Venkatesa Daily Readings Vol 1 — What Freedom March 13, 2018

What Freedom
Freedom is the life of the soul of man. Human prehistory begins with man's rebellion against bondage. The life in the seed breaks the shell, splits the earth and peeping above the earth, proclaims its freedom. The human being rebels even against “the realities of life” by withdrawing into himself, by seeking freedom in reverie, dream or insanity.

In spite of all semblance to the contrary we have not progressed much further than the primitive man. Our tools have changed, our technique has changed, our terrain has changed - but our motives have remained unchanged - we seek freedom, total freedom, absolute freedom. And yet we are unwilling to pay the price: self-discipline.

In modern society, the freedom of man's spirit is restricted all round and it seeks to express itself through sex and money - escape valves. But to escape is not to solve; there are no ready-made solutions here. Real discipline is self-discipline and everyone has to find his own solution to his own unique problem. Only when he realizes that, while sex and money provide him with an escape from present limitation (they will ultimately rob him of all freedom) will he discipline himself. Only then will he surrender his lesser freedom for attaining the greater freedom — freedom from the inner tyrants of lust, anger and greed.

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"The human being rebels even against “the realities of life” by withdrawing into himself, by seeking freedom in reverie, dream or insanity."



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