I have often wondered why the Annunaki/Anunnaki were said to have created man as a slave race, where did this notion come from? and why does everyone swear by it? personally I have always held the belief that if the masses of any group believe something, always believe the opposite and there you will find truth, it has paid off so far because I have through synchronicity and events in my life seen how true that is. The fact that some alien race came down to Earth and created humans as a slave race didn't sit well with me and seemed very much like religious propaganda, for one because that's technically racism and judgment of an entire race of beings, which is not exactly spiritually evolved thinking. Ironically I started reading Genesis Of The Grail Kings at the same time that I started having these thoughts and questioning the 'official' story of Zechariah Stichin. There is a part in Genesis (or Gen Isis) of the Grail Kings that beautifully proves that we were not in fact created as a slave race.

On page 102 of Genesis Of  The Grail Kings it states that the Sumerians who emerged from Nin-Kursags work 'believed' that their main purpose in life was to serve the Anunnaki by providing them with food, drink, and habitation. In return, they were educated, trained in social skills, and academic affairs, and the products of this training are abundantly clear from their writings. They abhorred evil, falsehood, lawlessness and injustice, but they cherished goodness, truth, law and order and freedom within a well regulated society. 

That too me sounds like trade, the way society SHOULD be. service for service. Granted not all Anunnaki were privy to teaching humans anything as was the case with Enlil, however Enki and others delighted in teaching humanity everything. Had the Anunnaki created humanity as a slave race they would of not bothered with teaching humans anything at all and its obvious man learned what they knew from greater beings or else we would not have advanced as quickly as we did. Furthermore GKGs explains that the Anunnaki themselves worked as well....

It is further related that Enki then turned his attention to the pickaxe and the brick-mould, laying foundations and building houses.

If the Ancient Gods (Anunnaki) have slaves why then are they themselves working as well? It is well known that there has been a long time cover up of extraterrestrials and attack of anything to do with extraterrestrials, including fanatic dogma aimed at discrediting anything that does not conform with the teachings of religious institutions and separatist thinking. It has happened to Jesus, The Templar's, Mary Magdalene and the divine feminine as a whole, even modern day heroes such as Michael Jackson. Why then would it not happen to our extraterrestrial ancestors and teachers? Also, there were humans on the planet before this whole creation began. Before the Anunnaki began in their own way perfecting the human stock, the genetic experiments had to come from somewhere, it was with the daughters of man that the genetic experiments began, therefor, humanity wasn't created by these beings, they were perfected by them.

Further more on page 101 it states that the fundamental difference between the Sumerian records and the Genesis version of the creation of modern humankind was that the new men and women did not emerge in ready-made adult form. They were scientifically induced, with human ova fertilized by the Anunnaki, to be placed as cultured embryos in to the wombs of surrogate mothers. As a result, they were born quite naturally as babies:

Nin-Khursag, being uniquely great,
Makes the womb contract.
Nin-Khursag, being a great mother,
Sets the birth-giving going.

This can be further proven through ancient paintings of Adam and Eve, if they as it states in the bible were created as adults, why then do they have belly buttons in paintings? such a simple thing yet, of great significance.

Public Domain Image: Adam and Eva (Adam and Eve, alternatively referred to as The Fall of Man)oil on canvas painting (1628-29) by Flemish Baroque painter Peter Paul Rubens, dimensions 237 cm x 184 cm (93.31 in x 72.44 in), located at Museo del Prado, Madrid, Spain.

Humans were created yes, to help with the Earth on one end but also as an advanced race who would mirror the Gods. Much like couples have children today because they wish to have an extension of themselves.

Genesis 1:26 The Message (MSG) 26-28 
God spoke: "Let us make human beings in our image, 
make them reflecting our nature
   So they can be responsible for the fish in the sea,
      the birds in the air, the cattle,
   And, yes, Earth itself,
      and every animal that moves on the face of Earth."
   God created human beings;
      he created them godlike,
   Reflecting God's nature.
      He created them male and female.
   God blessed them:
      "Prosper! Reproduce! Fill Earth! Take charge!
   Be responsible for fish in the sea and birds in the air,
      for every living thing that moves on the face of Earth."

The instruction came firstly from Dragon Queen Tiamat, the primeval mother of the Anunnaki, who said to Enki, 'O my son, rise from your bed... Work what is wise. Fashion servants of the Gods, [and] may they produce their doubles'. To this, Enki replied. 

O my mother, the creature whose name you uttered, it
exists. Bind upon it the image of the gods... Nin-mah 
[Nin-khursag] will work above you... [she] will stand 
by you at your fashioning. O my mother, decree upon 
its fate; Nin-mah will bind upon it in the mould of the 
gods. It is man.

The Anunnaki had no time to waste after the flood waters had subsided; the once fertile land had become a bed of clay and the whole environment had been destroyed. The records tell of how the first priority was to make the ground habitable again, and to restore the rich eden of the delta country. The grain crops had to be reinstated, along with the cattle and sheep herds which were given the priority of the 'creation chamber'. According to one ancient tablet (pieced together from seventeen fragments), the matters of farming and agriculture were placed in the hands of Ashnan and her brother Lahar. These junior Anunnaki, who were themselves products of the 'creation chamber', were given the task of preparing the ground, and of farming grain and cattle respectively, with the sheep appearing to be a joint responsibility. However, the task was too great for the Anunnaki alone and labour assistance was urgently required. Consequently it is explained that humans were reintroduced at an early stage, and the Tablet Of Ashnan and Lahar details that 'for the sake of the good things in their pure sheepfolds, man was given breath' 

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