This article has nothing to do with the Conference that is being called Three Days of Light. This article is about the REAL THREE DAYS OF LIGHT.
Beginning in 2017, after the three days of light have completed, there will be a mass appearance (not landing) of our original creation races including the Maharaji, the Sirius B Eieyani , the Serres and the Azurites. We will meet the ZionA's who are the mermaids and fairies who become elemental liquid light in order to transform our bodies. We will meet the Wizards who planned this entire Crystal River Plan to remove us from this matrix of illusions. We will meet our Cosmic Dolphin Families from the seventh sun, and thousands of other families.
The reason that the Blue Maharaji will appear first is because they look the most like us, and that is just how our consciousness works. We always perceive the things that are the closest to our background knowledge of understanding. So, we are talking about the masses. I've already seen my Brother from Sirius B, my Dolphin Family from the seventh sun, mermaids and fairies from Aquafaria, and our Celestial Family from Gaia. I have also met with our fabulous friends whom we could not had completed this mission without- the Ranthions and the Zionites. They are most brilliant of all beings in the entire omniverse. They are the ones who made the inter-time dimensional switches happen for us, and the ones who brought back our blue prints from long ago, so that this project could begin.
On January-February, 2014 there will be a field of cosmic light stardust beaming around and through the Earth in a way that SATURATES her with a new Consciousness. The Consciousness is the Ultra Violet Blue Thermal Radiation that creates a mirror field. The body moves into the full spectrum of light first. That full spectrum of light is contained within any Sun or Star because it is always the perfect reflection of the complete Source Template. Once the bodies - the body of Earth moves into the white light there is a prism effect that causes the body to turn around and come back out in a Blue Field. That is the Ultra Violet Blue Effect. There will be blue clouds lined with sparkling stardust lining the atmosphere. That blue stardust will begin raining down onto the Earth between September 2013 and February 2014 to make sure everyone is saturated with the Blue Sphere of fifth dimensional consciousness.
That wave of Positrons being emmited from the Sun recently, and the sighting of new Stars being born that are wrapped in a garment of blue light are proof that this event of our transformation has begun.
So, when are the THREE DAYS OF LIGHT, or what some have called the TWELVE DAYS OF LIGHT. Those numbers are deceptive because the light that will align us in perfect harmony with Tara and Gaia, which will morph consciousness into the fifth dimension, or the spiritual transformation, actually lasts from May 5th -June 30, 2017.
However, the flow of the full spectrum of light has already begun, and we can morph into the Blue Spiritual body completely by the end of 2013, if we know how. It is done through Frequencies.
The Frequencies that I've recorded on the Album Ultra Violet Blue Sun, the Ascension Kit, the Individual Eternal Life Albums each contain parts of these frequencies that are needed for complete transformation.
It is also important to understand where these frequencies are coming from when I channel them through my breath. That is the reason for the meditations. All of the meditations are focusing on the entire process of transforming the body into the spiritual body.
The Eternal Divine Frequency of Source comes from the Void field outside of the Cosmos. This Source Field of Creation is absorbed into the Seven Suns of the Primary Sound Field that enters into the Cosmos. These Seven Suns are held within and connected through the EIGHTH SUN- THE ULTRA VIOLET BLUE SUN- SUN ALCYONE. The miracle of Sun Alcyone bringing the complete Frequencies of the entire COSMAYA has ignited our rebirth. That was the completion of the fourth phase of activations that have placed us within the ETERNAL LIFE REALITY.

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