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disclosure 4 war of the gods..why ets can not walk among us openly

4 the battle of the "gods" why ets are not allowed to walk with us openly today
Disclaimer ! by the being reading, seeing or understanding any thoughts, words, emotions heir by will are never to use this information to : miss use, manipulate in any time line, existence, dimension, plain or realm of energy against me, the timelines, parallel universes or of any existence or creation, on rules of the multiverse law set by the immortal 8 and TRUE eternal being of source..
this will be Discosure that many may find to swallow for turth. let me start off with the information i have gathered from et sources about the history of this solar system its self. when this solar system was new it was unclaimed by any ets. some of the draocs speices that where naturaly occuring in this universe came across this solar system by chance realy. they saw earth ( it was much bigger in mass than now) and tried to colonize it. bakc then their technology was not advanced enough many died on entry. some servived but was stranded. much time later other spieces came here colonizing planets. the more advanced species taking planets that thier technology allowed. this quadrent of the universe is still in nurural terriorty of galatic mapping. the universal counil decided to claim earth as a nutual seed planet despite the claim of the drcos. the dracos who where on earth and have evolved threw generations where still here. ( this is where the terrtory war and fighing started for earth) the drocs from this universe ask for allaince with the drcos from the other universe that came here so they could reclaim planet earth. with the war that was already going on with high members of the old head universal counicl of 9 at that time lending resources and people was hard. by this time some queens of the drcos where switching sides to the andromadan counil when earth was becoming a seed planet. ( one kingdom of the dracos who are allinaced with andromadan is the ones on jupiter) dispite the dracos added forces of power the counil still did not reconize the drcos clim to the planet and the seed project continued. the dracos here on earth who had evolved tolorated most of the seed projects... however some dracos did not agree with what the counil had done. they claimed the planet and where tosted aside. the ones who where hurt by this act swore to take back thier planet ( SOME NOT ALL) .. do to the acts of some dracos who shared this idea it tore the draco kingdoms apart form allincae with eachother. many queens saw this as a line between the alrady universal war and decided enough was enough. some are nutrual some joined the andromidan counil. the drcos here on earth they where curious about some of the seeds. tried to teach the ones who would listen and learn. there was a few seed planets in this solar system. what is known as wormwood, earth(tiamat), and mars. as i said earth was bigger..during one of the batches of seeds. nibiru passed threw hitting earth( tiamat) cracking it in half. the damage to the planets was emince. the core of the earth( tiamat) floated out. the ets using technology fixed the planet. however they left out the core..this would be our new moon. they left the inside of thie earth hallow placeing a arfticial sun in the middle and creating a vast city. Agartha inner earth sanctum. this city helps the palnet say togeather do to frequency the artficual sun produces. the palnet healed back into a sphear shape...ish this took much time. after the planet healed they layers harddend. new lavla flow of the outer shell of agarha started to flow creating new plates of land, plants and animals again where placed and evolvled. the seed project contuned. the damage to nibaru was not that grate either. its atompheaer took a huge plunge along with much of its plant life and animals do to atmophrer ignition. they still are managing but need a lot of resources.. it took them much time to terraform the palnet again.
for the counils that are involved with the seed project change every batch of "seeds" what are seeds? seeds are children of ets, geneticaly enginered beings, or beings placed on a planet to evolve on thier own acrding to thier enviorment on a designated seed planet" each batch or "age of man" had new rules, new agendas, from the ets who particapted in the projects. though main universal law is stated to be bent while a seed planet is in effect do to testing that may be done by seed parents. the seed parents make laws of what the seed batch will be.. then on top of that each faction gets thier own territory! each faction of whom seeds are placed can have their own agenda and rules for their seeds to fallow... each has a time frame as well to be done before planet reset. many seed plants are usualy allowed to be many species living on one planet. there are some tests of seed planets that require same looks.
for this batch of seeds. the ets voted on a body form for the " normal" they took genetics of the " normal form" that veried in a few ets genetics who fit the critera of phycial form. each faction of ets made thier own seeds from this basic form blueprint...some ets do the hybrid program ( see 3rd posting of mine )
many relgions, mythgs and legends of apcolypse the end of days has been pasted down.. in mny relgions there is a grate war between gods ( seed et parents) . they use muighty weapons, fliging cheriots, and fight to the point earth its self changes from night and day or seasons suddenly. many time before the 5th age of man ets where allowed to walk among the seeds they had planeted on earth. they geve them knolwladge beyond their understanding of doing thigns alone. soem of which we can see today.. some hidden, some not. during the last batch of man ets started to fight amongt them selfs over territory, rules of which seeds needed to fallow and how the world should be used. this was about the time mars and maldek where distroyed.. mars was secheduled for seed apolyclpe but the insodent of meldek was a acident and a very sad loss. in the last seed batch" age of man" many et species and hybrids where allwed to live openly on the panet. the ets started to kill them selfs over such things leaving very confused, scared and in some cases moraly lost seeds behind. the ets imprinted a war that was not the seeds in hisotry and text. the ets who still had terrotories by the end of the war agreed to flood the world hopeing to wipe away the rest of the remnatnce.( tough some old species still exist on earth in small groups and hidden. ) only thoese who they saw fit to live they gave instructions on to servive. for the native americans the ant people came to take them deep into the caves of the earth, for norse a man and woman worthy would be takent to the world tree to stay untill ragnorck/ apocolypse was over, and of course the noas arc. this in turn rased the water levels of the whole planet as there was not much ocian before hand. do to the much damage to the planet the seeding counil agreed that for earth then next age of " man" was to be rouglhy the same body type. no open commucations exspt very few will be showen truth untill the desanated time...this is aprt of the agenda for 5th age of man. ( that is all i can give on that) ..many of the et dieites died. not that it maters much do to the tech they have.
to make sure ets could still walk on earth. those who go threw the proper pater work have implants put in them to keep the "matrix" illusion of human form. ( the matrix i speak of is not to be confused with the muliversal matrix of cration... it is a tech/ dimesional creation desined for this planet only) ( this tech matrix along with the what people know as the vail " 2 diffrent things" keep abilites at bay along with any hybrid shifting of thoes normal born in human socicity) the vail is to supress a certian amount of energy one can posses or vibrate at on this planet. it has been dropping as of the year 2000. the other speices born on earth who live in deep caves that are not aprt of the inner earth alliance or in the ocains do not have the chips. the ets who are not suposta interact openly with people the ones who adcut people may or may not have the implant.
this surces i have gotten trhew members of the andromandan counil, draconian kingdom of jupiter, orion and draco costilation, the shkrill, layran, and members of Agartha.

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I am sorry I don't agree to this misunderstanding about ETs and believing they are warmongering idiots like you get war mongering idiots being politicians on this planet.

my personal experiences are different from others who communicate with them so i can understand many peoples view of ets and how they work...many only get a fragment of interaction with what is really out there and whats going on.


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