It's nearing the point of being a slur around here.

And since almost all of us have noses, fingers and toes, who are we really insulting, when we speak about humanity as if its lesser?

Oh, I've been doing it way before I got here. I am pledging to be better about that. Do you remember the teachers who made snarky comments about habits of children? Yeah, I didn't like that much either as a kid, lmao! So, do you agree with me?

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Hm, some here seem to have put feelings, thoughts, and motivations for this thread on me that I don't actually recognize as having been in my head recently, if ever.

Its interesting how sure you are, however, that you understand what feelings and thoughts I would claim as my own, and that you understand what I am saying in this thread. .

Curious indeed!


  I'm apologize if I sounded presumptuous or insulting. The only part of my response that was referring to you specifically was...

"... so much so, that you felt you should create a thread such as this, expressing a dissatisfaction with that dissatisfaction."

   Please, correct me if I am wrong here or in the quote, but didn't you want to know what other people thought about this, but also expressed that the term itself was a slur and had expressed a dissatisfaction toward this growing thing? To remove the word from your vocabulary seems to be a clear sign of this in my opinion, though I could be wrong.

I feel my comments on this thread, as a whole, do my best possible job of explaining the nuances, shades, and meanings here, and how they are at play in this conversation, and how, as in all conversations, they can vary wildly. My point is to take control of them....

adding more words than these won't make my thoughts any clearer. This too is part of the human condition. More words often are counter-productive.

I really didn't try to "add more words" to you - perhaps if you do not want feedback on your thoughts, next time you could label it as "announcement only"? And TELL us that you want to "take control"...

Oh my! Miss Hall, misunderstandings continue.

What I'm saying is, the questions most recently on this thread to me mirrored previously answered questions and previously held discussions. Which came to the same conclusions I'd come to if I answered again. I have already engaged in the community, and answered to my best ability. The recent questions/comments seemed to me to basically be rehashing.

Rather than have the same conversation with every singe person who happens upon this thread, I'm going to suggest reading all the previous comments and conversations.

If you did, sorry, but... I don't feel now I have anything to add. :)

Sorry as well if a) this seems like an argument or b) you'd like it to be one... not interested! But, I like you!

Um...Osi........... Did you not want to hear our views? I don't think when we express our own views that we are "putting feelings, thoughts, and motivations" on YOU - we are just expressing OUR views. What were you feeling when you posted this? Why do you say that it is "curious"? I'm trying to understand what this was all about for you. You seem perhaps to be upset with us? And....I would like to know why.....

positiveevitisop, Thank you! I agree with you that it is irritating when people take on a persona, true or not, and then see themselves as superior to others. I think that starseeds are here to EXPERIENCE being human - just like anyone who takes on a human body is here to experience being human. In saying this, I realize that to me, being human and having a human experience requires a body, and that I subconsciously think that once we transition to a non-bodily experience we are no longer human - I'm not sure that my vision of that is true. I don't know what our non-bodily experience is like, I don't recall it well, although I do believe that I have experienced it......but the one thing I really am sure I think is this: we are all here for essentially the same reason. We are all here to grow spiritually, even those who might be of the 11th, 12th or nth dimension. And so we are equal in that, we are equal in seeking to have what might be called a human experience. So why set ourselves apart from that which we are here to experience?

    Right @Faye Hall. The concept of superiority or inferiority is null to me when it comes to life's or a species's "significance" to the universe. From my mindset, I'd say it doesn't mean that a person is not entitled to their own opinion of things. As humans, I'd say we'd be more entitled to an opinion of our collective, and the society/species we have to live as and among.

    Only when one acts on such ideals does it become prominently influencing on a physical level, and something tells me that future idealisms will indeed inherent a hatred toward self and humanity. This type of thinking can be dangerous, but to me at least signifies that deep inside, whether they do something about it or not, many people can sense within themselves as a human and sense something wrong, aside from any traumas they had to endure or witness prior. Disgust towards humans and this world is becoming rather prominent among even an average hummy from my observation. My only prediction is that this kind of thinking will be used, either directly or indirectly. Perhaps such things happened many times, where abuses were internally rationalized as being the right thing to do, since humans are filth, (or whatever they may think). Maybe such things would come out from a person if the life of another was put in their hands, [shrugs]

The Humanity that is lesser are those who have not realized that they have been brainwashed with lies from what "society" has taught them. Yes, we are all humans, but all of us have not realized that we have been brainwashed.

Rather than speak about habits of humans, I would prefer to speak about habits of that part of humanity that have not realized that they have been brainwashed by what "society" has taught them. Yes, I agree with you that a human is not just a being with noses, fingers, etc. I will not remove "human" from my vocabulary, as long as it means a being who has not realized that they have been lied to, and brainwashed by what "society" has taught them. However, I agree with you if "human" means a being with noses, fingers, and toes.

I am a dragon, I like human belly rub me, even mentally doing it I feel irresistible。 Human are irreplaceable, higher dimensional beings are just parasites that I wash with my human slaves.

Hello all,

Thank you for participating! One of the participants raised a good point. In the original post, I stated this was to have a conversation with the community. And it was, but lets be honest. There comes a point where new posters- I know because I've done it- perhaps don't feel like reading the previous posts.

I feel I've said pretty much all I have to say, over the course of 7-10 responses. Rather than be forced to ignore all the new posters, or be forced to keep having the same discussion in perpetuity, I am closing the thread.

If you read the whole thing, and still want to discuss, I'd be happy to! Please PM me in that case.

By now!



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