The Vibration of Truth/Universal Recognition

The truth, to most, is a subjective thing that is largely (for some, completely) based on a combination of indoctrination, enculturation, racial/genetic memory and personal preference. But behind all of this is a non-subjective, all-encompassing, unifying form of Truth (capitalized) that I call "Absoluta". It is, in essence and in reality, the inviolable fact(s) that are both Universally and Spiritually discernable and recognizable to ALL beings as axiomatic Spiritual Law.

But we currently live in a World where Absoluta has been replaced by a synthetic and intentionally deceptive form of "truth", that is nothing but a phantom/shadow trying to veil Absoluta. For the last 20 centuries or so, this has been a widely and wildly successful campaign, perpetrated on a COMPLETELY unsuspecting populous who are now at the mercy (temporarily) of a mere handful of self-serving entities that know "The Big Secret", and instead of liberating their fellow beings by sharing this knowledge, are directly controlling and manipulating all of the rest by using Divine Law as a weapon against those who they consider "inferior".

Everyone reading this is intelligent enough to understand how unfortunate, and at this point, downright dangerous to the long-term success and survival of the Human race this is.

They are willing to risk destroying EVERYTHING in order to retain this fickle, fleeting control. And if we, as a unified whole, do not actively put an end to this criminal insanity, we WILL be either their slaves or their victims. THIS IS A HARD FACT.

But how? How does one combat an unseen foe? How can we even tell who is on which side? Is there even a means to fight it/them?

YES, there is. And it involves the use and refinement of abilities that sadly, are present in ALL Humans, but have been stifled by disbelief, disuse, dogma, misinformation, subterfuge, electromagnetic frequency interference, microchips, chemical intervention via food, water, atmospheric poisoning, etc..
And ALL of this is being INFLICTED on the Human race at this time, by beings who are (voluntarily) far removed from the Spiritual whole, or so they think, by an elitist mindset and what they feel is their OWN EXCLUSIVE, PERSONAL DIVINE RIGHT. Centuries ago, their ancestors did the exact same thing. They stumbled across the power that TRUE Spirituality holds, but did not explore the absolutely most important and balancing aspect, which is that ALL are ONE with The Infinite Absolute. There is no higher, lower or exclusivity.
There is GOD.
That is ALL.

Nothing is separate. All is God (Source). God is pure, undiluted (and in our present state, incomprehensible) LOVE. Love does not seek to dominate, subjugate or divide. It unifies, multiplies and is fully self-luminous and effulgent.

Power without wisdom contains the seeds of it's own destruction. Wisdom without Love is not Wisdom at all, but megalomania in disguise. And in this framework of illusion and madness dwell most if our so-called "leaders". And sadly, many of these beings ate beginning to see this fact, but they are afraid of reprisal, ostracism or being killed outright for trying to get out of the Totalitarian system that is currently manipulating Human affairs.

One of the most asked and logical questions behind all of this is:
If God is real and in control, how is this happening?

It is happening in order to create what I call "evolutionary pressure". The Global situation will continue to deteriorate, so long as we remain passive and allow dictatorial beings lead us. And I assure you, some of them WILL NOT give up the reigns of power without being forced. They are insane enough to believe that they can conquer the Will of The Divine, and have spent centuries/millenia/generations in coordinating this (terminal) plan. They are so self-immersed that they can not see that even they are serving the plan also, but at GREAT personal cost, even risking the PERMANENT Spiritual dissolution of personality (Spirit Death). So for them, rhe stakes are even higher than the potential loss of physical life, both personal and collective. But despite all of this, God still allows us the ability to voluntarily choose our own evolutionary path and "permits" this as a means to re-direct us toward the state of Spiritual Unity, with the Itself and each other, which is, for all intents and purposes, is already ONE thing.

Those who are familiar with my work know that I have been trying to teach psychic function to those who are ready.
This is the key to accessing Intelligent Infinity, which includes Spiritual discernment (which is how we will ferret out the dark ones), as well as all of the personal and collective abilities we will need access to in order to disempower and dethrone our oppressors.

I have written several articles about psychic function, so I won't re-state any of it it here. But know that it is not only real, but a necessary and beneficial survival mechanism.
Plus it's fun.
Synchronicity, anyone?

Absoluta is apparent to the awakened Human. What I am calling "psychic function" is the key to understanding and communion with The Infinite Absolute. It is the gateway to Intelligent Infinity (The Mind of God). It is the key to the prison we all inhabit, knowingly or unknowingly.

So fear nothing. You hold all of the keys already...now it's merely a matter of remembering where we left them.

Seek, learn, but NEVER forget to LOVE.
You are designed for absolute success.
You will succeed, but not if you are afraid to try. Absoluta does not contain doubt, fear or hatred.

No schism, no dichotomy, no separation.

Only YOU.
Only ME.
Only GOD.


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Comment by Atylmo on February 11, 2018 at 8:54pm

very interesting i know there is an evil force on this planet that loves controll


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