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It is necessary for me to inform you as the network creator, that I've had a difficult decision to make.

note, this comes straight from an email I have received yesterday from Ning themselves.

On Wed, September 5, 2018 07:08, wrote: ##- Please type your reply above this line -## ---------------------------------------------- Admin [agent], Sep 5, 06:08 PST Hello, We're writing to let you know that we've received several third-party complaints regarding emails you and your members are sending from We take spam very seriously, and unwanted messages of this nature may violate our Terms of Service ( For this reason, we ask that you ensure messages and invitations are only sent to people who you know and who will want to join your social network. As we can see, the administrator on your network under the email has sent more than 12 thousand invitations yesterday, which exceeded the allowed 10,000/month. Taking into consideration our past spam incidents with this user (who previously used different email address) - there were multiple warnings sent to him regarding the spam emails, all of them were ignored which led to the permanent block of his accounts - today we have decided to instantly block all the accounts related to the email address without any additional warnings. Please, note, if we continue to receive third-party complaints regarding emails from your network, we will have no choice but to disable permanently. Please make sure that appointed administrators of your site do not abuse an invitation tool. Please let us know if you have any questions. Thanks, The Ning Team -------------------------------- This email is a service from Ning Help Center. [L7XOQD-28PP]
Based on this information, we have removed the invitations from the network. (this should not mean you can't sign up, but the pending friend requests associated with new associated registrations will not be acknowledged via Daniel's account) Removed Daniel from the administration. Removed his account from the site. Created a public ban list topic to report users. Ask that all users who have issues with our network do not contact Ning, but instead contact any administrator using the report an issue form found at the bottom of all pages. If you are unable to sign in, we will be creating an administrator email address where you can reach us at.
This is very upsetting for us both as a community of like minded folks, some of which have only heard of us through invitations. We had no idea as in I had no clue, this activity was going on. I was approached by Daniel who offered to help as an administrator and what an Eye opener this was. I've been approached by other people who offered with other types of activity. Needless to say, I really am not sure what else I can do other than inform you that from now on, invitations are to be passed through administration if sending directly from the website. We will monitor the network closely for invitations and messages sent to all members via the share feature for any sign of spamming.
We have no choice. We'll get shut down if we do not do something as a comunity collective. I forgive who ever was doing this, but this activity must immediately stop or we will be permanently down for good.
I'm looking for ways to back up our network contents just in case this ever happens. I as a result am taking this extremely seriously because we've only just come online.
Victoria G, Haha and now Daniel are 3 people i've had to permanently remove from this network. I've no idea who else was effected with this change made by Ning who is under the influence of who ever Daniel contacted to join the website. And whatever accounts those may be of potentially innocent users, I apologize in advance.
All we can do now, is move forward. I will be removing access to member invitations to all administrators and only providing content access for now. I have no choice until this issue gets resolved. If you want to share something, please add the person as a friend first and be sure they want to accept the message. If this feature gets abused once more, we will have no choice but to if we are still online, disable the feature entirely. I'm looking at alternative ways to communicate with people who wish to stay informed about our presence online. Until then, as I said, I've had a difficult decision to make. Please understand I do not condone the actions of spammers or Ning in this case. But I have to comply with the terms of service to keep this site online and available to all members.
If existing members were effected by this change and want to resubmit their registration form, by all means, go for it. But functionality wise, I can only say that I am truly sorry for having believed someone's genuine interest to help which has resulted, not in content deletion, or corruption, but in Ning's warning of a total network removal as a result of certain people marking the messages sent by members of our site as spam.
On a related note, please be careful out there guys. The internet is fast becoming a spot for tyranical control. Recently, Facebook and Twitter as well as Google have stopped providing support for members to be able to login to third party sites such as this one, of which over 8000 members have done in the past from what our records show, from social media sites. The banning of spiritual topics on Youtube and other related networks are causing massive migrations. It may be necessary for our continued existence to make the site private, something I am not willing to do but as I say, connectivity is key. Nobody wants to be without that, at the very least.
I am with you through all of this. Like it or hate it, my decision is final on this issue as is Ning's. Please acknowledge this matter.

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On a related note, several left members have been in communication with one of our administrators, Steve Hutchinson. They are saying they are receiving unwanted messages from this site. Due to this issue, two separate bugs have since been reported to Ning.
1. Left members are receiving email notifications.
2. the email broadcast message system as well as unsubscribe links are not working as they should be.
An additional issue report has also been submitted.
3. The member broadcast feature setting in members email settings to receive message broadcasts is on by default for all member accounts. To change this, sign in and follow this link. Edit as you see fit. I am unsure if this is related to the sharing of individual posts with network members or not. both myself and Steve have done so in the past to encourage network participation but without sending too many as to appear in peoples spam box. However, as left members have marked this as such, this also is contributing to the problem.
If Ning cannot fix the said bugs, we may have to either remove the share feature entirely, or ban all left member accounts permanently so when you rejoin, you will see your account has been suspended. We'll probably have to reinstate your membership manually if this is the case. this means you may lose access to your content if you leave and rejoin again. It is a bug in the platform most likely but it has to be done. I see no other way around this problem. I also am receiving messages concerning such activity. And since Ning is as well, unhappy previous members are making a fuss and our only option is to obey or get kicked off by our hosting platform provider. So, all we can do is work around the problem until a more permanent solution for people who wish to receive notifications, can be arranged. I'm just letting you know, what could happen. Please discuss other solutions here if you come across any. I'm simply letting you know because the internet has become freakishly strict in the rules and regulations concerning major companies, of which Ning is apart of.

thanks Amber. I dont fully understand this which doesn't matter. I'm glad you do! and I'm very pleased that ISN is in such capable hands. fyi I have received 3 emails requesting reinstatement from a robert johansen. I'm quite happy not to have anything to do with memberships. If anything troubles me as mod, if you don't mind I'll simply inform you and let you deal with it as you see fit. Blessings and thanks again.

Thank you for letting me know. I'll see what I can do to reinstate Robert as Ning has not gotten back to me with their actions, in full, of who was effected by the change they made to our site concerning the actions of someone, I presume, is somebody they're afraid of and want to keep silent. I'm very interested to know why Daniel was such a problem as he wasn't seen to be messaging members in a harmful way like victoria G and Haha were doing with their comments on profiles, and posts on the site respectively.
I get that members may have gotten unwanted messages. Yet when I go into chat, and I read the history, as well as comments on Daniel's profile, I've seen quite the opposite response from people only he had invited to the site.
I'll keep you updated for sure. Thank you, Namaia for letting me know as I haven't received messages of this nature from this person.

I will talk to Robert. Jolan banned him for uploading Newdity.

Funny enough, the reason I got back was due to me receiving mails from this site again after having been banned for having an opinion about how new users got welcomed here by former moderators.

I have been a member of 2 other different spiritual Ning sites and including this one all had the same issues with administrators not having favorable intentions. Especially one individual has been creating lots of fuzz with this particular method to become administrator first and then stealing the email addresses to invite members over to a site he himself created. Me and another site (humanity network) had been in contact with the police in his town about this even. The guy never really stopped after he finally decided it was savest for him to remove me from his mailinglist.

I want to suggest the current administration to make sure everybody knows each other personally. Meaning that you at least have each other's legal name, adress and telephone number. Having talked to each other on the phone or Skype is also a plus. This way you are more likely to attract the administrators that have a heart for this site. Hope that helps to keep this site safe. It also means the users can have more confidence in the sites administration.

Much love & light,


thats really excellent advice Seb.

Thanks so much for sharing all of this Amber & Seb. Let me know if there is anything else I can do to help Amber....and I like your advice Seb

I wonder what would happen if we got together and emailed Ning about our concerns at their company directed help articles saying one thing, and their business actions doing another. It will either support or hinder our case. Especially when their vague statement of questionable character activity at best, causes so much confusion among members.

You know what, the bottom line here is that I wish to focus on facilitating a site where real people are encouraged to participate. Of which many of you since I wrote this message, have come forward expressing a genuine interest to do just that.
This is how people feed into fear. Complaints are seen as the real problem, instead of the actual issue at hand which is completely separate altogether.
I don't remember hand holding and shall we just say back scratching as a profession being this involved before. Do you?
As useful of a suggestion as it is to have to be nosy to get anywhere in this 3d reality, I have come to terms with the fact that we are all coming from mostly the same place. It really is a choice between fear and love. If you do something because you believe it will support someone, that's love. If you do something because you believe it will support yourself, that's fear. Seeing yourself from an outsiders point of view, is love. Whereas an insiders point of view, is fear.
Note this is different than going from within to recognize who you are. that is an observatory action born out of love for yourself. It is one of the most powerful changes anyone can focus on. this is what is referred to as an awakening of mass consciousness via spirit. A reminder to you, that we are in this together no matter what. In other words, don't focus on what you have lost, but what you have gained.
Loss is something which nobody should have to put up with. this reality causes it by the actions people take to encourage it if certain values aren't in alignment with expectation. this is direct fear based control and it has existed for centuries on this planet. In order to leave it behind, do not engage with what bothers you. it is as simple as that. We cannot focus on what our goal is if we choose to leave behind what we wish to achieve. that is what I've learned throughout my life experience and so I'm sharing it here with all of you as this thread is discussing member issues, and the reasons why both bots and people act the way they do.
When you act in the highest good, you expect results to be game changing. you expect people to wake up in ways which only one type of situation can cure. that's forgiveness. Because I forgive all parties for what has happened, I show mercy to those who need it most. those who are hurting, and those who can one day also, show forgiveness as their revenge is actually put to use as well as to rest.
Your support, and encouragement is greatly appreciated at this time. I'm going ahead with my plan to continue to be of service to you in whatever way I can. We shall no longer be limited by the tools which hold us back by dropping support for the enforcement of the notion that those who are not in line to become aligned with our direction or who would otherwise look in a different direction to find hope should face the consequences of the actions of others who are not team players. We will cut out those who promote fear into our lives by our actions to forgive them for what they do, instead of harming them for what they bring to the table. this is how a real leader shows their honor to the world and beyond. This is the actual way to make a great impression on others who are from beyond this world, here to teach, not to be bombarded with Earthly matters of little concern.
The transition from civil to mature, is thus achieved. I hope you can forgive me for venting, but I had to make a point of making an appearance in this manner so that those who would harm us, know we are not to be shall we just say bothered with in future. Should they refuse to coexist based on such values, I am therefore looking for alternative arrangements to electronically keep in touch with members should things escalate to such a state. I sincerely doubt they will, as the matter has been resolved. Please accept my apology if what I have said has made you feel uncomfortable in any way. I'm proud of you and of us sticking together because we've got one thing in common. A home for love to grow.

I love what you said here Amber, and focusing on Love instead of fear and paranoia is extremely important for everyone right now.

Infinite Blessings of Love, Light, & Abundance to All of You,

You've raised a valuable concern.
I think now is a good time to bring up a user I've heard so much about, but everyone has conflicting opinions on. I want to bring it all out into the open.
Just who is Elshara? And, why are people so quick to say this person is behind most of the "profiling" going on as far as Alias accounts are concerned?
After being repeatedly led to investigate that name by someone who brought it up in main chat, an originally left member at that. An active person who brought it up in private chat. And someone who private messaged me concerning the apparently awesome aliasing abilities of this person, respectively. I want to have a neutral discussion about this character and see where this thing goes. Just keep it to this thread. That's all I ask.
I am not judging, I want to know what you think. My goal here is to promote forgiveness and hopefully put all such and related matters to rest. As he is of a concern to a great many of you as is the vibe I'm getting, amidst other members, lets have a roundtable discussion about the problems or unconventional in some cases, means and methods you've spotted.
This may be rehashing things but as I'm new to the whole idea of Network problems specifically this one, I will need to be filled in at some point. I'm only asking in this manner because I've been independently approached by people concerning this persons name. Saying conflicting statements. And generally unsure what to think.
I haven't met this Elshara person but Ning seems to believe and as such, is coming at this problem as if this Daniel profile is someone who has previously gone under another name. I reached out to them in 5 replies so far and haven't received one response. which is quite the contradictory statement from support where I've been told before, it's available for me 24X7. I want to know more about this and why they're acting like a bomb is going to go off any second if compliance isn't met. It's very unusual for a hosting company to take such a personal interest in banning an account. And that's worrisome to me I'll give you that. In fact it's causing some paranoia issues at this moment but I'm working through them.
I need to know the facts and then your opinions later if that's okay with you.
I want to know where to go from here. If Ning is not using elshara if he is not someone to worry about, or someone other person causing a stink, as the basis for taking such a proactive stance in the affairs of ISN, then I want to know on what grounds they have to accuse Daniel, who I haven't seen making a fuss to or by any means, in partially by any stretch of the imagination, to accuse and then ban his account just because some invites were made? I looked at the emails before they were deleted. they were legit. I tested one and they weren't bouncing. If this is elshara, and if what I've heard about this person is true, this still doesn't explain everything. there's got to be a reason for an impartial company to become partial. and I don't buy this GDPR nonsense neither.

How did he treat you? Was he nice? Mean?


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