I recently have come upon an article posted by a ISN staff member "love is our greatest power not fear". It has come too my attention that some people don't understand how a flower grows. Sometimes we all forget. So here is a reminder on how too grow a flower. A seed cannot blossom from hate,fear,or neglect. A seed must love learn too love its self and others. And through love,attention,and support. Eventually the flower will blossom. There is no quick way too grow a plant. And every plant no matter if its a flower or a seed. A cucumber or a lilac. Is beautiful,important,and special yet being equal too all other plants in Gia's garden. Some plants were planted here though they are not from earth. It is there mission too help seeds come out of the dirt. So they can see the light. And become the flower they were always ment too be. But do not be fooled even the tallest flower can always grow more.

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