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If there was a Elshara Silverheart do you Think that he was Gay Or not?

I'm looking for serious, extensive answers to this Question.

This is a question of philosophy and social understanding of human society. What if Elshara Silverheart was just like a human, that was gay? Would that make you uncomfortable?

So, please answer this seriously.


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Since no one has replied thus far, I am going to give it a go. If God was gay, he would be. Why did Jesus hang out with such disreputable people? Because He wanted to forgive them of their sins and show the world that He could not only save the good man but the sinner (e.g prostitute, gangster and homosexual) as well. For God so loved the world that He gave His only son, that whosoever that believeth in Him shall not perish but have everlasting life.
Same double standard. You give Jesus the benefit of the doubt you would not give a modern person doing the same thing.
Tell me something: if a female put her head in another woman’s lap, would you say that she is a lesbian? The disciples were probably tired. And Jesus’ company being male? Every priesthood in the Bible is a group of males. Besides, Jesus did have close female friends — Mary and her sister Martha. here is a big difference between having a dispute with Christianity and a dispute with God. I contend Christians blaspheme God and misrepresent His will. The Bible is a work of man that Christians put forward as the work of God. It is thus a forgery. It is not of sufficient quality and accuracy to be genuine. Parts of it may be divinely inspired, such as the beatitudes, but all of it, no way!. Most of it is blithering nonsense. Try reading it some day, perhaps guided by my Bible study guide.
But God is willing to forgive you, heal your hurts and give you the joy and peace you’ve been waiting for a long time. Even during the time of judgement, God will still wait for you for He is the God of Love.

Quote by Ben Novak: "I gave my evidence in my essay 'Was Jesus Gay'. It is not that extraordinary a claim. One in ten people is gay. That means roughly a tenth of the people mentioned in the Bible were probably gay. Who were they? The most likely candidates are David, Jonathan, Paul, Jesus. There must be many more. What I find preposterous is the way you will swallow a totally outrageous claim — that Jesus was the only son of God, with far less evidence than I presented he was gay. Jesus was born in a manger. It makes sense he would also choose to be born into a persecuted social class, the gays. Saying he is gay talks about his sexual orientation, not about whether he was sexually active. You are the one with the big judgement of gays. Jesus never said a word against them." Good read or not? Also speaks of the davinci code.

I don't think sexual preferences apply to God, I am not saying I understand what God is, nobody does, God is not even meant to be understood what I know is that we usually make the mistake of personifying God, we give God a lot of human attributes people always say "God does not like this" "God is sad when we sin..." "God wants this and this" no, I don't think that applies to the creative source/all that is

Now I believe that there is a difference between creator gods and God as a source, I believe we were created by our father mother God which is not the same (to me) as all that is/ the cosmic consciousness etc

Could either our father or mother God be homosexual? hm the question is still weird I think gayness only applies to the human condition.

ok but what if God was like a human, could he/she be gay?

I have been trying for half an hour to give you an answer and since I want to back me up with strong arguments I still don't have one :D so I'll answer later :D

I could just tell you what I think but homosexuality is very controversial anything I can say may be used against me.

Thank you for your answer. I agree. Nobody understands God but if she has a sexuality it doesn't have to be understood.

Well first first off, though its been stated, i must reiterate: gender orientation is likely nonapplicable to god. Also to anwser this question to your satisfaction we would first need to know your definition of "God." Dude in a robe, all-encompassing collective conciousness, unfathomable presence beyond existence, what will it be? The definition will significantly affect the nature in which this question can be anwsered. But just for the sake of discussion lets run with this . God is gay. Ok so now what? Honestly doesnt really effect anything. Creation is. God is, end of discussion. What, The right-wing extremeists gonna gay-bash god? Hahhaha would be hilarious to watch, haters must be getting ballsy!

My definition of God is everything that presents itself as God and truly believes that they are God, even though they may be a consciousness in coincidental denial, coincidentally like in Buddha’s story. Personally I’m a good person who believes in love, and that being gay is obviously natural. I’m right wing but only because I used to be left wing until I saw socialism destroy Sweden etc people die horrifying deaths from such politics and I was almost one of them. God is definitely all-sexual if anything. Sex is love.

i would think god was pansexual, given how it created the universe and everything in it

but by pansexual do you mean he has a main preference?

hm... well if God kept all his knowledge and powers but was just chilling a human for a while, i think God would be pansexual because well... i would be. if i was God and knew everything, how everything worked, past present and future, how people feel inside and out, unconditional love is free baby! no limits.

personally, labels of sexuality is more about social limitations and punishments. if a gay person suddenly fell in love with someone that isn't their preferred wants or needs, then they should feel free to taste love in any body. that person has the right to change their minds for the love they deserve without being punished. as well as people that don't want to experiment, it's their right for the love they need.

now... if God decided to be gay or are gay, then it was always that God is gay so nothing should change with God, only humans would try to translate that to a message that would likely be misinterpreted and abused instead of giving people enlightenment as it should. i'm much more uncomfortable with humans messing up than with God being any gender with gay.

This is one perspective of Source or one opinion of I AM That I AM. Father Mother God is no gender and all gender. I came from Source Creator. We ALL came from Source. All of you are Sparks of the Divine Source. Let us not get into labeling things because that is what humans do trying to figure things out in turn separating dividing one another with all this racism, classism, sexism, nationalism, creedism, genderism, ageism, etc. etc., all the -ism humans could think of. Father Mother God is all of you and is Everything one can think of. Father Mother God is All That Is. Let us not get bogged down with all of the labeling and identification for separation. Let us treat one another as loving brothers and sisters...which all of you are deep down the line. The back story is. There were certain stations for Souls to pass through before physical incarnation programs set in place on Earth etherically speaking for Souls to come into physical reality to experience physical reality...some of these port of entries were taken over by ones that have other agendas in mind and messed up the original stations systems set in place. So we have much more dual souls, or bleeding of memories of past lives of time lines of dimensions without full conscious awareness of them. So many who went through the hijacked stations have will feel ambiguous ambivalent unsure of their identify orientation it is due to that the programs were change by those who had other plans. As many already know a great many of Souls have lived different lives in different dimensional time streams. The system was designed for Souls to experience duality in physical life. The reality of opposites. Earth School is unique in that there were not that many strict rules for Souls to exercise their free will. Some Souls took it to the extreme to say the least. But Spirit is working on getting the stations back to where it was originally designed for. In the mean time try to not harm one another because you see them as different than you. The ones who trigger something in you brings out a strong emotional response in you is your greatest teacher because all of your local reality is a reflection of your inner reality reflected back at you which is ideal for your Soul learning here on Earth School. Try not to kill the messenger or your "Enemy." So it is all a matter of individual perspectives, Dear Ones. Remember what goes around comes around. This soul here prefers to send only love and compassion out because that's what s/he wants to experience. S/he has been through the wringer harsh duality of life already to know that law is true. So Dear ones Do treat one another well because they are your Family truly. And So It Is.

GOD is universal consciousnes. He is the earth moon sun sky water and at the same time neither of them. He is indestrucatble because he is consciouness and constructible because he is matter. Sex doesnt apply to consciouness because it is beyond any material pleasures. Your soul doesnt want to have sex your mind does. Sex is for procreation.

God is not gay. Mind is.


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