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Auto SeedsAuto Seeds has been one of the leading specialists in autoflowering cannabis genetics since 2008. The team first discovered the “Lowryder” ruderalis genetics in Switzerland and have been focused on perfecting the art of autoflowering cannabis ever since. Understanding the potential of fast-growing and easy-to-cultivate buds, the Auto Seeds team has dedicated their time and resources to developing, testing, and gathering some of the highest quality autoflowering genetics on the market. The breeders travel the world in search of new varieties that offer unique benefits and values, such as high THC content, medical efficacy, and great yields. Autoflowering cannabis is a powerful tool for anyone growing marijuana, offering a great combination of ease, speed, and flexibility. With their extensive knowledge and experience, Auto Seeds is a leader in the industry that strives to make autoflowering, premium-quality cannabis available to everyone.

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