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In light of recent events, concerning the target elshara, and in an effort to prevent other members from being targeted in the same way the original members of ISN as well as Elshara was, in addition to all the new members that came after I have taken ownership of this network, I've got something to say.

no more hate speech, period. Elshara is welcome to Join ISN and I will be asking for one of his so called many emails to do just that after talking with a user in chat who has just informed me he is also blind. We here at ISN, as in I, if I have to stand alone in this, support people with disabilities and believe they're a hell of a lot more credible than trolls who would willingly put innocent members at risk of harm and blackmail over a pretend excuse to actually carry out their plan. The fact that a supposed blind man was the target of all their rage, and they think I'm a man in the first place, really gets to me.

If you don't like the fact Elshara will be coming over, then you can leave. But if there's one thing that I will say about this site, is that any of the original 3235 members who have been wrongfully misplaced by trolls who are sick in the head, who think it's funny to blackmail an administrator into removing ISN off the net based on said cultish beliefs, you have done nothing wrong to deserve this. While I was typing this message, I was informed by someone that Yshatar herself, along with Kalanalay has been removed in this manner as well. Kalanalay had her page featured after a report came in of her death some years ago for all the help she provided to make this site flourish in the first place. Ning is not helping matters by claiming no backups of the site is possible, when I know for a fact that's not true because this very site was down for maintenance, and it got restored.

I think that if you are a hater of any member here, you do not belong on this site at all. I think if you don't have a heart, you do not belong on this site at all. I think if you have a complaint that can't be addressed by your participating in making the problem go away, you don't belong on this site at all. Because I won't be supporting anyone who has an issue with those who take personal matters in to their own hands, and act like sick mentally deprived children, because that's what you are if you are a troll on this site. that's not the message we ought to be sending to humanity about awakening, it is the exact opposite of what this site is even here to support.

So, this is a message to all members in support of those who do not have a voice, those who need forgiveness, healing, and to be shown they are appreciated for their efforts to support how they really feel through change. Not destruction.

Wishing you love, blessings and support.


Tags: Defending The voiceless, be the change you wish to see, do not respond to online bullying, fight back against trolls by forgiveness and disconnection, goodbye hate speech, in memory of members no longer with us, left members are welcome to return, lets make a difference, lightworkers united, love is the answer, More…our network is about peace, practice what you preach, putting the right back in righteous, recovering from a hack attempt, removing mentally unstable people from our lives, respect for the starseed community, singing with the hearts of love, supporting people with disabilities, the mission of ISN, tools of empowerment, unconditional love, we support elshara Silverheart, you matter for who you are

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Let there be light. Love and peace be with us.

Let there be light and elshara. Good luck with people like him. Can't wait to see the results of this. Ning will be pleased as well if they don't block him from the network right away. Though I admire the message amber puts out. There is also something called a reality check. I think it is actually more forgiving and helpful to protect elshara from his own actions. You don't keep giving alcohol to ex alcoholics either. But I admire you all trying this out one more time. Let's hope for the best.

Seb is right, I know better than almost anyone what he is capable of, and his history. After all, I was for all intents and purposes his right hand man on United Starseeds years ago, I even witnessed the actions he took that caused ning to take the site down. Due to the tone of the article I am commenting I am extremely reluctant to relay all the facts in even a neutral manner. After his morally questionable actions, his entire admin team of the time turned to me and we created a new network which was called Celestial Souls Network, a community which had fizzled out over a couple of years and is now gone.

I have more personal grievances as you can imagine, but I do not feel this is the place for it. He hurt me, we were friends, I even forgave what he did then he did it again and again. I am fine coexisting with him on this network though.

One minute too late to edit. shoot. anyway I was going try to make the tone of my reply more neutral. oh well.
Perhaps he has changed, or perhaps he isnt the type to change easily, either way I havent spoke to him in a couple of years. Give him the benefit of the doubt, I guess.

The value of forgiveness is that it allows persons who have done wrong to change. And change and development of the individual (and from there the collective) is the point of it all, in my opinion. Let's be open to see if Elshara has moved forward and self corrected his behaviour. I, for one, am interested to know.

You know I originally responded to a thread created by a fellow admin, and you can see it here.
Never the less, hurt is something caused by someone who hasn't realized they have a problem in need of addressing. It is caused by someone who recognizes they have a need to address, and that enough plants the seed to address it in their own time.
Elshara has a profile on my network, and I haven't seen it active. Who ever you are, that has an issue with Elshara, I will say this.
This site, so often at times has been reflected on like a Church setting. One of the most important things to recognize here, is that sin in churches happens all the time. You may not think that the person preaching up there is a Wiccan, under a Christian church to receive money to save his house and his family so his daughter can have a good life. But yes, it's a reality for some people. And yet, I beg the differ with those who see sin as it is not their problem to address.
How this relates to this site and Elshara, in my opinion, or for that matter, to anyone who has been targetted in such a manner, it is about respect. Regardless of what they've done, rejoice for your ability now to care for others. Not to harm or belittle them.
Guidance as such, is fair in that it is open to all who see the errors of their ways. even if, those were never seen at the time. People who are asleep, do not know if they are sleep walking when they are. People with dementia do not recognize others whom they love. People who are dreaming, do not know sometimes if they cry out when having a nightmare. And sometimes, the things they say can harm us. When people use alcohol and drugs chronically, beyond the point of addiction, it becomes their life.
If Elshara is truly blind, truly not addressing an issue that he has always done, it means that the ability to keep performing said actions, should be monitored. Not the result of said person being isolated from others who would otherwise care about him. It's like how do you tell someone who posts naughty pictures of themselves to stop doing it? Deleting the posts can't and won't fix the issue, but talking to them and explaining a work around for example, will help this person to see where such things are truly wanted and needed. those who often ignore issues which hurt others, do so because they're hurting inside and are still seeking attention. People only seek attention, when a point of issue they wanted an answer to has gone unnoticed. Or, when the mind hasn't recovered from getting enough stimulation to be okay with what you have. Both of which, can be deadly situations for any administrator when in charge and put in charge of communicating said interest to others, as communications in this way will continue to grow if left unmoderated or unregulated. You don't get a hand book when you become an admin saying, do this best practice or you will lose the people you don't think will stop caring about you and what you have to offer. Yet at the same time, getting mixed signals due to those who want more, and so that feeds the fire. And when you're starting to reconnect with others from a site which has in turn, not treated you correctly, all such combined factors when placed into perspective of the same person doing too much, too soon, in an effort to reach out, in a way, you can have the potential to turn inward and press issues until they choke you even if you agreed with them originally
Elshara, I think, may be someone who needs to be clear on what works and what doesn't, in the same effectiveness that he may be expecting the methods he has used in the past to do the things that he originally wanted to achieve. Spamming in this case, it really isn't as big of a deal under certain circumstances. Why would someone spam? To bring to light a particular post. Why would someone address any issue? But yet, not be able to stop addressing it? It's all based on acceptance. and those who do not accept, cannot forgive. Acceptance doesn't mean agreement here. It means understanding. No, we don't have to disclaim a pain warning. We're all going through issues. Each and every one of us. Acceptance is about seeing the person beyond the action, and really knowing if they're in tune with their heart, their gifts, their soul and their desire.
You can tell this about a person by how they treat you. do they leave you nasty comments on your page one minute, and then talk sweetly to you the next? do they lie, cheat, hurt, manipulate, bother, and generally disrupt anything you've ever said to them? do they not know they aren't perfect at communicating something their heart wants, but their mind feels as if it cannot express? This is a common issue for those with autism or those who are so focused on achieving one goal, they completely drown out and ignore observations others attempt to put to them. We've all been guilty of some form of that. Letting our passion over rule our wish or desire to do things on a schedule, because we wanted to be just at one with a timeless experience. And yet, it is abundantly clear to see someone else be bothered by said actions even if they are detected in such a minor infraction of the rules, which ever they may be, depending on the favoritism associated with personal preference on who is willing to be an acceptable person at the helm, and who isn't. Is it excuse, or is it simply lack of communicating through feeling, something passion can show the mind how to place in to perspective something words, and vision cannot. This is why I ask, is there a language barrier in all of us?
From time to time, I know I have seen people who have meant well, but literally cannot cook, drive, or swim to save their own life if the need ever arose. It is not because they're lazy or unmotivated, it is because they are in need of a space for passion to grow to desire to help the mind heal from that which it has remained unable to complete. Or, because physical body functions don't work correctly given the health conditions of some people to do certain tasks effectively. Humans, aren't meant to multitask, that much I know to be true. Do you have no time to listen? This is another question that can come up, because what words cannot say, feelings can. You don't need to be a therapist to show someone a better way of achieving what their feelings are attempting to convey, even if they are blinded by vision or simply a repeat experience of wanting, seeking or needing attention. Having said that, acceptance from an early stage, will help solve this issue entirely to where if someone is being unreasonable, that person isn't tasked with the responsibility to figure out on their own how to overcome this, especially where misintended thoughts and actions lead to the wrong kind of attention. Instead, these people need to focus on something more simple, to be tasked with the goal of supporting and bringing to light, as in expressing, their passion in mind to only focus on that, letting others manage something they have a better observational standpoint on. When it comes to Elshara, I have a strong feeling that he may have perhaps back in his day, missed the boat on this one entirely which could've been solved early on if he was exposed to other sites engaging in practices of a more forgiving nature. . If other Ning networks back in the day used similar techniques to bring members into their sites as I do believe Ning was all connected at one point, which may've been where Elshara has gotten the idea to engage in over doing it concerning the spamming and spirit of invitation behavior. But i could be wrong on this. I don't think people who are that far gone but have such a high drive for their passion do to things without a reason, even if the reason united some people, and divided others.
I have rambled on long enough on this topic. And yet, there's got to be a reason why Elshara has come into being the way that he has. troubled, lonely soul? Could that be it? Then getting rejected based on something he has clearly shown an interest in, for I don't believe someone who has wanted this long to join other sites of a similar nature, is just out to sell member data for money. I really don't believe this is the case here. Eric, the previous creator of Wiccan Together, and current ass hat of the community, is one such person and holds the entire site up for ransom at times to get money to sell it to someone willing to pay for it. I haven't seen reports of elshara doing this to save his life.
All your concerns, are valid however. We won't know for sure until Elshara comes on to address said concerns. I think it's good Amber has brought up this issue to light so we can all grow together as a community, remembering the work we've done to further our evolution together as a collective.
Wishing you all the very best,
with much love and support,
Wiccan together.

This is a great time of shifting of awareness not only on the 3d word but of all other worlds - right now the greatest show in the universe is right in front of your eyes - that is if you have them open to see - for if you do this also means that you have your heart open as well - nobody should jusge another soul's action for you have no idea what that soul's life lessons are and after all we are ONE RACE called the human race - what makes us so unique in the universe is our ability to shift our emotional state from moment to moment - some of the people here on earth right now have never been here before and some have been here countless times - every being in the universe is looking at earth and are jumping with joy seeing that we are "saving ourselves" rather than waiting for someone else to do it for us. The old programming of a savior coming from the sky is turning into the fact that "we are going to save ourselves" - that was the message from all those masters but it got lost in translation. Why are there so many people on earth you ask? That many souls are needed to ground into the earth the higher vibrations of light that are all around us. Many beings of light have chosen to come to earth in a body to experience this ascension process for it has been tried many times but did not succeed. We are in that process of going to the higher dimensions with one big difference - we are not going thru the death process we are literally taking the physical body with us and no other civilization has got as far as we have. Congratulations Earthlings.



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