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Amnesia Mistery Feminised Seeds For Sale

Buy Amnesia Mistery Feminised Seeds on the web this instant from Positronics with swift and low-key distribution to any place worldwide.

Amnesia Mistery is a prized marijuana cultivated variety up for sale as feminised seeds. Feminised seeds produce exclusively feminine weed dope herbs while common seeds grow pollinating and feminine weed greenery at approximately split percentages.

The flowering variety of Amnesia Mistery is Photoperiod. Auto-flowering reefer cultivars bloom irrespective of daylight time whereas standard photo-period strains grow in response to day length.

The lineage of Amnesia Mistery add the prime natures to this weed species. The outcome has sensational terps that bring forth phenomenal scents and tastes.

Bagging Amnesia Mistery Feminised Seeds by Positronics gives you the ability to tend this fantastic cannabis cultivated variety in your home or wherever you wish. The excellence of the finished crop is marvelous.

Your Amnesia Mistery Feminised Seeds are promptly shipped in merely a couple days since paying for these reefer seeds on-line. The seeds are carefully encased for optimal privacy.

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Amnesia Mistery Breeder Description

Amnesia Mistery comes from a misterious genetics that give her an enormous size and lots of flowers.

It is a step forward in the development of the newest sativa genetics. One of the best selected Amnesia clon from Positronics was crossed with a misterious male coming from the greenest California valleys. As a result of that breeding you have an enormous size plant with one of the best buds never seen before. A delicious sativa for the experienced growers.

Its strong structure allows the plant to develop more branches than average, producing lots of flowers besides the typical big cola on top. Needs a lot of space to grow, and will be the biggest plant of the garden. In addition to this, is very resistant to the fungus attack.

Before harvest it will smell like pine-tree woods, with menthol touches. Once the bud is dry will appear a spicy like aroma with tasty notes of coffee and licorice.

Amnesia Mistery is of a strong brainy effect that will wake up your imagination.

Amnesia Mistery Growing Information

Begin your Amnesia Mistery Feminised Seeds by following our germination guide. Sustain the soil or media moistened by issuing water, however do not let it get overly saturated.

Endow the seeds with brightness as soon as they’ve started to grow. Deliver nutes right after Amnesia Mistery has fulfilled its germination development cycle.

In the vegetative phase, bring your ganja plants to grow and earn leafage. Recurrent reviewing and pest control measures will facilitate a flourishing marijuana crop.

The budlets are concluded after a bloom period of 82 – 90 days, entirely soaked with resin and masked in THC crystals. This strain is valued for its splendid quality.

Amnesia Mistery brings in a noteworthy crop of divine Indica / Sativa flowers that deliver good senses.



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Flowering Time

82 – 90 days

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5 Seeds, 3 Seeds, 1 Seed

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