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Are flying dreams an "ego thing"?

Started this discussion. Last reply by JD Oct 10, 2017. 17 Replies

Are flying dreams an ego thing? I've had flying dreams in my sleep all my life, not every night but very frequently. As a child, they would involve the neighborhood kids, who would say "Hey, teach me…READ MORE →

Tags: dreams, flying

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Cameron L Brockel and Gil are now friends
Mar 13
Cameron L Brockel replied to Kara Kay's discussion If you have the time to spare, I'm seeking for help...
"Cool, When I was a kid I was obsessed with movies like labrynth the dark crystal, legend, etc. because of the elves and faerie folk for lack of a better term. Then I saw fire in the sky and became obsessed with the whitley strieber books and was…"
Mar 13
Cameron L Brockel commented on Lautse's blog post The Difference Between Religion & Spirituality
"Nice definitions. I will admit, I follow a "guru", but still consider myself a free thinker and eternal seeker. The practices I engage in have some theory behind them although I wouldn't consider any of it dogma in that I accept what…"
Mar 10
ѕyraн ⏳ left a comment for Cameron L Brockel
"right?! i'm really loving my pendulum & what we can accomplish together, it feels more like an appendage of mine~~which is the goal i presume. i've been utilizing it to do a lot of healing, i still can't get over the em/power it…"
Mar 10
ѕyraн ⏳ and Cameron L Brockel are now friends
Mar 10
Cameron L Brockel left a comment for ѕyraн ⏳
"i took a brief look at the "pendulum group". The whole chakra thing fascinates me. Have you heard of the pillar of light meditation? Guess there are several variations as each person likes to "make adjustments" to suit them…"
Mar 9
ѕyraн ⏳ left a comment for Cameron L Brockel
"ah yes, the resilience of our spirit~~ definitely enough to keep the fire ignited within. luckily i'm on an island in the southeast so the weather is pretty grand at the moment, but doesn't mean it isn't bipolar most of the time ha.…"
Mar 6
Cameron L Brockel left a comment for ѕyraн ⏳
"Hello from Montana. Lots of snow here this year, but maybe not quite like Alaska. Perhaps warm souls can inhabit any region of this earth."
Mar 6
Cameron L Brockel left a comment for North Star
"Hi, I had a dream, maybe last week, where a drawing of a star was seen in the sky,toward the southwest, but a voice told me it was "northstar". Weird."
Feb 6
Cameron L Brockel replied to Haileos's discussion Ascension Depression
"Hi, I feel like this is exactly what I'm experiencing except after the depression "gets old" I seem to resort to anger. I think I have ptsd. I'm a pedestrian. I walk by dogs behind fences and at first they seem friendly and I…"
Feb 3

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What Do You Identify With?
Lightbeing, Starseed, Human
What Is Your Soul Purpose?
Archivist, Light Worker (Healer), Seeker, Unknown/None
What Is Your Soul Origin?
What Is Your Soul Group?
Personal Path Or Religion? (All paths/religions are honored and welcomed)
Sant Mat, interest in Shamanism and lightwork. A playfull and yet thoughtful consideration of many, many different paths with intent of intermarrying many seperate beliefs and customs without the inclusion of ultimatums would be awesome, especially some kind of merging of respect to earth and all its inhabitants, humanity, and the stars and all the dark space between and surrounding them. Merging, healing, and completion of all aspects of being could be monumental. Namaste and may the force be with you!
About you: (Please Answer In Depth To Be Approved)
When I went from kindergarten to first grade, I cried and cried when I was to learn the basic elementary school knowledge, and they had to put me out in the hallway until I stopped. I'm the youngest of four boys in my family and always felt like the "oddball". I was very passive-aggressive early on but became defiant toward society's ideals in adolescence, feeling separate from the whole picture. I got into drugs and booze from middle school all through high school and had a few select friends, but enjoyed being alone more often than not because I had a love-hate relationship with the crude and sarcastic attitude my friends and I shared most of the time. I liked being alone more often than not, getting lost in a buzz and writing poetry, stories, or drawing elves, faeries, and aliens, etc. Always felt there was more to life than consumerism and "getting your kicks" and through early adulthood I began to see the underside of addictions and escapism but didn't know what else to do. I can remember when I was about fourteen I saw the movie Stargate and figured that the history we were being taught had huge gaps and lies in it, and even though I knew this was a fictional screen drama I got the peculiar feeling it was on to something if only in a very generalized and intentionally dramatic way. I had a huge interest in fantasy and sci-fi growing up, although I wish it would have come to me more via books rather than Hollywood. Still, I remember always having tearjerking "old-yeller" type moments while watching these kinds of movies after which others present would just call me a dork or something for being so moved by "just sci-fi". Strangely though, I always thought the movie "Close Encounters of the Third kind" was boring as a kid aside from the fact that the "greys" in it frightened me, but, now, at 37, although I try to avoid t.v. like the plague now, the last five minutes or so of that movie that dramatizes "first contact" touches me deeply to where I get tears of mysterious joy and wonder. The abduction phenomenon troubled but fascinated me ( I read the Whitley Strieber books ), and I always thought that if some E.T.'s were less than friendly, then some must also be benevolent and of light. In my early 20's I was still living at home with my folks in a drug and booze filled environment but sobered up for a bit and started reading about astrology. I was convinced in middle school that the world was going to end in the year 2000 and had a very "who cares about anything then" attitude and was very, very depressed. By my early 20's I obviously figured out the world didn't end, but then there was casual talk about 2012. Astrology was looking very interesting at this point. After som months of study in this field I learned Sant Mat, or Surat Shabd meditation in 2001 or 2002. Some of the ideas therein were in stark contrast to my Christian roots, but I felt there was really something here, although my first initiatory practice of it gave me a huge headache (I was told I was trying too hard). After regular practice I was intrigued by sound meditation because it reminded me of the sound in my ears I used to hear as a kid while swimming underwater. I also had bad earaches and ear infections as a kid. I bounced back and forth from addictions/depression to meditation and spirituality/joy all through my 20's to mid 30's . I think in 2004-2005, my initiating spiritual master, Sant Thakar Singh, died on March 6th, about 2:10 am, a few minutes away from my biological birthday. I don't pretend to believe this makes me special or anything I think the syncronicity of it was just a wake up call for me. In fact, if I am a starseed, that just means I'm one of many on this planet necessarily at this time, and I just want to connect with others because I live in a pretty conservative little town and already may be considered a "village idiot", although in a positive way now. Love this town despite the modern world and it's ways.
Why Do You Think You're a Starseed? Or Why Are You Interested? (Please Answer In Depth To Be Approved)
Not too sure if starseed is what I should call myself, but as a young child I was kicked out of preschool for talking out of turn, they held me back one year in kindergarten and I remember staying home with my mother and in the daytime always seaming to experience alot of de ja vu and asking her if we already did this. I didn't feel very similar to my three older brothers. The two oldest were twins with brown hair and brown eyes, my third older brother was about a year and a half older than me with blond hair and blue eyes (this might be accounted for cause my dad had hazel eyes and my mom's side of the family were red-heads with freckles. When she was young her hair was bright blond but turned brown growing up) When I was born I had black hair as a baby but it turned brown as a child and my eyes are brown, too. Genetics aside, I have a weird toenail on my right foot too. My brothers would always say I was a weird little thing but that could have been cause I was quite the clown too. I didn't want to grow up, I really took an interest in the faerie realm and sci-fi and would rather be creative than competitive as a child and all through school. I felt conflicted in the area of religion because the whole unconditional love thing really appealed to me but then there was the whole eternal damnation concept and the horrible way everyone treats each other half the time. I didn't and still don't like the macho attitude many men display although this is all part of the plan in the long run, I believe. I've been called gay and a pansy growing up and that bothered me, but I feel there is a valid purpose to my feminine side although I'm a heterosexual male. I had a testicle removed due to cancer some years back and have only had one serious relationship in my life which lasted about two years. Now single, cancer free and alive, a relationship is not important to me unless it would be crucial to mutual spiritual benefit to me and another and I really feel I need to write a "fictional" creation myth through poetic verse that addresses humanity's much richer heritage from the stars that has been carefully kept from us. I really think when we as a planet take responsibility for what we create, those from the stars who have karma with us will once again be part of our reality. I feel a hope I never had before my old friends don't share, and I feel they are behaving childish with that kind of point of view, but I try not to judge. My lifestyle is different than it used to be. Lot's of time alone gives me focus. I don't care much for social networking but to be able to utilize this site to connect with others of a similar nature could possibly be invaluable. At times I truly wonder if I am a starseed, I totally believe in the entire concept, maybe I still lack some self-confidence if I wonder if I'm one or not. When I look up at the stars I feel like that is the story, not what is sold to us in religious texts, history books, and media coverage. When I attempt to look inside myself, I feel that it all exists within us all on some magnificient level and I feel like this whole subject of civilizations from the stars being very related and interconnected to us is key to our further evolution as sentient spiritual beings. At times I don't feel all too human. When I do feel human, it's more positive than it used to be. When I feel "as though truly from the stars", it is a feeling of child-like wonder, curiosity, gratitude, and humility, but maybe its my ego still telling me that since I don't have telepathic or psychic interactions with star beings or any beings for that matter on any kind of conscious level that this subject is not really part of my life on any kind of intimate level. But, humanity's current belief systems and paradigm don't seem to be taking us into a very productive direction. I do think though that if I could have access to past life memories and between life activity that some of my ideas about this could be validated.
What Do You Think About Extraterrestrials? (Please Answer In Depth To Be Approved)
Perhaps some of these ideas are valid or shared by other members. The prime creator has been "divided" into many different heirarchies. Some could be called creator "gods" for lack of a better term. Divas, guides, guardians, galactic stewards, maybe all of these terms could be considered to be descriptive of what some would call extraterrestrials, whether they be etheric, interdimensional, actual biological entities or varying combinations of all of the above. Concerning those I feel may be interested in humanity on planet earth I have these ideas I often consider:

Some perhaps envy us because of the unique opportunities available to us as humans in physical bodies on such an important planet due to its location, purpose, and higher destiny. Perhaps some simply see our planet as a biological and genetic "free buffet" to harvest that which they feel they need in order to repair their own ailing biology without the knowledge that integrity of spirit and respect for others boundaries would heal them on more profound levels they haven't considered. Not being judgemental, perhaps this is just where some are in their evolutionary stage, perhaps they conduct this activity because they do not have free will and this is their divine obligation and it has purposes we as humans cannot comprehend at our current level. Perhaps to some of these "beings", emotions are completely alien to them, and because emotions are what make us humans so multi-faceted, they could either see us as truly enigmatic, rare and priceless, or just completely and utterly childish as though like animals in infancy. Again, I don't place criticism, I just think there are many "e.t.s" experiencing many different "realities" as part of some higher plan being orchestrated to bring about a grand completion of this galaxy in relation to all others, and this universe as a whole. I believe the prime creator delights in doing this. Perhaps some of these entities have no interest in love, spirituality, or compassion, either being designed that way or through ages becoming that way. This could serve a purpose. Perhaps they are there to provide contrast to the light to make the idea of duality convince evolving souls that there is a reason why we are to suffer sometimes (to learn). These beings may be true spiritual "gems" without even knowing it for when people see complete darkness as a reality they also come to know that light is absolutely real, is truth, and love. I also feel there are benevolent beings of light from many varied systems who know this truth, find it to be absolutely beautiful, and work together to fulfill the destiny of galaxies as either their spiritual "obligation" or choice. I'm sure many, many of them have ancient karma to resolve with us that will bring profound healing to all parties involved with time, patience, and understanding. I feel there could be peoples "out there" who are less evolved than we are currently and when we become members of the higher "cosmic club" so to speak once again, perhaps we will be inclined to help "uplift" others once we are in a position to do so. I think this "line of work" could be both fascinating and rewarding, and also perhaps very frustrating for both sides involved, as I think as a cosmic rule (in this location anyway), the free will of any entity cannot or should not be violated within the process. Just like in many spiritual beliefs on earth: divinity can help you help yourself, but cannot twist your arm or make you some kind of robot to do the bidding of someone else. However, I think there are beings on earth that are literally mind manipulating the masses in order to compel people to willingly choose to focus on negative and fearful emotions, situations, mindsets and beliefs, and energies, in order to "nourish" themselves in a very covert way that has been going on for a very long time. Maybe these "darker ones" are not to be pittied or blamed, but healed alongside humanity. Strangely, a beautiful plan.
How Did You Find Out About ISN?
I ran a search online for "starseeds in Montana" (I live in southeastern Montana) and it seems someone from Kalispell Montana was looking for other starseeds from Montana to meet in Flathead county. Couldn't find anything in Custer county where I live. Again, I'm not a huge fan of social networking beyond perhaps email. Don't need facebook, cellphones, a whole lot of tech, but I do engage in some research online and I really think it would enrich my current experience here if I could interact and relate with others along this "path" if that is what we are truly here to do. I have made my days of late more and more about this whole "topic" in regard to the manner in which I live, think, and feel about myself, others, and the world at large around me and feel a greater sense of purpose now more than ever in my life. I truly believe that if I couple my current beliefs and practices with a deepening humilty and landed ego (which takes time) I could help others grow who find themselves in the same beautiful enigma that is our hidden heritage from the stars calling out to us through the music of the spheres, the song of creation, and the voice of existence echoing truth throughout all of eternity.
Do You Agree To The Guidelines Found @ http://www.starseeds.net/page/guidelines ?
Yes I agree

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At 4:24am on March 10, 2018, ѕyraн ⏳ said…

right?! i'm really loving my pendulum & what we can accomplish together, it feels more like an appendage of mine~~which is the goal i presume. i've been utilizing it to do a lot of healing, i still can't get over the em/power it generates when it spins counterclockwise faster and fuller..really helps me remain present in any of my meditations or rituals. && yea i've heard of the pillar of light med~~ the light o pillar is something i usually gravitate to during my visualizations, feels al'naturale :3 buttt that will be something i'll have to integrate: the ole lift. now that's pretty next level...get it, level,
p.s definitely stay multi-pronged, keep the energy flowing in from all different, yet related avenues.

At 7:19pm on March 6, 2018, ѕyraн ⏳ said…

ah yes, the resilience of our spirit~~ definitely enough to keep the fire ignited within. luckily i'm on an island in the southeast so the weather is pretty grand at the moment, but doesn't mean it isn't bipolar most of the time ha. hope you're staying cozy.

At 12:52pm on October 10, 2017, D said…
Yes please keep writing, it's fantastic
At 7:05pm on June 14, 2017, Evenstar said…

Thank you for the comment :) I think it was meaningful for me to be raised that way as well. It certainly played its part in who I am today and how I see things spiritually even though I don't resonate with Catholicism anymore.

At 10:55pm on March 28, 2017, Steve Hutchinson said…

I am delighted to welcome you to Int Starseed Network.

Unbounded Blessings of Love & Abundance,




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