One of the most important aspects of psi/psychic function is something that I have personally discovered to be VITAL KNOWLEDGE for any true aspirant, but is somehow NOT discussed in virtually ANY of the vast literature and research into the subject.

When you mention the word psychic, immediately one gets the arbitrary cognitive association of "The Third Eye" (6th energy center/chakra - Indigo/Violet Ray), but this omits the other 2 centers that are critical to the BALANCED, SUSTAINABLE AND SAFE use of psychic ability.

The other 2 are the Heart Mind/Brain (4th energy center/chakra - Green/Pink Ray) and the Gut Mind/Brain (2nd energy center/chakra - Orange Ray).

For the sake of brevity, I am only going to be covering basics here, but this information will provide myriad benefit, if understood and properly applied.

While it is true that "awakening" the Third Eye is a gateway to higher function, when used alone, it tends to create a bias toward somewhat dry scientific logic, which unfortunately, does not include the much needed perspective of emotional intelligence and instinctual intuition.

The Heart "Brain", from the physiological perspective, is part of the physical heart's intrinsic, self-sustained electrical system (The same system that maintains heartbeat autonomously from the rest of the central nervous system). Non-physically, the energy center is next to the physical heart, but directly in line with the spine, about 3/4"-1" in front of the spinal column. This "Brain" directs/controls emotional intelligence.

The Gut "Brain", from the physiological perspective, is a nerve bundle that is approximately 1"-2" below the naval, and once again, about 3/4"-1" in front of the spinal column (below/behind the stomach). The non-physical energy center is in the same location. This center directs/controls survival/intuitive instinct.

If you are seeking psychic empowerment and you do not incorporate all three of these centers, it will eventually create an evolutionary imbalance. Furthermore, while I won't delve into this here, energy centers 1, 3, 5 and 7 must also be properly activated and balanced, as they operate as a single, unified whole. There are 2 primary factors - the rotational spin rate of each/all energy centers and the harmonic balance between all seven. Balance is FAR more important than spin rate. This and specific techniques for achieving this will be discussed in later posts.

For now, in summary:

Third Eye - 6th energy center/chakra - Indigo/Violet Ray = psychic logic function

Heart Mind - 4th energy center/chakra - Green/Pink Ray = empathy/emotional intelligence

Gut Mind - 2nd energy center/chakra - Orange Ray = survival instinct/deep intuition

As with all of my work, I will gladly respond to all SERIOUS inquiries, via comment, private message or direct phone contact (for those who are uncertain or prefer anonymity).

I love you ALL.
These powers are of a Divine Source, and are your Spiritual Inheritance - not heretical, anathemic or "evil", as certain individuals/groups who consider themselves "elite", who have a deep, vested interestin suppressing and squelching this wisdom.

Intention alone creates evil.
These abilities and their refinement will be the key to our Eternal freedom and the means by which we will discover and defeat our oppressors, who DO NOT want us to discover our own power, because a psychic society is a society without secrets, and their iron-fisted rule will be dissolved without the ability to engage in lies, deceit, misinformation and the restriction of certain knowledge to those deemed "special" or "worthy".

We are ALL part of The Infinite Absolute.
We are ALL worthy.
We are ALL ONE.

Welcome to the Golden Era.

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