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  • Extraterrestrial Hbrids

    18 members Latest Activity: 7 minutes ago

    There are many Hybrids here on Earth from many Higher Dimensional Races who were sent to Earth so I created this group as first a support for…

  • Subconscious communication tutor group

    23 members Latest Activity: 1 hour ago

    Please read the tutorial at…

  • Braided Soul Walk-ins (with multiple walk-ins)

    6 members Latest Activity: 6 hours ago

    Seeking others who have multiple walk-ins.   I am currently a portal for 5 streams of energy.  I am wishing to connect with others.…

  • Alchemy

    100 members Latest Activity: 7 hours ago

    *This group is for members who are in the process of transformation and transmutation accessing the divine power of Alchemy.

    *Members who…

  • Venus Starseeds

    40 members Latest Activity: 11 hours ago

    I noticed there wasn't any groups for Hathors/Venus starseeds, so I made this to learn more about the race and learn from others from…

  • Starseeds of California

    188 members Latest Activity: 11 hours ago

    California Starseeds Group

  • Lyran Starseeds

    284 members Latest Activity: 12 hours ago Join us, this group is to reunite all who have origins in Lyra and/or reunite all who are connected to those who seeded Lyra.

  • Spiritual Growth

    213 members Latest Activity: 13 hours ago

    This is a group to help each other with our spiritual growth, upliftment, & ascension by sharing meditations, prayers, group activities, &…

  • Staff Room

    15 members Latest Activity: 14 hours ago

    Room for the staff to come together to discuss issues with the site.

  • Sorcerous Beings, Mixed and in the Cracks ?

    202 members Latest Activity: 14 hours ago

    I purposely didn't advertise this group, knowing that the Universe would bring you if you do indeed belong here :D

    I wonder how many of you…

  • The Healing Room

    406 members Latest Activity: 23 hours ago

    This group is made for those in need of healing of any kind. Including physical, emotional, mental or spiritual. Please put your healing petitions…

  • Crystals and Crystal Healing

    464 members Latest Activity: yesterday

    This is a group to discuss crystals and stones, their healing properties, and how you use them.

    Please join in the discussions or start…

  • Healing with Pendulums!

    287 members Latest Activity: yesterday

    This group is for learning to heal yourself and

    others using a pendulum. 

    We will cover doing chakra clearings, implant removals,…

  • Time Travel

    74 members Latest Activity: yesterday

    For members who have experienced time travel. Please share your experiences whether it be in a dream, meditation, or reality.

  • Arcturian Starseeds

    318 members Latest Activity: yesterday For those recently descending from Arcturus.

  • Vortex Based Mathematics

    56 members Latest Activity: yesterday

    Mathematics as we know it today is only a tool to symbolize quantities. Vortex-Based Mathematics (VBM) is different because it shows the…


    2 members Latest Activity: yesterday

    Free spirit souls that brings peace, unity, healing . Together we create tranquility and balance. Our sole purpose is to spread healing, love and…

  • Lightwarriors

    369 members Latest Activity: yesterday A group for lightwarriors to share experiences, discuss their missions and what it means to be a lightwarrior, and for others to learn what a…

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