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Has Someone Said Thank You To You Recently?

for sharing your knowledge, or for understanding yours or another's point of view. for appreciating someone or something special, unique or…

Started by Nexis NemesisLatest Reply

why I'm removing 'human' from my vocabulary

It's nearing the point of being a slur around here. And since almost all of us have noses, fingers and toes, who are we really insulting, w…

Started by OsiLatest Reply

Reptilean F.A.Q.

1. Are Reptileans evil...?Are humans evil? Each species consists of individuals, there are goodones and bad ones. Therefor it is not possib…

Started by Plejaren PyramidsLatest Reply

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Thoughts on Ascension, Densities and Embodiment.

The term ascension has been made popular trough the catholic church, or christianity, which in turn have adopted and revamped believes such…

Started by Jolan

74 1 hour ago
Reply by Osi

Intergalactic Racism - Replies Open Edition

Seemed a bit unfair to throw in a controversial grenade of a thread, and then shut people down from responding with their own opinions, so…

Started by Snowflake

5 4 hours ago
Reply by Cameron L Brockel

Spark the Creative Light of Your Multidimensional Being By Melanie Beckler...And...Gently and With Love, Honor Yourself By Shanta Gabriel...And...Christine's & The Pleaidians Message March 2018

Spark the Creative Light of Your Multidimensional Being By Melanie Beckler A Message from My Highest Divine Multidimensional Being Mel…

Started by Steve Hutchinson

0 13 hours ago

Shadow, Hope, Divinity, A Message Of Truth

When it comes to being honest, your feelings show your soul unbound. When it comes to being relied upon, your actions create the path you j…

Started by Nexis Nemesis

0 20 hours ago

Why Alien Life Would be our Doom - The Great Filter

Started by Jelly

0 yesterday

Intergalactic Racism

Racism against humans IS a massive problem. On a website indirectly claiming to be driven by ETs, humans are described to be viewed by many…

Started by Jagdolj Erminident

0 yesterday

How to feel your body movement and connect to your subconscious (Practice tutorial)

Recently I have found a simpler way to connect subconscious through body movement. If you ever feel like there is another you living inside…

Started by Jelly

12 yesterday
Reply by Jelly

The Diamond Age

Here we come, things are changing, spiritual people in Norway are meeting their soulmates, I can see from my point of view that things are…

Started by Daniel Rønjom

1 yesterday
Reply by Jedirealism 2.0

A Confession

I have found myself torn lately. Part of me wants to leave humanity to its own devices, to see how far it can go and see what it can discov…

Started by Belvedere

64 on Wednesday
Reply by Colby Carr

Diana Ross and Michael Jackson are the true leaders of this world <3

hi all all all. Hi all. Hello. I believe that Diana Ross and Michael Jackson will be the on-land leaders of this planet, while JESUS CHRIS…

Started by Daniel Rønjom

11 on Wednesday
Reply by Turquoise Water



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