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Bubba Haze Regular Seeds For Sale

Buy Bubba Haze Regular Seeds on the net instantly from World of Seeds with expeditious and inconspicuous transport to any nook of the earth.

Bubba Haze is a cherished ganja variety on the open market as feminised seeds. Feminised seeds germinate entirely female cannabis dope herbs while common seeds yield masculine and female cannabis plant life at virtually the same percentages.

The flowering class of Bubba Haze is Photoperiod. Autoflower pot cultivars bloom regardless of daylight hours whereas photo-period strains answer to light cycle.

The Ghost Train Haze x Bubba Kush heritage of Bubba Haze bring forth the elite excellences to this cannabis strain. The final product has wondrous terpenes that result in remarkable scents and tastes.

Acquiring Bubba Haze Regular Seeds by World of Seeds empowers you to nurture this jaw-dropping cannabis variety in your residence or wherever you demand. The class of the finished crop is beyond comparison.

Your Bubba Haze Regular Seeds are quickly posted in only a couple of days since buying these pot seeds electronically. The seeds are carefully encapsulated for max stealth.

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Bubba Haze Breeder Description

WoS’ Bubba Haze is a regular cannabis strain that derives from crossing a male Bubba Kush with a Ghost Train Haze female, both of which are regular genetics originating from the west coast of the United States. Bubba Haze is a hybrid that is a large plant producing big yields, grows rapidly owing to the indica influence of the Bubba Kush, which is a 100% indica plant and one of the best in the world, and which also contributes the characteristic to produce large quantities of great quality resin.

Our WoS top tip for indoor growers; if you do not want a very high plant, restrict to 2 weeks of vegetative growth, and for outdoor growers; plant at the end of May in the northern hemisphere and during October in the southern hemisphere.

This plant produces large resin-covered buds. It is not unusual for this strain to take on violet purple hues similar to lavender. The effect is euphoric and long-lasting but does get more relaxing as time goes by. Suitable for lovers of old-school flavours and good for any type of extraction owing to the high percentage of trichomes in its flowers.

Bubba Haze Growing Information

Begin your Bubba Haze Regular Seeds by following our germination guide. Retain the potting soil or media moistened by adding water, however do not let it get waterlogged.

Supply the weeds with sunlight immediately after they’ve started growing. Give fertilizer right after Bubba Haze has concluded its sprout development cycle.

At the time of the veg phase, help the plants to prosper and produce vegetation. Periodic examination and nutrient provision will encourage a prosperous MJ crop.

The nugs are completed growing after a budding phase of 55 – 65 days, wholly oozing with resin and wrapped in frost. This genetic phenotype is prized for its superb quality.

Bubba Haze provides a lucrative harvest of top-grade Indica / Sativa flowers that provide good highs.


World of Seeds

Flowering Time

55 – 65 days


Ghost Train Haze x Bubba Kush

Pack Size

10 Seeds

Flowering Type