Any readers or healers on the site ? Some bullies on the site ?

Well I have met some most amazing people on the site over the years and they all are absent now. When I come to online here, it is usually one or two people who don't like those 'readers' or anyone who follows or practices a healing modality. I can't comment on their problem except I feel that they have very serious issues themselves and don't allow the freedom to others to do what they want. It is kind of dictatorial on a site, where there are so many members, and everyone has something to offer and are learning through each other. What anyone posts or offers or reaches out to others, how people chose to interact is up to them. Unless its spreading of fear or name calling others I guess. This site has included 'spiritual services' and 'healing requests' as a mode of discussion/ interaction amongst everyone. Unless they deliberately remove it and ban all members from practicing or giving readings to others. Healing is so integral to most people on a site like this for self and others

This site does not belong to one member or group, as most of us have paid to be a member of this site now. No one should have any right or audacity to discourage others from doing what they want to do unless it breaking a rule deliberately or intentionally.

You feel someone offering readings is bad, and you start a campaign against them calling them all sorts of names lol. There are others who would like to participate also and could benefit from it and learn from those very readers themselves. Why is there so much negativity about it ? We are sharing our gifts also because we are learning through them and learning through each other. Is it too complex a philosophy to understand.

If you think you are very self sufficient, then don't ever reach out/ discuss with anyone. Ignore the readers. Start your own thread preach there maybe, about what you know. Let the others contribute what they can, and allow members to freely interact how they want to. Do something else with your time

Confusing simple members/ paid memebers as frauds. Maybe these people are unhappy and need to learn to be content with themselves. So they write whatever they wish to, to whomever they wish to, because in real life no one would tolerate their words. It's only because its just behind a computer and you can get away with writing anything and venting your frustrations

Not what a spiritually matured person would do, but acting like a volatile teenager still dealing with puberty. Like be more useful and nice to others maybe,
then having your childish fun by harassing others and feeling no one notices you ?

There is no point in complaining about others all day long on chat and most discussions, with the same line of thought maybe

I know there are some groups here that are dormant that I have joined over they years. If anyone is on a similar wavelength as me, feel free to connect or add me here. Thank you.

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