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Hi everyone...

I've been away from this site for a little while but have been drawn back here again for whatever reason and wanted to reconnect with some Starseeds again... So I thought I'd get the ball rolling by asking about anybodies recent spiritual experiences: Has anybody had anything interesting happen to them lately lately spiritually or involving ET's? Is anybody having any kind of awakening experiences that they would like to talk about? Does anyone have any general stories or questions themselves to get an interesting discussion going? Or am I missing out on something that's been being discussed a lot recently?

Personally I've had a couple of lucid/astral experiences during sleep recently but in general have been pretty quiet on the spiritual front... I think I've got a few other things I need to sort out before focusing my energies on these things again. But I guess being back here and wanting to talk about these things again is a good start!

Much love.

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Sounds like a cool dream :)

Do you interact with the other Starseeds? If so, what do you talk about?

Oh wow, not what I expected!

Sounds like it could mean many things, but I'm guessing you have your own interpretation that resonates best with you... My guess however would be that it's a sign of yourself and fellow Starseeds wanting to escape from their current dimension/planet (a feeling that I feel familiar with myself)... Unless the Starseeds in your dream are also part of the 'oppressiveness'?

I've experienced something really weird last week. I woke up at 5 a.m and found myself paralyzed, i felt an enormous pressure over my body like being crushed at great depth, i couldn't breath and my heart was beating so fast it scared me for a bit. My eyes were opened, i could see it was still dark. I eventually relaxed and the whole feeling faded instantly. I've had a bunch of sleep paralysis but this one felt so strange.
I read similar thing is experienced during astral projections but it's so shaky of an experience.

Yes, sleep paralysis is the gateway to astral projection - in my experience and the experience of many others at least (not to say that it's the only way to get there). The tricky part is controlling it...

Do you get sleep paralysis a lot? And do you ever feel a deep sense of dread during sleep paralysis, or are you just unable to move?

Well,yes it happens a lot but there are times i won't experience any for months. This last week has been pretty active. I can induce one by just taking a nap and find myself halfway out of my body upon waking up. Seen etheric double of my feet at times.
I don't feel dread as such but it's not comfortable at all being unable to move or breath. I usually get stuck at this level and just want it to be over. I had an OBE once and getting back in the body produce same effect as leaving. I'm thinking that what happened the other day, i was getting back to physical dimension. But i have no idea where i've been to.

It sounds like you're very close to being in control... For me I was at that stage for years, until I managed to properly 'let go' in this state and stop wanting it to be over (and I still get this sometimes now and end up just snapping out of it and back to the physical world). It's easier said than done, but once you learn to go with the flow in this stage you'll find that you start to gain control of your astral body - and will also start remembering where you have been.

Good luck anyway! It's a great experience to go through :)

You see the trick about being in control is to let go of the 'control' of our physical self i.e movement and breathing. It has bogged me for so long. Does the body remain in that frozen state until we're back? Or are we just stepping into a larger consciousness beyond the body, like an expansion of our self?
I'm also wondering what do you do in the astral realm? Should there be a purpose/ intention for astral projection like meeting spirit guides?
Hey thanks so much, it's really nice to talk to someone about this. I can say that i've been having sleep paralysis for 20 years and it's about time to explore what business i have there lol.

No problem, I enjoy talking about these things too :)

As far as the control goes; what I meant was was that during the paralysis stage I had to let go of all control - just of the situation entirely. Then, after a while (and a lot of practise being in this situation), I found myself entering a new stage where I felt buzzing and vibrations, and no more fear. In this stage I could control my motions and where I went somewhat. Nowadays I tend to be able to go wherever I want on occasions, but on other occasions I still struggle to go very far at all.

And to answer your questions (from my perspectives and experiences anyway - I'm sure that other people will have slightly different views): I personally feel as though it's stepping into a 'larger consciousness' as you put it, and have felt much more connected with the ether and everything around me in this state. And I can only assume that the physical body remains motionless and right where it is, partly because I've found it that way when purposefully snapping back to my body from astral projections, and partly because it's what happens during a deep, dreamless sleep as well.

I've had good and bad experiences in the astral state which I could talk about for days... I hope that you can soon experience similar things! Or maybe not the bad parts actually... Just the good, ha. Although the bad parts do serve as a reminder that there is still a lot of mystery out there and that these things should be handled with caution.

Cool, i really appreciate your valuable input being an experiencer yourself of these states. I'll try to shift my focus more towards projection rather than all the different physical feelings of the process itself. :)

Welcome back! I, too, have been away for some time, then the site was temporarily shut down, and finally I was able to log back on and reconnect with some of my old friends here.

I've been dreaming a LOT lately, almost every night, which is strange for me; I have always had very emotional, intense dreams, but usually only once every other week or so. For the past three weeks or so, I've been dreaming every night. Some common themes include theatrics, battle/rebellion, and an overwhelming feeling of being on the run or hiding from something (or someone) oppressive. I have experienced a lot of destruction and war in my past lives, both galatically and on Earth, and those themes usually express themselves in my dreams.

On the upside, I've been learning Angel Reiki and doing a lot of spiritual studies at my local Zen temple, which has increased the frequency of seeing sparks of light/energy when I'm awake. I've been doing a lot of work with my empathic abilities as well, and I've been receiving some messages from both Kuan Yin and Serapis Bey.

Angel Reiki sounds very nice - I would like to get more involved with more things like this myself. Your dreams sound very interesting... Do you think that they are maybe becoming more intense due to your work on your spiritual development in the physical world? Or do they feel like signs of some sort? And I'd love to hear more about your past lives if you have much more to tell?

I get the sparks of light too during my waking life and have been trying to interpret them more lately as they seem to happen at certain times, or when I'm thinking about a certain thing. Recently I've had a lot of indigo sparks as opposed to other colours, and I'm not sure why but for some reason I find that comforting...

Centre of Excellence is the company I typically go through, I got my crystal healing certification through them, and they're accredited, so it counted for CEUs for my massage license. They're online, and they're usually offering some form of discount or deal. :)

I don't know if it's correlation, causation, or completely unrelated, but my physical hypersensitivity has gone up as I've experienced these dreams; I've always had some sensitivities to certain scents and allergens, but these past few weeks have been like nothing I've ever had. I think the dreams might be a mix of messages, signs, and memories, but it's hard to ferret out which is which. Usually I'll only remember the intensity of the emotions I felt in the dream, and a few choice details or phrases, like the other night I could only recall the term "luck dog" and having felt deeply apprehensive.

I'd love to share more about my past lives. :) I unfortunately don't have very full recollections, more like snapshots of events, places, and people, many having to do with how I died. I'll PM you with some later. Thank you for accepting my friend request, by the way! <3


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