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I have not been moderator for long, and i say this with the possibility of losing that status. However it is something i feel needs to be said, and it may be met with mixed feelings.

I don't know who Elshara is. As such I can say nothing of their past behaviors that have triggered the aggression of these groups attacking the current iteration of ISN.

I do know who Yshatar was, and some painful realities need to be addressed.

Yshatar was no saint. She was almost never online and when she was it was purely to review and ban those individuals who disrupted the status quo established by her lackies.

Known guidelines on Yshatar's ISN included the restrictions against racism of any kind, a restriction against God Complexes, and a restriction against drama.

None of these guidelines nor the rest had ever been upheld.

The mods she constantly hired could arguably be classified as clinically insane. Am I seriously the only one who paid attention to how often they were being fired and hired due to their misconduct?

Yshatar was incapable of rational judgement of any kind.
This behavior was consistently taken advantage of by power hungry maniacs who made efforts to spread racism. Efforts to silence reptilian and draconian members of the site were exceedingly common. Many moderators claimed their superiority and dominance over members of the site, suggesting that they, and they alone had access to knowledge no one else was capable of comprehending.

The absurdity, that Yshatar made this site function was and is a delusion of the highest order.

Yshatar did not hold this site together, she was never around.
What held this site together were the few SANE members trying to play nice and trying to spread a silent awareness of positivity and balance. Of unity and peace.

Unlike the ISN of the past, we will not tolerate the aggression of madmen. We will not tolerate threats to life limb and happiness. We will not punish the innocent and we will not punish the free thinkers so long as they abide by basic decency.

We the community shape ISN, not some deluded figurehead.
We the community empower ISN, not the rabid dogs craving dominance

I for one am grateful Yshatar is gone.
Maybe now and for once, unity will exist on this site.
Those who disrupt that unity, for the sake of a false past "glory" will not be allowed to persist in their destructive endeavors.

End Racism - hatred will not be tolerated
End Divisiveness - conflict will not be encouraged
End Censorship - there are many paths to the top of the mountain, let none of them be closed

Unite The Community
Spread Peace
Cherish One Another as Brothers, Sisters and Everything Between

This is the new ISN.
This is what ISN was meant to be.

Blessings and Balance

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I for one, have something to say on this matter. As an administrator, I've reopened this discussion.
I never knew Yshatar. I was brought in by the new owner, Amber Nelson because she invited me here due to a friendship of another Ning site for spiritual talk and paths.
The amount of trolling and other random issues I've seen on a site with about 1 4th the members that mine has is quite alarming to say the least. No, I'm not trying to intentionally toot my own horn here, but one has to admit, the circumstances of who is really here to support us in times of need, is dependent largely on what actions are seen to support the words associated with them.
Amber Nelson has never done this site wrong. I have had, in the past few days, several discussions with her both on and off site to suggest that she is working real hard to bring this community a better, bright future. I'm not sure how I feel about Yshatar leaving, or about who ever else was originally effected by this hack. Yes, I feel in a way it was targeted to older members as well as those who joined since Amber joined Especially considering the fact, nobody has mentioned this, had we all not been on the staff list, our profiles would've been hit as well based on the time and the manner in which the hacker technically started removing profiles based on how they were displayed on the hacker's computer screen on the site. At the same time, I kind of wish, the hacker went all the way. And here's why I say that.
This site, and its energy, desperately needs a huge over hall so that the aura associated with favoritism, can be lifted and exposed as something which is no longer with us. The aura was caused by the favoritism of a certain administration, instead of the one that's here now, looking at this from all sides that is.
What we need here, are people who understand the purpose of what we're here to bring light to, and that includes those which, as Amber has pointed out, don't always have a voice. IT doesn't matter what you do in life, because nobody can ever be above perfect, there just never can exist such a state. Having said that, I've recently been brought to the attention of just what such a state love is, and it is about letting go of the formation of preference, for an all around unconditional acceptance of both forgiveness and enlightenment. You don't think about whose done you wrong, but who has not. Because they, if they choose to do the same, will understand your gift. This is something ironically, a lot of Christians practice for the will of god, as god is a forgiving god for believers to find comfort and support through. the teaching here is vitally important, especially for those suffering healing, trauma, or worries.
Lets just talk about the truth of the matter once and for all, get it out there. How would you feel, even if elshara was Amber Nelson? I'm definitely not saying he is nor that he even exists, because I certainly haven't come across him yet. Having said that on my network there is a profile with that name yet it is inactive, and hasn't showed signs of bothering members in the least. Never the less, I've talked to Druanna Johnston the founder, and creator of Pagan Souls Community, as well as Gods Of amenti, and I've come to a realization.
Those who accept forgiveness, accept criticism from others who choose not to forgive so that others who do forgive, can see the person behind the action. If Elshara is Amber, then she's the nicest person I've ever come across because due to the fact that I have yet to see evidence of the person behind the name on my site cause a single issue, which is also the case for Druanna's site, apparently some people from Elshara's networks in the past have joined there, then I would say, their being there and finding a home, has led to a good thing. Do the ends, really matter to justify the means when it concerns the action, that has brought us together overall? Are we that uptight that we will only accept awakening if steps A through Z in that order alphabetically must be addressed otherwise we cannot ascend? Can someone truly know love, without experiencing it or be forever unwelcome to try our best at it, and be told because you failed you can never come back? Because that's what I'm seeing here as an observer looking in. Trolls are telling existing members, sorry but we don't want you here.
Had it not have been for the actions Amber Nelson took today to stop Asharana and others from destroying this site, we wouldn't be having this discussion. I've kept quiet for a few hours wanting to know just what if anything, could we do as a community to overcome this challenge. And I've, come to a realization on that as well.
Blessings to all who remain and to all who rejoin us. Some members may not have the ability to do so, which is sad in and of itself. But we, must forgive them and let them find their peace. as their spirit, is with us to remember. We let it go. Yshatar bad? Yshatar good. Great. We let it go. We let Yshatar, speak for herself and come to us if she wants to participate in our community. We're here now, and those I believe who were taken off by the hacker, are slowly returning. So we make the best of what we have, here and now, due to the efforts of one another, promoting unity, peace, love, empowerment and everything else our site and our home, in some cases, not that I have been here for very long, has always stood for.
Will always stand for, so long as I am administrator. I also, haven't been admin for very long, but I recognize the importance of what you've said here Source and I agree with you 100%. We need to forgive, move past our issues, heal, set the example, and never fear that what ever we say is wrong. We know in our hearts, where the feelings lead to. If it's hope for you, stay awhile. If it's a dead end, I wish you a blessed farewell.
I apologize for reopening your discussion without your permission, but I had to congratulate and honor you for bringing this topic up. Well said Source Shard, and plus one from me.
Much love and support,
Wiccan Together.

No worries at all. I kinda figured on just leaving it be, and wasn't expecting input anyway. Glad to see constructive additions to it.

Blessing and Balance <3

Source Shard - You articulate your position very well. Everyone on this board should be as honest and should also read/feel what you wrote.

ISN will be successful because of people like you.

For how long have you been on ISN to draw these conclusions about Yshatar? Or a better question would be why are you bringing her down when it's bygone now that we're starting with a whole new team of admins?
I joined ISN way back in 2009 when another site i was very active on crashed (spiritualforums- maybe Carl would know about this website). Since then ISN has been a 2nd home away from home. Let me tell you this place was thriving, there was deep involvement from all fronts including Yshatar.
But it's true she's been aloof from the affairs of the site for quite some months, but she too has a life in the real world. Perhaps a handful knew about the troubles she was going thru' with cyber bullying and other stuffs. It was taking a toll on her plus there were few admins available to take the weight off her shoulder. And Yes, there sure has been nut job mods in the near past which added to trust issues for her. Its very hard to discern over the web, let this be a reminder to the new admins as to who they hire in their team. And they have been tested twice already! Remember, everyone has a past...

I wish the best for new ISN!
Much gratitude to Amber and her team _/\_

4 going on 5 years

Of constant censorship and dictatorial behaviors.

I was banned for reporting that another member Cassandra threatened the life of other members on a regular basis. Not unlike the current conflict with Yshatar supporters threatening everyone in the current community to join them or perish.

Yshatar is a madwoman followed by violent cultists.

Anything that wasn’t mainstream was censored frequently


@ Source Shard - leave the past to where it belongs! I just hope you didn't put this up to vent your past grudge about what happened.
@ Carl - Yeah, things changed there when it came up again but i found ISN because of the crash and i never looked back! Glad you can hang out with us here ^.^

You are the one who asked how long I’ve been present to even know Yshatar. Don’t blame me for a truth you dislike.

The past is behind. The current threats are my only concern. Threats against the very lives against our members. I don’t care if I look like the villain I will not allow harm to come to them.
@ Source - sheesh, don't you conclude about truth when we're hearing only your side of the story! I know what drama went on that's why there were guidelines against such things. Now, don't accuse me of being Ysha's cultist member...

I didn’t accuse you but it is like a liar to twist a persons words that literally anyone can read for themselves.

Exactly, there were guidelines, of which none were enforced/upheld exactly as I stated in the original post.

It’s one thing to have rules it’s another entirely to enforce them. And Yshatar failed miserably at it.

You were Cassandra's mistake, as she invited you to join ISN! I'm not twisting anything, just a forewarning as to your tactics you employ won't work.
Well i hope you succeed where she failed...that's my wish for you. ^.^


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