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Amnesia Express Auto Feminised Seeds For Sale

Buy Amnesia Express Auto Feminised Seeds on the internet without further ado from Phoenix Seeds with swift and stealth delivery to anywhere on the world map.

Amnesia Express Auto is a valued ganja cultivated variety available to buy as feminised seeds. Feminised seeds develop entirely female marijuana weed herbs while common seeds grow masculine and female marijuana trees at close to split ratios.

The flowering form of Amnesia Express Auto is Autoflowering. Autoflower dope strains bloom without consideration of day length whereas standard photo-period genetics grow in response to lighting cycle.

The Original Skunk x Ruderalis genes of Amnesia Express Auto contribute the finest traits to this cannabis strain. The end product has great terps that make marvelous scents and tastes.

Bagging Amnesia Express Auto Feminised Seeds by Phoenix Seeds gives you the resources to farm this extraordinary marijuana cultivated variety in your residence or wherever you desire. The nature of the load is splendid.

Your Amnesia Express Auto Feminised Seeds are rapidly mailed in only a small number of days following paying for these dope seeds in real time. The seeds are carefully bundled for the greatest stealth.

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Amnesia Express Auto Breeder Description

Amnesia Express Auto Feminised combines classic Amnesia with a Ruderalis strain. The original Amnesia comes from a combination of Skunk and a Thai close which was crossed with C99 and Jack Herer. Amnesia is a multi award winner, it has taken 1st place in the 2004 Cannabis Cup and 1st place in the 2012 Sativa Cup.

Amsterdam coffee shops are the ideal place to find Amnesia, this is due to the consistent popularity of the strain. The effect is ideal for medicinal users due to its euphoric and uplifting effect. Medicinally it is used by those suffering from anxiety, stress or pain. Visually it is a gorgeous plant with thick, glistening, resinous buds and its flavour and scent are bursting with citrus. World of Seeds has now made this amazing strain even easier to grow by introducing the Ruderalis genetics rendering it autoflowering as well as feminised.

Autoflowering strains skip the vegetative period of growth making the entire growing period much faster. This also means that they can be grown to a much shorter height without the hefty yield being damaged. Ideal for those who prefer to grow indoors or discretely on a balcony. The feminised aspect of the strain means that growers don’t have to deal with the pesky male plants.

Amnesia can be grown either indoors or outdoors and is perfect for all levels of grower or breeder. The indoor yield can hit up to 450 – 550 g/m2 and outdoors up to 200g/plant. The flowering time is only 7 weeks and the height is usually around 120 cm.

Amnesia Express Auto Growing Information

Sprout your Amnesia Express Auto Feminised Seeds by reviewing our germination guide. Sustain the growth media moistened by applying water, however do not let it get muddy.

Supply the saplings with light at the moment when they’ve begun to grow. Feed fert the moment that Amnesia Express Auto has finished its sprout growing stage.

At the vegetative phase, help your weed plants to progress and generate greenery. Recurrent inspection and integrated pest management will secure a thriving MJ grow.

The nuggets are finished growing after a flowering period of 7 weeks, utterly dripping in resin and buried in THC crystals. This cannabis variety is distinguished for its top-notch results.

Amnesia Express Auto provides a productive crop of magnificent Mostly Sativa flowers that produce gratifying perceptions.


Phoenix Seeds

CBD Content


Flowering Time

7 weeks


Original Skunk x Ruderalis

Flowering Type

Medical Properties

Anxiety, stress, pain

Pack Size

1 Seed, 3 Seeds, 5 Seeds, 10 Seeds, 100 Seeds

Plant Height

100-120 cm

THC Content