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Greetings everyone,

I'm gathering material about same sext twin flame's union, specially looking for higher wisdom about the matter and also colecting personal experiences and understandings you might have.

Please feel welcome to share, it will be a pleasure reading your story.

I know it's never easy to overcome the twin flame journey's barriers, and, I speak for myself, it's specially hard to overcome the blockages of prejudice from our society, and the prejudice we have for ourselves.
I'm specially looking for that moment you realize it's ok to be gay and get confirmation from heaven (or whatever you want to call it).
Also, your own personal wisdom on the matter and twin flames in general.
Thank you for your time

All the love and blessings,


* if you're not in a same sex twin flame reunion but also have understandings on the matter feel free to share <3

* the spiritual implications of being same sex and why humanity is undergoing such a big growth in same sex couples

* the reason behind this is currently virtually to none material about the subject is present, everything I have found is very limiting and the Twin Flame Craze didn't help my research. I hope together we can build something new and organic that ressonates with our Heart's truth.

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I am not gay. I have union with my twin after she passed away. Activation came when she was alive.

I know the bible speaks harshly about same sex love relationships. When I am around gay people all day, like a Gay Pride Day at the end of the day I feel really twisted. It's like my chakras were bent out of shape.

I have read about twins having gay relationships. I have read about an older twin encountering a baby and seeing the baby as that person's twin.

I have had beautiful experiences with gay people. Not many in this life have shared with me feelings and intelligence as a few gay people have, male and female. Infact the molecular exchange has been awesome and even life changing.

So, even if I am not gay I too have questions and conflict with the bible. I love these souls for who they are and how they expressed and felt things with me.

Is this from past life karma? Did you come in wanting to experience this?

What I have experienced being a twin is activation and then the continuous magnetic insatiable love that grows and never stops no matter what my thoughts and emotions are.

God bless

I wouldn't mind a total reunion, dear friend. I am on the quest right now. And it would be my dream if my twin flame was of the same sex!

Its more about balance, i've rescently met my two twinflames, ( as i am 1 of 3 ) in the flesh, who are both gay, and a wonderful couple, each of them are perfectly balanced in their male/female energy, and their balanced energies reflect and complete my own, even tho me being a straight single female i am a bit of a laddette as well. With my tfs being a gay couple we have no issues with sexual stuff, getting in the way, which often, is an a hurdle for tfs, to get past when they first feel the energies of one another. though a big problem for me, is were all still at different, levels of spiritual awakeness, and understanding, so tip toeing through our friendship slowly, getting to re know, one another, smiles, x

I met my twin flame and it was an intense experience but scary as hell. But from what I understand, a twin flame relationships is designed to steer you back onto your path if you have gone astray. Our relationship ended when we were visited by the Men In Black and I have not seen him since. It was extremely heartbreaking to see our passionate love relationship fizzle due to ET intervention. My relationship with him was not healthy as we were drinking heavily and also not being very wise with money.

When I met my soulmate, I had no idea it was him. We met in AA and he was just some random straight dude that I thought was kinda cute. But soon we started hanging out together and we started sleeping together in the same bed as friends. Nothing sexual at all. But one night after we got soaking wet in a rainstorm, we got back to his place and were forced to get naked with eachother and dry our clothes. And then...well...he was forced to confront his repressed sexuality.

We are now married and work together as a gay shaman couple and we have lots to share on this topic if you like. We also have information as to why we incarnate to have homosexual experiences. We would love to discuss this with you.

Keep up the good work.

Indeed, I agree, and really appreciative of this

I would love that! Going to send you a friend request, thank you <3

Hello Lu,

As the consciousness and vibration of this planet is being raised, more and more are learning to love and accept others unconditionally, and so homosexuality is able to be more publicly displayed. Homosexuality is nothing new though, and has been rampant since ancient times. It is well known that Emperors and even Gods in myths had homosexual lovers. There is nothing wrong with any thing that you do, with any choice that you make, with any bit of who you are :) On this journey it is completely natural for people to experiment to come to know the self. Some come to find they are attracted to the same sex, while others are attracted to the opposite, and some to both.

The reason this happens is that our souls have often spent many lifetimes as both male and female. When this has occurred, this can cause attraction to the same sex in a particular lifetime.

With twin flames in particular, they absolutely can and do manifest as same sex couples. Although in their Earthly human bodies they are the same sex, their souls still consist of one masculine aspect and one feminine aspect. There are many twin flame same sex unions at this time, whose mission involves radiating their love and light for one another so that others can expand and open up their own awareness to love and acceptance of all that is, as it is, rather than judging others.

I'm so sorry for any prejudice you have had to experience. I am in a twin flame union as well, although it is heterosexual. Regardless of the gender however, this union pushes us to allow ourselves to be free to be our true selves, to stand in our highest truth and radiate our love and light no matter what anyone else is going to think or say about it. To be all the love that is in our hearts, for ourselves, for our twin flame, and for others. Others may not accept your union, but that is their free will, one day they will see the light. You radiating your light and being your true self and loving your twin flame can help them to see it, and it is the absolute right of your free will.

You are one with the creator, and so you are the creator. The creator will never not accept you for anything you do, or any choice you make. You are the creator experiencing itself, and it is rejoicing in this experience every moment, no matter what. The more you realize this, the more you and your twin flame will be able to come together in harmony, as your twin flame reflects to you how much you are in alignment with your true self.

Much love, light, and blessings to support you on your path


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