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This network is (becoming) a religious cult!

I am guessing that this network is suppose to be about union and awareness, I must say that it has failed miserably. I have been a member s…

Started by Whitelight in New DiscussionsLatest Reply

In Response To Member Abuse, ISN Has No Administration Team Accept For Network Creator (Temporary)

Since yesterday, many people have reported their posts being edited without their permission. Due to certain members of trolls not being ab…

Started by Amber Nelson in ISN ChatLatest Reply

A Comprehensive Guidebook for Empaths – And it’s free.

The Empath Guidebook (and Bach Flower Remedies for Empaths) – 2nd Edition. The original Empath Guidebook was written around 2012 and offere…

Started by Gary in Self Empowerment & RecoveryLatest Reply

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Recent Spiritual Experiences

Hi everyone... I've been away from this site for a little while but have been drawn back here again for whatever reason and wanted to recon…

Started by Cardiac Jack in General Spirituality

57 on Saturday
Reply by Tonya

Perspectives and Assistance maybe.

Hi. Given, many of you may glaze over this, I'll try to keep it short. Much of what I Could say here, probably wouldn't be received well…

Started by Myself Again in Your Experiences

51 yesterday
Reply by Myself Again

I Just Stopped A Histerical Hacker From Deleting All Profiles On The Site, But Damage Has Been Done

This hacker, Asharana attempted to email a broadcast message to all site members with the subject line "Sorry To Warn You So Late" and then…

Started by Amber Nelson in ISN Chat

38 on Monday
Reply by openmind

Public Banlist

Hello, It is necessary for me to inform you as the network creator, that I've had a difficult decision to make. note, this comes straight f…

Started by Amber Nelson in ISN Chat

39 Sep 17
Reply by Deborah Hurd

The Rebirth Of An Old Friend

Hello, and blessed be, dear ones. With love, I present to you, the return of ISN. Managed by the community, for the community. I bless this…

Started by Amber Nelson in ISN Chat

28 14 hours ago
Reply by Seer144K

The One Gender Agenda

Has anyone noticed that we are moving towards a single gender. Sure, others have made up numerous genders recently, which is false. There a…

Started by Lautse in New Discussions

18 yesterday
Reply by Charlottemoon

How can we replace sleep?

This post got hacked. The hack has been removed, by Amber Nelson. Original poster can remove this message.

Started by Wolf (Jagdolj Erminident) in New Discussions

4 yesterday
Reply by Deborah Hurd

What if God was GAY...?

If there was a god do you Think that he was Gay Or not? I'm looking for serious, extensive answers to this Question. This is a question of…

Started by Wolf (Jagdolj Erminident) in New Discussions

14 19 hours ago
Reply by Anoaha

Twin flame dislikes me in this life (advice needed)

I know that it’s her because her pleiadian self visited me in abductions to say so. I also remember her from my past lives, and it’s the ex…

Started by Wolf (Jagdolj Erminident) in ISN Chat

16 on Saturday
Reply by Wolf (Jagdolj Erminident)

Treasure Hunt, Anyone?

Here's a fun little idea I thought could be useful. Out of all the purposes this site has facilitated over the years, we've never had a fun…

Started by Amber Nelson in General Thoughts

16 on Saturday
Reply by Helga Sokolovsky


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