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Our Favorite Books or Reading Sites : )


Our Favorite Books or Reading Sites : )

I would like this group to be suggestions from our many many types of Starseed members.

I have long loved certain types of books, but cannot always find the ones I'll like without getting a lot of "ok-but-not-quite" ones in between.

Do YOU have favorite genres, and can you recommend your favorite books ( with a brief description ?)

Maybe YOU even wrote the book !!

If it fits in with ISN guidelines, please don't be shy to include it here : )

This could sort of be our recommendation book club lol..

and **NB** dissing please. We can recommend and praise, and people will naturally go to those. Dissing is not allowed... not everything is everyone's cup of tea, and that is as it should be.

Please put all your suggestions in " Start new Discussion" instead of Comments, so they'll be easier to go back and find when wanted <3

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