I spend a lot of my time reading cards and I don't mind extending that energy for someone who needs a message and additional guidance.
Just leave your question, and if you are asking about someone, leave their first name or initial to look further.
I am going to pick a card from my tarot deck and I will try my best to answer you.

Let me know if you are drawn to this post and feel free to leave a message.

Brightest blessings

Editing. This is only one question per person thread. If you would like a second reading I can do it for an exchange. I am not open to giving more than one reading per person right now because of constraints on my own time. An exchange ensures balance between energies and hence there is no debt. It's fair to me and fair to others.
I have constraints on my own time right now, and given the amount of requests I am receiving, if you are open to getting more than one reading I would do it for you based on exchange. I also give astrological profile readings for understanding life purpose, your spiritual gifts and spiritual strengths. It takes me about 4-5 hours to prepare a reading. If interested please email me for details. Thank you

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thank you star, you're sweet, lovies coming your way, lol

Paws said:

Angelic ~ star ~ love said:

Paws said:

I would like some guidance around and about my path!

Hi Paws,

Seven of cups, Six of cups reversed

It seems that you have a very acute and accurate, keen sense of observation, intuition regarding others. what you channel about the rest is very profound and inherent. It's not something that is learnt but is rather a gift and there is some nervous energy about you around this. It feels like you are with holding your creative side, shying away , when you could open yourself which in turn would also affect your aura and help you find more fulfillment and profound experiences around you. What you do not need to hold in your emotional body, I am not feeling anything major but what ever little doubts or knots you hold to keep any avoidance or neglect going on will be released. Being a little more open and you will not feel frazzled or nervous around a spiritual gift you have, since it is strong and inherent and intelligent by itself. You don't need to do any thing around it, the gift itself will take care of everything, just free your mind and free yourself emotionally.
There is an ability to love , potential to love someone, but there is some awkwardness around. It feels like this awkwardness is more self deprecating and destructive than productive. To establish more communion with a partner or in relationships, this awkwardness and uncertainty must go. The chance of falling on love, being in love and having more fulfillment in partnerships with the rest of the world and also self is being held back, because of uncertainty. Let go of this uncertainty, find your inner strength an let it also manifest in your physical and daily interactions with others. Let the divine flow through you, and use your gifts and free them for that purpose. There are group of people around you that you seek to avoid, but they are your tribe. They can offer you strength, strong lessons and offer growth, love and family to you. It's karmic but it's also good for you. Do not let go of opportunities to connect to your tribe, soul family. Ask to be shown your way to them again, ask to be with the ones who can offer their friendship to you, and help you learn. You might realize that you are not so different after all, and will gain spiritual strength and confidence by those interactions. So seek to be with your tribe, ask to be shown your way through them.
There is a lot of excitable, playful energy. While that is good and set you free and gives you high, this is also something that you need to channel and discipline yourself around. Seek moderation at times. It is okay to seek thrill, but also know when to withdraw and save your energy and build some discipline around yourself so you do not ultimately lose your purpose in all play. There is something more excitable and fulfilling to be found inside, that does not come from the outside and seek to find that every now and then.
Mostly this is around opening yourself more, being more confident in a spiritual gift, having confidence in yourself and the path you are on, and being confident about yourself. Once you let go of any uncertainty, you will live your purpose with more potential and contentment.

I hope this helps and relates, brightest blessings

Wow.. spot on, I don't know about going back to this tribe or who you mean, but I do have an suspicion about the group you mean. Anyway,you talked about
my gift, what is it? (its ok if u don't remember I can pay)

Thank you so much :)

hi Paws,

You gift is the gift of intuition/ observation stemming from intuition. You need to value yourself and recognize this gift, in order for it to come fully into more potential. It is more inherent with you then most normal folks would recognize. Learn about yourself more, invest into developing and recognizing this potential within you, and you will value yourself more, while your confidence rises.

I hope this helps, brightest blessings ~

i need guidance about what to do in regards to my friendship with K.B
I'm J.R and i can exchange since this is my 3rd question..

Thank you so much Angelic Star!

jeeva said:

i need guidance about what to do in regards to my friendship with K.B
I'm J.R and i can exchange since this is my 3rd question..

Thank you so much Angelic Star!

Hi Jeeva,

Feel free to inbox/ pm me if interested for details. Thanks and blessings.

Closing thread , thank you guys for a wonderful connection :) I appreciate all of you :) blessings ~

Hi guys, I am still happily practicing with the cards. So if anyone wants to talk or reach out, feel free to pm or add me here. Some of you are already added if you haven't as this thread is closed for a while now and will be, feel free to reconnect. Thank you :) many smiles your end ~



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