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The Archons of Perception.

A archon is a thought form entity that rules over a sphere of creation it is assigned to protect. A demiurge is the creative power within a…

Started by Colin deanLatest Reply

Nostradamus Starseed Predictions? Plus...More

As I found a very good site listing all of his quatrains, in one of them he mentions some angelic realm of humans: "The human realm of An…

Started by Charles MillerLatest Reply

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Are elves real?

 I have always wondered if elves ever existed or still exist. I feel like I may have had a past life as one and with one as well but I am h…

Started by Courtney

73 Mar 12
Reply by Angelic Star Love

Have you seen/ believe in trolls, gnomes, fairies, etc?

What kind of elemental beings is part of the folklore in your country? Have you seen any of them, or do you know anyone who has? Have you h…

Started by Newingier

6 Mar 2
Reply by Kimberel Eventide

Anyone remember the Greek "gods"?

Anyone remember these guys???

Started by Aer Stargazer

16 Dec 6, 2017
Reply by Apollymi

What Type Of Dragon Do You Relate To?

What type of of Dragon are you? Which might you realate to? Have you seen one of these before? Do you any of your guides remind you of one…

Started by Chris / Cassiopaean Starseed

92 May 22, 2017
Reply by Trippy E.T

Draconian Bloodline

I spent a bit of time wondering, do draconian souls reincarnate in a single bloodline? I mean, I am a draconian and my partner is a draconi…

Started by Seraph

18 May 7, 2017
Reply by Dr. Amy R Queen

The Four Horsemen Of Apocalypse is about Nuclear War.

The Four Horsemen Of Apocalypse is about Nuclear War. This is a logical modern analysis of the ancient texts. People understood and des…

Started by Akanahe' eh yeDyahlaneeEssassani

0 Jul 19, 2016


Hey everyone! The other day my I was talking with my guides. I'm pretty adept at speaking to them when I need to, and normally one of them…

Started by Stella Matutina

7 Mar 28, 2016
Reply by Stella Matutina

does anyone knows anything about gnostics/gnosticism?

I don't really know how but today I got in contact for the first time with the concept of gnosticism... For years I have the word 'aeon' ec…

Started by Bia

2 Dec 1, 2015
Reply by Ishtar*Pneûma

Mermaids in Bermuda Triangle

During one of my Reiki sessions this week I received a message from a mermaid located in the Bermuda Triangle.  She told me I had once been…

Started by Roxsanne Phoenix

12 Dec 1, 2015
Reply by Roxsanne Phoenix

Reincarnation theory

Hey guys I'm wondering, just slightly, about reincarnation I've had past theories you can be taken out of your body for some time and anoth…

Started by Philip Lowe

12 Oct 3, 2015
Reply by Lianesence



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