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Our purpose on Earth is to help humanity and the Earth. Love in action. There are many many ways that one can go about doing that such as, meditations, donations, awareness campaigns, and generally supporting things such as alternative medicine, farmers, and other fellow activists. This is one of the main purposes of this network. To inspire starseeds globally to create change locally or throughout the world, In this section you will find various ways our network, work to inspire, support and change the world at large through activism and being the example of this change that we wish to see.


To have your own action added please contact one of the admins with your action detail.


Where we have been:

Statistic Name Graph Total Impact
Number of Team Members 11
Number of Loans 13
Number of Loans per Member
Total Amount Loaned $325



Your contribution is tax-deductible to the extent allowed by law. 
You may save or print this receipt for your records and the information
will be conveniently stored in your donation history for you to access at any time.
This email certifies that you have made this donation as a charitable contribution
and you are not receiving any goods or services in return. This receipt may be
useful to you when completing your tax return.

Name: Angel Sereyael
Address: XXX
City: new carrollton
State/Province: MD
Zip/Postal Code: 20784

Total Donation Amount: $10.00
Method of Payment: Mastercard
Name on Credit Card: Rosylee XXX
Credit Card Last 4 Digits: XXXX
Date: Friday, November 04, 2011
Time: 3:33 PM EDT
Reference Number: 1252799525
Authorization: Accepted
Authorization Code: 200362

Address: 1330 New Hampshire Ave Ste 104, Washington, DC 20036
Designated Project: Cause: Sympathize & SUPPORT GAZA CHILDREN (#182005)
Donation Amount: $10.00

The above information relating to you, the donor, is used only to complete your donation.
If you made your contribution anonymously, the information will not be provided to the charity.
Please visit for more information on privacy and security.
Your contribution is being made to Network for Good, a nonprofit, donor advised fund, which will
distribute your donation to the nonprofit organization(s) that you indicated. As required by
the Internal Revenue Service (“IRS”), Network for Good has exclusive legal control over the donation.
In the rare event that a charity you have recommended does not satisfy Network for Good’s criteria
for receiving donations (i.e., it has been classified by the IRS as a disqualified supporting organization,
it cannot or does not accept donations, is not recognized by the IRS as a public charity, or is not in
good standing with federal and state regulators), or if the charity returns its donation to Network for
Good for any reason, Network for Good may select an alternate charity to receive your donation funds.
Help for Japan

Reply by RActurus on March 15, 2011 at 6:13am

Thank you for your support!

Print and keep this receipt; it meets all IRS requirements as a record of your donation.

You will also receive an e-mail receipt from Network for Good. If you have a Giving Site

profile you can find this information in your donation history.

IMPORTANT: Your donation is to the Network for Good donor advised fund, which will re-grant

your donation to the charity you designated.* Please note that you are not receiving any goods

or services in return for your donation.

Donation Information From Starseed Network


Gift Type
Rewards Redeemed
American National Red Cross
Quake and Tsunami Relief
9,227 Miles

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