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A wide range of metaphysical and radionics disciplines all work with the same energy, know it by various names ... (orgone, odic force, reiki energy, prana, chi, etheric energy, bio energy, bio magnetic energy, huna energy, animal magnetism, soft electrons, mass free electricity, radiesthetic color, astral energy, 4th dimensional energy, emotional body energy, life force energy, and no doubt a bunch of other names I have never even heard of) ... and so far orgone matrix material has proven itself a to be a readily adaptable and highly functional conceptual approach for work in these areas. Orgonite, (by any name) both releases orgone energy when stimulated by other forms of energy, and has the capacity to change orgone from one state to another. It is especially suited to taking the energy from an unhealthy state into a healthy, balanced state, and/or adding a selected property to the orgone energy which it processes. This makes it useful in wide range of applications, from alternative health through to radionics and other traditional metaphysics.

Here’s a little about how Orgone Matrix Material works:

Orgonite is primarily made from metals chips (Copper, Brass, Aluminum curls & etc), polyester resin (fiberglass resin) and a quartz crystal.

These devices are not like the old orgone accumulators, which accumulate orgone, irrespective of it being negative or positive. Orgonite however, works continuously to transmute or process negative orgone/chi/qi or other energies into positive form only

Organic substances attract and hold Scalar / Orgone charge, while metallic substances tend to repel it. Basically, Orgonite pulls in the Bioenergy, and while the energy is inside the device, The metal particles and organic resin both push and pull on it in all directions at the same time. This puts friction on the energy. The friction is great enough at many small points within the matrix to cause the energy to shift upwards in spectrum to Aether, so that it temporarily ceases to exist as a part of the electromagnetic spectrum. When the energy comes back out of the device, it collapses back into an organized, defined state and comes into existence as bioenergy / magnetism.

Quantum physicists have discovered that subatomic particles pop in and out of existence as they shift state back and forth between the states of matter and Aether. The same effects take place with waved energies in the electromagnetic spectrum. Different forms of energy appear and disappear as they shift in spectrum back and forth between Aether and lower spectral forms of energy. In the case of a TB, because of the density, when the bioenergy appears again, it has lost the radionic data it was carrying, the wave patterns it was carrying. Those wave patterns are a large part of what makes the bioenergy “healthy” or “unhealthy” for you and other life forms. This same Aetheric flux within the Orgonite has the effect not only of changing Bioenergy from one form to another, but also the property of ‘generating’ Bioenergy when stimulated by other kinds of energy... like light, sound, physical motion, or electricity.

Orgonite can change DOR (harmful Bioenergy) to OR (Healthy Bioenergy). When energy percolates through the matrix, it is in effect reduced to its component polarities. It is then recombined and emitted. The act of being broken down into its positive and negative charges and recombined has the effect of restoring the orgone to a ‘base’ state. Unless a specific wave pattern is impressed on it within the device, it comes out of the Orgone Matrix Material as more or less undifferentiated Bioenergy. When the energy exits the material, the conditions which 'force' it to exist in an undefined state no longer exist, and so it collapses back into a defined state, and is 'colored' (impressed with a Bioenergy wave pattern) to varying degree by the exact composition of the matrix material.

Many devices which employ Orgonite Matrix Material function as Bioenergy Generators, But Orgonite does not actually generate Bioenergy, in the truest sense of the word. Orgonite, when excited with other forms of energy, both converts a portion of the energy used to excite it into bioenergy, and draws additional energy from the Aether, and releases it as Bioenergy. Having understood this, for practical intents and purposes, it can be said that Orgonite 'Generates Orgone’ on demand when excited by scalar waves, magnetic fields, heat, sound, light, electrical energy, kinetic energy, and bioenergy.


There are many variations on the basic concept of suspending the metal within the organic element (as opposed to using thin layers of organic and metallic substances like in an orgone accumulator), and many other substances which can be added to the mixture to make it more potent, or to specialize it for different applications. Most of the people producing orgonite wind up developing their own exact recipes. At the end of the day, the basic, fundamental ingredients of orgonite are metal particles,quartz crystal and an organic medium to suspend them in, usually resin.

Orgone Accumulator



Cell Tower




cloudbuster,cb,don croft


Properties of Orgone -Energy

Orgone energy, the creative force in nature, is not a form of electromagnetism nor of matter but is fundamental to both. It is the specific life energy, but life is only one particular manifestation of it. Our knowledge about it is partial and fragmentary in major respects, and is no doubt in some measure erroneous. Nevertheless, a clear and consistent picture of what orgone energy is and how it functions arises from Reich's work. The following ten properties of orgone energy were deduced by Reich.

1. It is mass free. Orgone energy itself has no inertia or weight; i. e., it is mass free. This is one of the reasons it is difficult to measure using conventional techniques. Mass is, however, intimately dependent on the characteristics of the mass-free orgone energy field with which all matter is surrounded. Measurements of weight or inertia reflect the characteristics of this field as well as of the object contained in it.

2. It is present everywhere. Orgone energy fills all space. It is present in differing degrees or concentrations (or "charges") but is nowhere absent. It is present in vacua, whether within the atmosphere or in outer space. It is in this respect like the ether of pre-20th century physics.

3. It is the medium for electromagnetic and gravitational phenomena. Again, like the ether., orgone energy is the substratum of the most fundamental natural phenomena. It is the medium in which light moves and electromagnetic and gravitational fields exert force. One of the major tasks of orgonomy is to integrate our knowledge of orgone energy with the facts about those phenomena known to orthodox physics.

4. It is in constant motion. The continual motion of orgone energy can be observed under appropriate conditions. There are at least two characteristic types of motion, a pulsation or alternating expansion and contraction, and a flow, normally along a curving path.

5. It "contradicts" the law of entropy. Orgone energy is attracted to concentrations of orgone energy. Unlike heat or electricity, which always show a direction from higher to lower potential, orgone energy flows from lower orgonotic potential to higher. In a thermal system in which outside energy is neither added nor subtracted, heat is lost by hot objects or materials and absorbed by cool until everything within the system is the same temperature. "Entropy increases" as the heat is distributed more and more uniformly. Heat, after all, leaves the sun and goes out into space; it does not collect from space and flow into the sun. In the same way, a heater radiates heat into the room; heat does not flow from the room into the heater. These processes are in accordance with the law of entropy. Orgonotic processes work in the opposite direction. High concentrations of orgone energy attract orgone energy from their less-concentrated surroundings. "Entropy decreases" as orgone energy is distributed more and more unevenly.

It would be a mistake to think that the flow of orgone energy from lower to higher potential is only the reverse of the law of entropy or to try to represent these processes by thermodynamic equations by reversing the sign of the time parameter. Non-entropic orgonotic processes do not run their course mechanically; they are qualitatively entirely different from entropic processes. They are, in fact, the processes responsible for the growth of living things, for the process of learning, and for the evolution from simple to complex species. In non-living nature they are responsible for the growth of clouds and storms within the atmosphere, and on a cosmic scale, for the growth of galaxies and the stars within them. This leads into the next property of orgone energy.

6. It forms units which are the foci of creative activity, Orgone energy units may be living or
non-living; e. g.

bion cloud
cell storm
plant planet
animal star

All of these orgone energy units have features in common. All are "negatively entropic" in the sense discussed above, so that they acquire energy from their environment. All have a "life cycle" as well, passing through birth, growth, maturity, and decline.

7. Matter is created from it. Under appropriate conditions, matter arises from mass-free orgone energy. These conditions are not rare or unusual, and Reich believed that new matter is continuously being created on this planet.

8. It is responsible for life. Orgone energy is the life energy, and as such is responsible for the special characteristics which differentiate living from non-living. This can be expressed in this way: Some orgone energy units develop the special qualities associated with life, which is a kind of chain reaction of the creative process. The qualities which seem to me to typify living as opposed to non-living orgonotic units are:

a. Reproduction of similar units from one or two parents

b. Evolution of the units in the direction of higher development

C. Presence of consciousness, the ability to experience feeling,
at least to some extent, and to perceive the environment

d. Presence of volition, the ability of an individual to control its own movement

The first two properties appear to apply to all living things. The last, as far as we know, apply only to
animal life.

Much more could be said about orgone energy and life since this subject has been studied most fully. For purposes of this synoptic view the above will suffice, however, with the note that Reich has greatly elaborated the role of orgone energy in the phenomena of life.

9. Separate streams of orgone energy may be attracted to each other and superimpose. The superimposition function is the fundamental form of the creative process. In free space, superimposing orgone energy streams typically show the form of two streams of energy converging in a spiral. This form is most clearly seen in spiral galaxies, and also in the form of hurricanes and other cyclonic storms. At the opposite end of the scale of sizes, mass particles are created by superimposition of two tiny streams of energy. The same process occurs in living organisms, the form then being constrained, of course, by the structure of the individual involved. Mating is a principal expression of the superimposition function in living nature; two separate streams of energy flow together and superimpose during the orgasm. The power and depth of feeling in mating reflects the intensity of the orgone energy flow that takes place.

10. It can be manipulated and controlled by orgone energy devices. Perhaps the first orgone energy device was the "bacquet" of Mesmer, a crude but apparently effective form of orgone energy accumulator. Reich developed several devices for the control of orgone energy. The best known of these is the orgone energy accumulator. The accumulator is an enclosure formed by a layered arrangement of metallic and non-metallic materials which result in a concentration of energy within the enclosure. Of equal significance is Reich's weather control apparatus, a type of directional antenna that makes it possible to withdraw large amounts of orgone energy from a region of the atmosphere. Used properly, this apparatus can trigger large changes in the weather.




orgonite orgone orgonite orgone

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Comment by Wayne Thomas on March 14, 2013 at 10:45am

Trey, thanks for the detailed info. I'm wondering where you got your designs from for constructing "orgone generators"? Wilhelm Reich's 'Orgone Accumulator Handbook' specifically states that the following materials should be avoided and are life-force negating; aluminum, copper, any type of toxic resin product. It also advises avoiding pyramidal shapes. The materials he indicates are well suited to the construction of an orgone accumulators are; ferrous metals such as steel or iron, acrylic-type plastics, fiberglass, beeswax, sheep's wool, to name a few. I'm really interested in your designs, but I'm trying to reconcile your designs with Reich's recommendations. Thanks for any light you can shed!

Comment by Gayatri Starlight on September 30, 2011 at 12:09pm

Thank you kindly for sharing this information.  It's amazing how simple it seems to make.  I have a strong nudge to play and create.  I have crystals that need to more onward and this is perfect for their transformation.  Hooray!  Meanwhile, I'd be interested in having you make me a piece and maybe someday I can offer you one.  I'm definitely going to check this out.  Grateful!

Comment by raphiel on September 16, 2011 at 11:44pm

Great info. saving and putting on my usb. too good to be true. I have orgonite and its amazing. It has changed my life

Comment by Starbrother Rhammah on June 17, 2011 at 9:54pm
Yes brother I am aware of orgone... I have some orgone myself... I was interested in a charging plate for my crystals and stones...
Comment by Todd Darimont-kaana' ki'in yaah on May 27, 2011 at 3:18am
Wow.. I think I felt my brain GROW!  Great information.. I'm faving this for reference..
Comment by Rev Dr Anne Frances Rose on April 1, 2010 at 12:04pm
AWESOME love the lesson. thanks a ton.................


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