect is intense, long lasting and combines two different but balanced highs. At first an uplifting and stimulating high, which then develops into a more indica effect developing a more sedative effect. Even though it is not a complete couch-lock strain, it still helps you relax and alleviate stress.

Chem OG Growing Information

Spring up your Chem OG Feminised Seeds by reviewing our germination guide. Sustain the potting soil or media wettish by adding water, nevertheless do not let it get marshy.

Bestow the weeds with illumination as soon as they’ve sprouted. Provide plant fertilizer as soon as Chem OG has concluded its sprouting growing period.

Within the vegetative growth cycle, support the dope plants to burst forth and form leaves. Periodic surveillance and nourishment will facilitate a lucrative reefer crop.

The budlets are concluded after a bloom period of 56 – 63 days, wholly dripping in resin and shielded in THC crystals. This strain is respected for its marvelous quality.

Chem OG produces a worthy crop of high-grade Indica / Sativa flowers that supply nice perceptions.


Female Seeds

Flowering Time

56 – 63 days


OG Kush x Chemdawg

Medical Properties


Flowering Type

Pack Size

4 Seeds, 10 Seeds

Plant Height

Indoors: 80 – 110 cm; Outdoors: 150 – 250 cm