Inupiaq food: A Barrow family describes how whale is prepared

For seventeen-year-old Michelle Kaleak, spring whaling season is her favorite time of year in Barrow. Sometimes she joins her family’s crew out on the sea ic...

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Comment by Dean on July 19, 2017 at 2:27pm

Interesting comments, the comments were more interesting than the vid :D
Meat is a survival food.. its not a thriving food. The bio photons in meat is practically not more than what the animal itself was at. For example the average person has round about 5000, the vegetarian has 5000-13000, the cooked vegan has 13000-21000, the raw vegan has 21000-44000 , raw organic vegan can range from 44000 to 144000.

So who cares what other people eat..its their choice :) The facts speak for themselves..doesn't matter what people eat in cold climates..they were not designed to be there anyway..we are a tropical species. We seem to have forgotten that along the way.

Comment by Nexis Nemesis on July 19, 2017 at 11:13am

I've been seeing this video in the trending topics of this site for about 3 - 5 days now and am going to talk about it.
Meat is something we need as an omnivore race of people who has evolved over millions of years from the cave man days to now. Believe what you will, but the truth is, animals have just as much choice as we do when it comes to their location.
Think about it from the animals perspective. Intelligence is key. Humans know if they are going in to the lions or wolves or bears den most of the time. We know not to cross an elephants path if one is angry, or get under a horses feet if one is scared. So likewise, we should also believe that other animals know when to interact with us, and when not to do so.
If all an animal knows is suffering, then we should change or alter this process so all they experience is peace. I think animals are smart, and perhaps they offer themselves up for the planet even if it means at the cost of their bravery, they will be tortured or die. Well torture is obviously the last thing on most peoples minds, but it happens. Some Japanese people for instance, eat whales. Just like some Vietnamese people eat cats and dogs. But to us, all animals are intelligent, so we frown upon such a process.
Vegetation however, is also aware of itself, even though it must remain in essence, a plant life. So it can't move in the ground. When ever trees are cut, they feel it. Plants grow better if you talk to them. Water has memory. Etc. No life should be more or less important than another no matter what form it embodies. But at the end of the day, and the start of our day, we ought to realize this planet is not ideal for all life to survive without feeding from or off of each other in some way.
If we all had a choice at once, we could effectively change this process. But we don't. Imagine if all the bodies of water suddenly just stopped flowing. They'd effectively commit suicide because yes, water can die. Just like if we stopped breathing because we didn't feel the need to kill one another for food. Plants as well rely on animals not to kill them, but some herbivores do this. Just like some carnivores do it. So we must minimize the sport of hunting for profit and maximize the killing sprees on a need to kill basis, as opposed to a desire to kill basis just for the fun of it. You're not going to be afraid of Isis for instance, if you know they can be stopped. So don't be afraid to speak your mind about what you know is right. Nothing is perfect here, and yes some of us may know of another planet which has developed an alternative method of survival. But for us right here, right now, we have each other. We need to respect each other more, think less, and just be happy.
No animal, plant, body of water, stone life form etc, will ever ask you when the time comes for them to be used and abused by us as human beings. So just keep this in mind the next time you criticize one particular life form for being in the lime light. We all will be at one point or another. It doesn't make it right certain torture houses are set up for this purpose, but if people need to eat, and a company or factory provides this service, it leaves little to the imagination as to what goes on to achieve it.
I'm sorry if my views offend you, because I'm not sorry I'm going to enjoy my meals because of who all made it happen.

Comment by Heart Lighter on July 19, 2017 at 1:43am

At one time over 50 percent of the population grew food on small farms. less than 10 percent of the population grows food for 7 billion people. one of the lowest paying jobs is the farm worker who also often can not afford fresh fruits and vegetables. to afford to be a vegetarian and get all the nutrients one normally needs at least a middle-class income or need acess to fertile land or local free food. if we want the world to eat vegitairian we will need to have more farmers again that can produce cheap food for those living in poverty.

Comment by 3771 on July 18, 2017 at 12:26pm

People were starving up north that's why they ate whales and still do, as for people eating them for luxury is wrong.

Comment by Tanner Lane on July 17, 2017 at 11:24pm
You speak as if you have THE right view of what is right and what is wrong, but huntimg amd eating whales was a tradition among native americans, a people that had a deep respect for all creatures, and agratitude towards the animals for providing them with food and clothing.



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