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May you all be blessed as you make your way through our sacred halls of information, we are humbled by your presence here and your desire to seek knowledge from all sources! The world is changing. People are becoming more aware of other possibilities, both within themselves and the universe at large. For some, our site may be a stepping stone towards understanding those changes, and for others it's their medium of communicating change. Information. We want you to be informed, armed with necessary knowledge to initiate and thrive in change, and we want you to know that what you're experiencing is not an isolated case. No. We are a large community. Much larger than you imagine. We are Starseeds. No one place is our home, as it's where the heart is. Right now, ours is with Earth and her inhabitants.


It is our purpose in life to support the earth and humanity in the evolutionary process both spiritually and physically. We have been here for a very long time observing, watching and hoping for a change in the worlds activities. For too long we have watched and waited in silence in hopes that the people in power would grow past the Greed and Selfish stage in their development-we were wrong. It has always been policy for us not to become involved, but that time is ending. Starseeds are not more special than others, but have a role to play: showing others their own potential by setting practical examples of compassion, wisdom and connectivity with life everywhere. When humanity as a whole makes the decision to awaken, the universe will reciprocate and evolutionary leaps will be possible.


We are here in this moment to help Earth become a place where we can gather and provide continual support to each other and a way for us to realize our potential as a spiritual being, to help in the realization that we are all a majestic, amazing creation and we can do much more than what is normally known. We/Starseeds also learn from those we teach. We are dedicated to the advancement of starseeds, Walk-ins and humanity as a whole. We are all directly or indirectly teachers of each other. Our world desperately needs us. Needs you. Needs all of us to unite to heal the wounds that have been created over time within us and within the world.


We have come here to positively affect this planet, humanity and all lifeforms everywhere. To assist humanity in understanding/remembering the sacredness of all life as well as to seek our own knowledge, truth and identity and guiding others to do the same. We are all children of the great, vast and wonderful cosmos. For those caring individuals in society who are looking in from a more Earthly, Human perspective, “we” certainly can help each other grow. We strive to break down all barriers and build up understanding. Your consciousness is raising at an incredible pace, some realize it and it is showing in your families, your communities, and everywhere you visit. It is a beautiful sight, to witness people caring about their environment again and lending a hand to those in need. Breaking down barriers of race where in fact there is but one race, the Human race. Your progress is an inspiration. Lets work together, to raise the awareness, the spirituality, and the consciousness of Earth's children. They are, your future leaders.


We are all on an evolutionary path together. Children still learning and teachers always assisting. We are humans with a soul that originated from far away places in the heavens and who have chosen through random acts of kindness, compassion and forgiveness to bring the light frequency to earth through love wherever we go. We live by example and you will know us not by any special abilities, markings or status but by our own actions and deeds. You will know us by our intent. We are of love, peace and light.

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