If you have the time to spare, I'm seeking for help...

...I am in desperate need of guidance.

This is a long summary of my 'Self', but it is the first time I have posted anything like this online. Hopefully this is the correct discussion board for this topic, if not, my deepest apologies. I know my mission is mine alone to accomplish, but there are certain things I need confirmation on in order to really understand this unfolding plan happening in our galaxy.

I thank you all deeply for taking the time to read to this, and I hope that some of you may be able to provide me with the information that I need.


For the last half year I've noticed a change in my demeanour: not in a negative way, more so, I've had this insatiable thirst for knowledge of what's REALLY happening out there. At first, it was simple research on the Zeta Reticuli Grey's and Draco's, understanding who they were, what they wanted, and what their agenda really was. For hours and hours every day I scoured the internet, trying to soak in all the information I could. But it wasn't enough, I still needed to know more.

Then I stumbled upon a page about Pleiades. Instantaneously, my attention veered away from learning about these races, to discovering who I really was. I feel as though the Pleiadians have a strong connection to me, but I'm not entirely sure yet. I'm not certain if it's wishful thinking, or just my imagination running wild, or the hope that I actually have some hidden purpose in this world. Whatever it is, I can't stop thinking about who I am and what my mission is.

I'm a Fine Arts major at University, finishing up my last year of school. Painting, drawing, writing, singing, everything that uses creative intuition, I seem to excel in. Not to say I don't enjoy the sciences, philosophy, etc… it's just that I feel I can express the entirety of my feelings, thoughts and emotions onto a blank piece of paper or canvas. (on a side note, I will make a separate topic under the art forum and share with you my drawings of various alien races I've found of interest) I find that there is a limit when using words… the human language to me can't express what is actually happening inside my mind, so I use colours, drawings, songs or paintings to portray my thoughts. I've heard that the Pleiadians are extremely loving and creative individuals, but perhaps I'm just an artsy Terran. I really don't know.

I have a strong connection to crystals (quartz, howlite, lapis lazuli, hematite, obsidian, red jasper and fluorite are a few of my favoured crystals that I seem to resonate strongly with)

Purple is my mother's favourite colour, mine however, is turquoise. Even though turquoise is my favourite colour, I have always felt purple to be calming, and comforting. Almost like a… 'home' colour? It's an odd feeling that a simple colour can give you, I can't really explain it in words.

Even though I know my mother is my true earth mother, I feel as though my earth father isn't actually my father. I love him, so deeply it hurts, but I don't 'feel' the same as him. I don't have the same mental connections with him, and I can't exactly 'read' him all the time. However, my mother and I are both empaths and as weird as it may sound, we both can sometimes hear each others thoughts. For example, the other day I was sitting in my room relaxing, and then all of a sudden I had this strong urgency to water the flowers in our backyard. Somehow in my brain, I knew it was going to be the last sunny day of the week, and that the flowers needed to be watered before it got too cold and cloudy out. When my mom came home from work, she came into my room to say hello to me, and I told her I watered the flowers in the garden so she didn't need to. She stared at me and laughed and said, "That's freaky. I thought about telling you to water the flowers today, because I have a lot of running around to do and I was afraid I wasn't going to have enough time to water them."

I could brush this off to be coincidental, but this happens ALL the time. Not just every so often, but almost every time we are near each other. We will think the same thoughts, or finish each others sentences, or say what's on the other one's mind before they can even speak it. My mother had this same connection with her mother before she passed away. She sometimes communicates with my grandmother in her dreams, and is given advice every so often when they are able to establish communication. I don't know if this is prolonged grievance or actually a legitimate connection to my deceased grandmother. I would like to believe the latter, because it would explain a lot of things that I have been seeing more and more frequently.

I'm extremely sensitive to electronic frequencies and pressure changes in the weather. I can hear a TV on (just the black screen with power on, no actual television shows playing or sound) from at least several metres away. Even if it is sunny out, if the following day calls for rain, I get this extreme pressure building in my head until the next day finally passes. Although, this is a fairly common phenomenon with earth beings, but there is something else that seems to throw me off; Chemtrails. Whenever I see Chemtrails in the sky, I get extremely ill and nauseous. I try my hardest to stay indoors when I see them, but sometimes it's inevitable. Those who are around me when I notice the Chemtrails in the sky, don't seem to be bothered by them, and it baffles me. How is it that I can literally 'taste' or 'feel' the sulfate and other toxins that are released in the gas, and yet others just stand by oblivious to what's happening?

Synchronicities appear to me everywhere as well. Usually it is 11:11, sometimes I will see 555, and almost every night I wake up at 3:00/3:30 am. I keep a log now of how often I notice these phenomenon, and its startling to see that I have at least one or two synchronicities a day. I remember when I was about 16/17 years old. I was dating a girl at the time (I am not bi-sexual or homosexual, I merely fall in love with the 'soul' of the person I am dating, regardless of what they look like or what their gender is) and we were on a camping trip together. We went to this little no name market where we came across a tarot reader. My girlfriend at the time really wanted to get her fortune read, so we entertained the thought and went inside the tent. Once we entered inside, she got us to shuffle her tarot deck so she could do a general reading for us. The first thing she asked was, 'Who's the night owl?' I knew right then she was referring to me. I have always had trouble sleeping at night, in fact, I feel more awake then ever when the moon is out. She proceeded to tell me about the moon cycles and how they affect my body and mind. It started to all make sense to me then. Before going to this tarot reader, I had always thought my mind was just too active to shut down easily like other people. I had gone to a few different clinics growing up, including this sleep clinic I went to as a child. The tests showed that my brain activity ran five times faster than the average human brain. This doesn't mean I'm super smart, in fact, it's hard for me to focus on something unless I pour all my energy and attention into that one particular thing. As the years passed, I began to connect the dots, until it led me here.

I've read up on the physical appearance of alien races, the Pleiadians being the most likely relevant to me. My own physical appearances include pale skin, blonde hair, blue eyes, petite frame, height of 5'0", and my most odd feature definition, a pointed ear. Not just slightly pointed, but formed so there is no folded cartilage around the outer exterior. It is literally the picture image of an elf ear. I also have a birthmark on my upper left leg that sort of looks like Orion's constellation. This could just be pleasant fantasy in my mind, but it's hard to disregard everything as coincidence now.

I could go on and on about this list of relevancy, but I will share my experiences and thoughts for another discussion. I have carried on long enough, and now I am just eager to hear from my hopeful brothers and sisters. I do not know if I am of Pleiadian decent, I do not know if I am a lightworker or a starseed, and I do not know if all of this is just in my imagination or not. What I do know is, regardless of who or what I am, I am just happy to be a part of this life, and hopefully be of some help in the midst of humanity raising its higher consciousness.
May love and light be with you all.

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Im also in knowlage of this i had visions and dreams of whats going on if ud like you can add me n we can chat i can also give you readings n i do have a message from ur star family for you asbwell get in touch with me
With how you said you react to TVs, I just had so much empathy for you when you described chemtrails. We don't have them here.

I was also born with elf ears :)

Kara, it seems to me That you Are on the right track. Always trust your Intuition.As it will Never lie to you.Also, know that if you want the answer.To a specfic question.Put in Out into the Universe.Always in the end, say."May the be for the Greatest and Highest good." I t sounds like you could be from an Elfin society. How Awesome for you.Your Birthmark,could very well.Be a reminder,of whom you are. Any specfic interests.Usually will point to some of your past lives.... I hope this helps abit.

I'm studying Starseed Compass method of Astrology, have had the same questions many years. Here is a fact sheet on Pleiadian types and a site I bookmarked.https://www.consciousreminder.com/2017/09/16/starseeds-star-terrans...

When I was a kid I was obsessed with movies like labrynth the dark crystal, legend, etc. because of the elves and faerie folk for lack of a better term. Then I saw fire in the sky and became obsessed with the whitley strieber books and was both terrified and fascinated with the idea of the greys. I gotta say, as I traverse this path I'm not so interested as much in what a particular "people" look like now as much as what their agenda is or even more importantly, what their vibe or energy feels like.
I understand though when people want to find out about their previous origins and so on, to a certain degree, it does have some relevance if you need to relate to others in this kind of capacity. I am very creative as well, seems to be part of my calling, what I relate to more than anything in your "post" here is the last paragraph. I've read up some on the pleiadians and find them to be beautiful souls as far as the literature suggests, and you're right to be grateful for this life. I used to loath what I thought was my "wretched existence" here until I realized through experience that earth is possibly a school of sorts at this point and that lessons are either harsh or fun and enlightening depending on our approach. I believe you will find some of what you are looking for here. I love discussions on this site. Blessed be.



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