why people idealizing being multi-dimensional? >.<</body>

As humans we daily experience our 3D little world (a world based on an x,y and z axis)... but we can think to our future and then plan stuff, as we can be nostalgic about our past... as a tiny glimpse of the 4D (time) as defined by sciences in its superstring theory about the 10 dimensions (11D in an other more developed theories). But when we go beyond the 4th dimension, it becomes quite a mess...

What people are used to name as "dimensions" are the metaphysical dimensions (loosely mixed with pseudo-sciences and very tiny fragments of science to make it look more "real"). These countless dimensions are most of the time the poor victims of our delirious imagination. Name it, there's tons, as many as you wish!!!! Heavens - hells (as many as there's religions), the astral, some "ghosts' dimensions, personal dimensions (sacred space), alternative realities etc...

So what's the deal about multi-dimensional beings? Some people think that these are some sort of tourists who happily hop from one to an other dimension, joyfully listening a Mary Poppins super hit song... but that's wrong. Such person would only be consider as a mono-dimensional person (according to meta-physic, a person born in a specific dimension) who travel through other dimensions, but certainly not a real multi-dimensional being.

A multi-dimensional being is one who can't be described nor fit into a 3D dimension since it is part of all dimensions at the same time. A being in a constant fluctuation between countless dimensions without being fully part of any at the same time. Do a 3D individual (you an i), could imagine itself traveling into a 2D world and naturally fit into it (watch the video upper)? It's just plain impossible, we'd just died. A 3D vessel can't function into a 2D or a 4D+ environment... nor it could in the vast majority of other meta-physical dimensions (physic laws etc). According to meta-physical theories, multi-dimensional beings tend to "de-ascend" to get a grip on something, to stabilize themselves into a dimension, to stop living in such constant flux. So why wanting to be something that even them can't endure?

Many of the so-called multi-dimensional beings (through meta-physic/religious/spirituality/myths) are entities who can tap into other dimensions to produce energy from the difference of potential between 2 to 5 (+/-)  dimensions (tremendously far from the meta-physic's countless dimensions), but aren't part/native from ALL of these dimensions. Entities who can "portal" themselves (or partly) into other dimensions, even if not native from these. Multi-dimensional beings, on the counterpart, live at the edge of All dimensions... like living on the tip of an atomic-fine needle while being the needle and everything around it at the same time, out of time while being nowhere and everywhere... THAT is what it is to be a multi-dimensional being.

The christian's idea about God is pretty much the only thing who could fit the bill. So what the fuss around everybody wanting to become "multi-dimensional", they are just like us, just very differently made in an infinitely more complex way. People want to become like the Bible's "God"? Who'd really want it honestly. Wish to become an angelic portal guardian instead, it might suit more your ambitions and dreams about being a brightfull power-cell on 2 legs and having access to quite a few meta-physical dimensions. You'd be at least able to get a brilliant life and be an actor, not only an all-everything pointless observer who can do nothing.

BUT DON'T WORRY!! I also tend to talk about "spiritual" entities as being "multi-dimensional"... after all, they have access to more dimensions than us (physically)... but on such blurry definition, ghosts are multi-dimensional as angels, demons, dragons, elementals, fairies... and mediums too etc. I'm not the one that would like to be a real multi-dimensional being, it seems useless and totally futile... what fun there is if you can't interact nor accomplish anything because being above everything. Our dimensional limitations oddly allowing us to get somewhere, to do things, to appreciate our world, to better ourselves and be free. 

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Comment by Jelly on Saturday
Comment by Dodee giebas on March 17, 2018 at 11:53am
I would like to share something here.......my visions have an expansive quality the includes both past and future. Thus they have a profetic element.

I was reading a book written by Steven Hawkins. He was talking about "string theory". This led into "brane theory". When he got to the part about how they got stuck because they didn't know how to fit a "straight line" into this theory, this triggered a vision. I saw sea foam on a beach at the edge of the ocean. When I looked more closely at this foam, it triggered a memory, something I saw on television back in the 70's. It was a San Francisco street artist who performed tricks with bubbles. He said something like, "How much do you want to bet that I can make a bubble shaped like a "cube"? He then proceeded to blow 7 bubbles of the same size. As he blew each bubble, he moved it towards the others so they stuck together in a cluster. The cluster formed with one bubble at the center. They other 6 spaced themselves evenly around this center one. The one at the center took the form of a perfect cube.I see the beauty of this. There truth here somewhere! I think this is why they sometimes call their equations "elegant". They see the beauty.

I've been waiting for years for them to go back to brane theory, to know the meaning of this. They got sidetracked with the collider.....so much to learn!
Comment by Dodee giebas on March 16, 2018 at 7:35pm
Paradox is an arbitrary condition involving imagination that only exists until you can figure out a way to take the lid off the box. Truth is waiting in the box.
Comment by Jolan on March 11, 2018 at 8:14am

Being manifested multi-dimensionally is the realm of the soul.
If you speak of your self as a soul, you can say I 'as a soul' I am a multi-dimensional /density being.' If you speak of your self as the temporal aspect experiencing one lifetime "you" are mostly attuned to one density. So yes, it's not that strange to admire the Multi-D-ness of our essence. In essence we are all multi-D. Its close to saying " I am expansive and manifest in different worlds beyond all appearances and temporal aspects ".

Comment by Osi on March 9, 2018 at 11:50pm

Hm, seems to me that all of the conditions you described, both the ones you endorse and the ones you decry, are all coexisting at once. After all, its a multidimensional universe. Everything is multidimensional. The question is, in what ways do individual beings perceive dimensionality?

In a multidimensional universe, paradox is! in that way, it's whatever you choose to see, because each thing AND its opposite are true.

Comment by Source Shard on March 9, 2018 at 7:48pm

Welcome to my world.


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