I have always wondered if elves ever existed or still exist. I feel like I may have had a past life as one and with one as well but I am honestly not sure. I hope so. Sometimes when I look in the mirror my ears are long and pointed and I have to do a double take.

I find myself reading books on elves and trying to find movies with them or pictures, I just love them! I'm not talking about tiny elves like Santa's elves, but elves like in Lord of the Rings. I have had visions (hopefully not making it up in my head) and I see myself in a very old land with lots of trees and stone buildings and lots of elves! I saw myself in love with one too.

Maybe they have connections with the Pleiades? My origin is Pleiadian, maybe that has something to to do with my love for elves:) LOL.

 I can only guess.... Does anyone here believe elves exist and if so do you know anything about them?

Thank you ^_^

Love and light <3

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Honestly, considering my strong connection to elves and having experienced a past life as said 'mythical being' this is an absolutely rediculous question. I do not mean it as insulting in anyway, its just that considering how strongly I believe in elves and fae to hear a starseed ask if elves exist I kind of chuckled to myself. There is a group on here for elves and fae. Shouldnt be hard to find, I know of dozens who have connections to elves. I myself experienced being elven in a past life which seems like many considering their long life span. I am interested in hearing everyones past life so we can try and connect everyone with past life friends and partners :)

They do exist, my wife is has lived several lives as an elf and some others as a "mutt" with elf in her. Other then that I can't tell you more then that, I can recognize people that have elf in them when I meet them and they are fun creatures :)

Well, u could try the norse mythology. Most accounts of elves u will find in history will be of mythological beings rather then cold hard facts. Unfortunately I am unaware of anything factual. Would definately confirm a lot of things for a lot of ppl. Believing something is definately different from proving it, u know? Anyway, if I insulted u or ur opinion in anyway I am sorry, I have a problem with wording what I am trying to say a wrong way. Plus u can never add appropriate emos to text :/

i have the drawing towards them as well, i believe they are here somewhere :P

I will repeat my past life experience meditation here, not sure where I posted it and my phone wont let me send messages to ppl directly and I have comp atm. It started with me being a teenager, I seemed to prefer wearing brown, kind of rag looking clothes, but they seemed to be norm. I loved laying in vines at the edge of our forest against a meadow with mountains in the distance. There always seemed to be a cool breeze. I know I was learning magicks, I believe, aside from the natural magicks innate to elves, I was learning from a merlin character, human. Skip forward a few years to my wedding, everyone was there, we had a relatively small village in the forest with huts and tree houses and outlooks. Everything was white that day though. The normal green and brown was clouded by all of our energy levels which had been risen so high we created a brilliant white light bubble. Everything was excentuated by white and gold decoration but the bubble and the emense feeling of love, light, divine. It is, well, I have yet to epxerience something so powerful in this life, even when connecting to source. So, skip forward a bit more, not sure whther its another life or something happened to my mate. I was getting close to the end of my time and had gotten to know a gold dragon I had begun to have feelings for, but 'merlin' had requested me to do something for him as a walk in which is a completely other life. Thats all I really got from that tho. For years I had the laying in vines thing but couldnt figure it out til I did the dick sutphen meditation I posted some time ago. If anyone has a similar experience or anything matches up let me know :)

I definitely believe in them. Ironically I was looking for tips and videos on how to look like one. I think I was also one in a past life and I remember riding a horse in a beautiful horse .I am Pleiadian too! Pleiadian end to look like elves especially with the ears!

Yaay I believe in them too! I remember after I saw the Lotr films I had a period when I thought they do not exist, and are only made up, but believing this made me kinda depressed, so I choose not accept it. You know Tolkien based his elves on mythology, so I tried to dig some info up according to his researches. You can guess I could hardly find a thing, but it totally worth it.. During my hunt in info on them led me to the otherkin sites, then I magically ended up on sites about our pleiadian  brethrens, then here. :D
When I was around 6 or 7 I knew a girl, one of her ears were pointed and everybody said shee looks like an elf.. I became jelaous and angry, because nobody recognised me as an elf so I started to pull my ears pointy.. Now I think back and can't stop laughing.. the only thing I achieved by this is now my left ear is a little longer, but not pointy xD
About past lives, well once a medium reading me said she saw something about a big tree being danced around, and she automatically thought about elves, but could not really describe what she saw so she rather sent me the felling of it. It was so beautiful, I grinned like an idiot the whole time... :)

Ya, sorry, I am one of those ppl who ppl have been mistaking me for elf my whole life. I always dismiss it saying, im not pretty enough, slender enough, graceful enough, magickal enoug to be elfkin but I cant deny my meditation. In high school I met my now husband, he kept calling me elf girl, noone dissagreed and his family called me elf girl too lol. Then I remembered my mom calling me elf when I was little. Onetime we were doing an event with a ren faire group for the premier of lotr and this little girl walked up and said my sister was arwen and I was galadriel, or vice versa. Dont quite remember lol. There has just been so many cooincidences. As there have been with many other aspects of my life with previous lives. If you want to call them cooincedences or universal sincronicities. ;)
Oh, in asatru (norse) mythology there are 7 planets/planes/dimensions theres the one of the gods, asgard, there is middle earth (can u guess where that is?), there is the light elves and dark elves (they mean elves and dwarves), the giants realm, hell, I dont remember them all but have had quite the experience with the gods, esp freya, in the last year. Its been amazing.

Elves are most definitely real..and hence driven so deeply into the collective memory of us earthlings. One of my guides is also elven but hmm more like a space elf than a LOTR elf..lol, if that makes any sense.

The connection between the Elves and the Pleiades is very strong. I am of the opinion that the ascended people form the Pleiades came to Earth in the distant past to help humans evolve. This was the time of the Lord of the Rings. My past life as a elf sees to have take place during the war that is shown in the Lord of the rings. I had seen this past life memory before I had see the Lord of the Rings movies. I this past life I was an archer and has killed hundreds of attackers with my arrows.

  I also have a very strong attachment with nature and have had communication with the trees. I have also see an elf in this life time. He appears to me in a ghost like form. I see him out of the corner of my eye once in a while. He looks and dresses just like all of the pictures I have seen show, in a tunic with a lot of embroidery on it. 

I also feel that some of my DNA is elf DNA, not sure if this DNA is concentrated because my ancestors carried Elf DNA or if I was seeded with this DNA. I also grew up with some friends who believe they also have elf DNA.

Elf people are skinny and have strong features high cheek bones and sharp angular jaw lines. Their wrists and ankles are very thin. They have very skinny arms and shoulders. Their waists are larger in size in comparison and the stomach area and upper legs are lager in comparison to their skinny arms. Elf's get all of their power from their core muscles. They also have different ears. Their ears are slightly pointy and their ear lobes attach fully at the bottom. Their ears are also placed slightly higher on the head than normal.Elf people also age very slowly.

      There are a lot o f people who have elf features now days I believe that this is because in the past humans and elfs  cross bread with each other. Some actors clearly have elf features.

I do believe there are elves, but they are in another dimension. When we see them out of  the corner of our eye we are seeing an entry to the other dimension. Sometimes people slip through these portals and are never seen again. I have to ask myself if these other realms might be better than the one we are now in! I believe there are fairy realms too.



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