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Cheese CBD Auto Feminised Seeds For Sale

Buy Cheese CBD Auto Feminised Seeds on-line pronto from Dinafem with swift and private distribution to any geographical location.

Cheese CBD Auto is a distinguished cannabis genetic on the market as feminised seeds. Feminised seeds germinate purely feminine canna pot flowers yet common seeds offer masculine and feminine canna greenery at about equal percentages.

The flowering kind of Cheese CBD Auto is Autoflowering. Automatic marihuana variances bloom ignoring lighting cycle whilst photoperiodic phenotypes grow in response to lighting schedule.

The Cheese XXL Auto x Auto CBD genes of Cheese CBD Auto transfer the elite features to this weed species. The finished product has astonishing terpene compositions that bring forth phenomenal odors and qualities.

Securing Cheese CBD Auto Feminised Seeds by Dinafem gives you the power to farm this jaw-dropping marijuana genetic inside, outdoors, or in whatever place. The rank of the finished crop is outstanding.

Your Cheese CBD Auto Feminised Seeds are expeditiously expedited in only a small number of days following buying these marihuana seeds on-line. The seeds are stealthily encapsulated for peak secretiveness.

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Cheese CBD Auto Breeder Description

Cheese Autoflowering CBD by Dinafem Seeds is a cannabis seed that has its origins in the cross of a Cheese XXL Auto and a CBD Auto. This feminised, autoflowering and CBD-rich strain could be described as a rather small version of a typically Sativa branchy plant capable of producing loads of buds with an incredibly pungent cheesy aroma and a thick layer of quality resin.

The Dinafem team has managed to masterfully preserve all the features of the original cannabis strain and mix them with the fast-growing of autoflowering genetics as well as with the moderate effect of high-CBD strains. This is how Dinafem ended up with such a quick, heavy-yielding, stable, homogeneous and smelly marijuana strain that, besides, can be consumed by a wide range of people thanks to the bearable high she delivers.

The organoleptic qualities of Cheese Autoflowering CBD are amazingly intense, with a piercing smell of cheese accompanied by floral and citrus hints. The 1:2 THC/CBD ratio of this cannabis seed makes her effect easy to put up with and perfect to relax deeply.

Cheese CBD Auto Growing Information

Begin your Cheese CBD Auto Feminised Seeds by following our germination guide. Retain the substrate damp by issuing water, however do not let it get overly saturated.

Supply the saplings with light promptly after they’ve started growing. Feed plant feed as soon as Cheese CBD Auto has concluded its sprout development stage.

At the veg stage, help your ganja plants to burst forth and generate greenery. Recurrent supervising and nurturing will assure a flourishing reefer seed grow.

The budlets are finished after a flowering period of 75 days from seed, absolutely loaded with resin and topped in frost. This ganja variety is esteemed for its first-rate harvest.

Cheese CBD Auto offers a productive Medium – High crop of magnificent Indica / Sativa buds that provide enjoyable Calming, Relaxing, Soothing moods.



CBD Content



Calming, Relaxing, Soothing

Flowering Time

75 days from seed

Flowering Type


Cheese XXL Auto x Auto CBD


Greenhouse, Grows Indoors, Grows Outdoors

Medical Conditions

Anxiety, Stress

Medical Properties


Pack Size

1 Seed

Plant Height

75-160 cm


THC Content




Medium – High