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Hi everyone...

I've been away from this site for a little while but have been drawn back here again for whatever reason and wanted to reconnect with some Starseeds again... So I thought I'd get the ball rolling by asking about anybodies recent spiritual experiences: Has anybody had anything interesting happen to them lately lately spiritually or involving ET's? Is anybody having any kind of awakening experiences that they would like to talk about? Does anyone have any general stories or questions themselves to get an interesting discussion going? Or am I missing out on something that's been being discussed a lot recently?

Personally I've had a couple of lucid/astral experiences during sleep recently but in general have been pretty quiet on the spiritual front... I think I've got a few other things I need to sort out before focusing my energies on these things again. But I guess being back here and wanting to talk about these things again is a good start!

Much love.

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Sorry to hear that Wolf... As and when you're up to adding more info then I'll happily chat with you - sometimes it helps to speak with other people who may have been through similar things... You'll know best though, and good luck going forwards.

Tons of contact from the nordic and angelic realms, plus opportunities to do in depth research on mythological instances. Connections being made between historical events and instances (EG the Raven who planted his staff into the Earth as its foundation in aboriginal legend also appears as Odin's companion who flies up the life tree to report the comings/goings of humanity). Tons more but I'm down to 3 minutes of computer time: increased clarity of visions, more interactions, TONS of UFO sightings, AND THE POSITION OF THE AURORAS HAS SHIFTED SOMEWHAT SINCE LAST WINTER!

Possibly spiritual. Met a young Dionysus in a dream. We spoke briefly, forgot most of it.

I've been studying Reiki as well


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