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Here's a fun little idea I thought could be useful.

Out of all the purposes this site has facilitated over the years, we've never had a fun and games section of the site to just channel a little silliness every now and again.

Bring out your inner gamer! Or compete with others, for a chance to win an award.

The award could be anything of your choice. Lets see who wants to participate.

The goal here is to make friends with fellow participants and bring out some intelligent laughter in fun things we can do as a group. If it seems too trivial or stupid, just let me know.

If games isn't appealing, perhaps quizzes are.

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I love this idea

I'm up for any kind of games but prefer trivia, Scrabble, bingo and poker.

great idea

Sounds good to me

I'd be down to play

I'm in :)

Sounds like fun, let me know what it is.

Oh man I'm a sucker for games... I'd love to see this happen!

I like the idea of a quizz

Have you ever played a game like 20 Q's with a bunch of intuitives? It's hilarious

Is 20 q's the game where you have a character in mind and the other people have 20 questions to ask hints about the character in orxer to guess it. Like in inglorious basterds


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