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I Just Stopped A Histerical Hacker From Deleting All Profiles On The Site, But Damage Has Been Done

This hacker, Asharana attempted to email a broadcast message to all site members with the subject line "Sorry To Warn You So Late" and then sent an empty message to the site.

This rather manipulative troll-like individual is one of an organized group who has recently sprung up to attempt mass removal of all content, profiles, and site members. After getting it into his head that who ever it was that was out to get him, was so bad, that this entire site had to have been in danger. This is not the first incident we have seen regarding this group and if you are ever contacted by them, ignore the message and report it to administration immediately! This group is known for hacking, blackmailing and threatening with emphasis on abusive and harmfula ttacks by no standards. A name was mentioned, Elshara, to which it was believed by this group this person must be destroyed at all costs and that I of all people, was an alias of said person. Only yesterday, an incident in chat from other members of this same group of people obviously recruited by force, a then administrator of this site by blackmailing and stealing personal information in order to carry out this action. Said administrator has been since removed from the site however it remains to be seen whether or not the fall out from this happening will having a lasting impact on ISN or not.

I am truly sorry for having believed the apparently innocent actions of a person willing to help the site out. I'm lucky I was online to stop the attack, and have since taken precautions to prevent attacks of this nature in future.

Having said this, incidents of trolls are taken extremely seriously on ISN. Putting this into perspective, we are as serious about this as someone would be about a bomb threat in real life. You get one warning and if you are found trolling other members, you will be immediately suspended with a permanent hard ban on your profile. As a result, we no longer will be accepting further administrative help as the ones we already have are tied up with the fall out of this event. for right now, we are accepting new applicants to join the site but will be increasing our efforts to ensure that absolutely no member is left behind in an attack claiming the posts, and friends of innocents on this network ever again.

A full scale investigation into the attack on our network is underway and I promise you, we will seak revenge. Forgiveness is a given but the actions that have been caused by this person who I believe either was on drugs or was asked to carry out this mission by some form of organized group or coup designed to purposely promote fear, hate, anger and mistrust is the result of trolls not getting their way. IT is for this reason that I do believe Yshatar had to close down ISN originally, however you will not see the same response from me, as I am not a quitter or a person to be meek, tied down or suffer for any reason and I'll have you know, we will survive!

Asharana before discovered and disposed of, succeeded in removing 3235 profiles in total from the site, taking their profile data, content and friends along with them. Had myself and other administrators not be on to immediately take action, ISN would no longer exist. to protect the identity of the administrator who was taken advantage of by Asharana as a hacker terrorist, we are not going to publish their name but staff members will see it in the staff group.

This is a reminder to you at ISN that we are here to stay and that no matter what comes our way, we will not be dictated to us by society or any other bully group the story of our lives, for it is ours to live with passion and love. Blessed be and may the stars guide you back home to us as we recover from this incident.

All members who have been effected will receive an invitation to rejoin the community. All members who have not yet been contacted by me, will receive a personal friend request. As the two features of friendship and invitations are closely related, you will see the message Welcome Back To ISN listed in the request as it will be from my account.

This message will be shared with all existing members of the network. Case, closed.

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ok thanks, i find the new layout confusing. i have not been here in a long time.

O_oU I am SO glad I was lazy in checking my inbox, and to see this was already resolved by the time I saw the email and logged in here.
Yikes, though!

Thank you for sending this message. When I tried to log in, the site told me that I did not have an account. My profile must have been one that was deleted. If you had not still been able to send this message to my email, I might never have known.

I did see that mesage today, it went to my spam folder. I count myself lucky, though I am not here often.


I have always been a member of this site, and didn't realize that I had been deleted until I received an invite from Amber yesterday and re-joined but, am using a different name....from the one I used on this site previously...

Now I understand what happen

I'm having trouble updating my profile.

I didn't open them.... thankyou


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