I have always wondered if elves ever existed or still exist. I feel like I may have had a past life as one and with one as well but I am honestly not sure. I hope so. Sometimes when I look in the mirror my ears are long and pointed and I have to do a double take.

I find myself reading books on elves and trying to find movies with them or pictures, I just love them! I'm not talking about tiny elves like Santa's elves, but elves like in Lord of the Rings. I have had visions (hopefully not making it up in my head) and I see myself in a very old land with lots of trees and stone buildings and lots of elves! I saw myself in love with one too.

Maybe they have connections with the Pleiades? My origin is Pleiadian, maybe that has something to to do with my love for elves:) LOL.

 I can only guess.... Does anyone here believe elves exist and if so do you know anything about them?

Thank you ^_^

Love and light <3

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Reading these replies makes me think of skyrim. How there are dark elves and high elves. The high elves scrutinized the dark elves, but both are necessary in their own right. I've always identified with elves, and I was told my soul is of plaeidian-ra origin. I have strong ties to both planet venus, and sirius, meaning my soul had spent a lot of time on those planets. My three favorite animals have always been a lion, panda, and penguin. The lion because for which they stand for, the panda for how they resource, and the penguin for how they survive. They huddle together in groups of over thousands. It's remarkable. Everything I do, and have is a characteristic of my personality pronouncing, and expressing my indivuality. Things for me have fallen into place in a prime spot. I have always said I'm a punctual person one day a former coworker of mine said right after she thought about me, I walked in. I told her "I make peoples dreams come true." The other day I had a dream, and someone was talking to me, and said, "The reason they're scared of you is because you will be able to awaken a whole demon army." I replied, "What?! I can't do that." As if the demon army is already mobilizing i.e martial law. I've had a couple experiences now. Just last night clouds were shifting shape. I saw a man conjoined to an anchor. As if his being is anchored to earth.
skyrim a good game :) I prefer dragon age myself though as I like the party of characters like u get in final fantasy :) im just wondering is the hollow earth people mention the same as the astral plane? the way any nature spirits can just suddenly appear to be seen by the people its like they live on the astral planes now but maybe back in the day were probably in the body but moved due to man hunting and being negative towards them. u can understand why the fairies are a bit shy and cautious yeah.

Yeah sure why not? Fae & Elves are commonly grouped together and there has been extensive research on fae / fairies etc.

im intrested to know about this hallowed earth where its said all your nature spirits live. im not familiar with the term hallowed earth. but im guessing they mean 4th dimension and to gain your access to inner earth would be to astral project? it just feels like astral planes and inner hallow earth is the same idea.

this is interesting because i have pointy ears

I do too resonate with the Lyran Pleiadian bloodline of Elfin beings. I live as an Elvenkin (otherkin who lives as an Elf) in this world, and I feel it deeply connects to my past. I am excited to start to meet so many others!

Well there are many races of the elves, some still live in duality, and others are above it. They are apparently more diverse than we can imagine. If you study Irish/ Icelandic cultures, there is a lot you can find on elves and fairies esp.



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