The Ripples Under the Surface or Who Makes the Grass Green?

On any surface things naturally become apparent. Even the manifestation of that which may be hidden under the surface can become apparent in it’s own subtle way, according to it’s nature. How much of any given nature of an object(s) is truly apparent? How does one discern between truth and fiction? Truth in a lot of ways is always accepted on Faith, one reasons that it is acceptable to hold Faith in any given truth that is under scrutiny. Faith is such a deeply rooted affection. Most if not all of existence is practically accepted on Faith alone. Or what some might deem as Belief. For is it not true that one must have Faith if they are to Believe? For what is Belief without it’s foundation of unshakeable Faith.

And here enters Cognitive Dissonance. The sleeping dragon in all of us, it wears us down to a state of none apprehension. For something so surely comprehended and believed will in time rule and sway all perception of the world around us. The Beliefs that one holds is what gives one any seeming truth in this world. Belief is what turns the Constant Subjective into an Objective Fact. In a trance like state, as we weave through the corridors of reality, we bridge the gap between our truth and anothers. But who decides which is right, and which is illusion?

Well, the one perceiving of course, or at least I hope so, for my own sanity. The grass that comprises my neighbors lawn is green because I make it so, right? Or, my neighbor made it green through their very own hard work and diligence. If it’s the latter than my neighbor has created my reality for me, my neighbor has made the grass green, not me. This won’t do. So it becomes paramount to recognize what has been “made green” for us through anothers perception or finished work, and what we in fact ourselves have “made green”. This is why one does not become a Buddha by reading works on Buddhism and emulating the Buddha in his essence. One becomes a Buddha by bringing forth their own unique brilliance, by illuminating their personal darkness with their individual insipid light from within. And, the same goes for Christ Consciousness, one does not emulate Christ to find enlightenment. One must do the work themselves, understanding the way that Christ would react to any given situation and applying that concept yourself does not make one “Christ Like”. Only by finding the sacred and divine center within one’s self can a searcher begin to fully comprehend Christ Consciousness and make their actions true and natural.

It is always the individuals responsibility to give form and substance to their worldview and their actions therein. Those who find solace from within, and thus experience solace from without as well, have all tread the solitudal and razor-edged path of the Dark Night. All have taken the heroes journey into annihilation and oblivion, and only after this total acceptance of the Void and it’s consequent journey, can the hero return to claim their true and personal existence. Through trial and fire they have emerged newly reborn and transcended, and essentially through due diligence and perseverance and through making mistakes and taking responsibility for them. Here is where the Microcosm must reflect the Macrocosm. Here is where the grand and divine tales of gods and demi-gods become personal and unique to us.

Being human is not a necessarily easy task, regardless of ones circumstances that they are fatefully born into, one begins to realize that in the end it is not the material gain and carnal pleasures that make up a righteous and fulfilling existence, in fact one realizes that pure existence is really quite contrary to the corporeal pleasures of the flesh and our overabundenced minds that have been completely filled to the brim with bits and pieces of an uploaded and fast paced reality, and with all the formal conditioning that permeates our waking lives.

It seems important though to recognize all of existence and it’s many different experiences. And it often seems as though many of life’s experiences come along with a price, or because one was inflicted with one part of life than another procession naturally follows. As is the case with dualistic outlooks. Like the idea that one cannot experience life’s joys if they have not yet experienced the inverted side of the coin, namely sorrow. Or vice versa.

Yet as beings, are we truly at the extreme and poignant mercy of the implications that follow from these “two-sided” experiences? Do we not have the imagination to see that words are extremely ambiguous at times and can have varying degrees of symbolic meaning? What becomes difficult about this idea is that we have been conditioned (in this case through language) to accept that the idea of duality is a self-evident truth. In school we are taught that words always have their opposite and they always have a very explicit definition, And yet in the real world words tend to take on a life and a power of their own, and therefore a consciousness all their own.

Language and Consciousness:
Oh thoughts! So interesting and sometimes divine. Sometimes sorry and sappy. But these things are not necessarily opposite sides of the same life experience. They are more like varying degrees of a totality that is one’s personal existence, and experience. The sorry and the sappy don’t necessarily have to color the interesting and divine with “darker” and more “ominous” shades of life. They could be looked upon as a part of the great mystery of existence and why we feel at all, why we care at all.

Words tend to take on a power of their own. And the effect that is manifested by the use of words tends to have a variance in strength depending on whether it is the written word or the spoken word, and even on a more subtle level, when words play into the subliminal meaning and interpretations of symbolism. For it seems as though symbols once internalized by an individual must be comprehended through some form of objectification. There is no better example of objectified language than the written word. For we physically write and therefore create and bring to life the words we put down. Like mathematics they have a symbolic form with decided upon and self-evident meaning. But to some degree this is where words and numbers differ. To a mind that has been taught arithmetic, and has been conditioned to know that 4 means 4, there is no ambiguity behind the notation of the symbol (4). It has a universal meaning. Yet words can be used (especially in the English language) with varying degrees of severity and with very subjective results when surveyed from individual to individual.

Yet in the end certain words carry heavy significance and one cannot really escape the power of certain words. Yet our words always seem to be a reflection of our thoughts, we use words to express are thoughts, which in their very nature tend to be inexpressible and extremely abstract when they are stripped down to their foundations. Thus is the realm of the divine poet personified in their ability to bring down the divine language of expression, for a true poet will make the act seem effortless and easy, but this is not so. Expression through the written and spoken word is a powerful tool and those that learn to harness it can change the world for good or for ill. Language is the divine expression, writing it’s noble art. Language in itself is a razor-edged path that must be navigated with conscious care. But we as humans have the ability to teach ourselves to use these gifts with tempered care, for the words we use to express ourselves become our very reality, but they are merely the extension of thought, and that is where it all begins; that is where the seeds we sow first begin to germinate. The thoughts begin to dictate our reality and language begins to materialize our thoughts into our corporeal surroundings.

So therefore, I appreciate you and I’m glad you are here. Don’t forget to be excellent to each other and give words of encouragement and compassion. It’s not difficult to say something kind, and who knows you might just make someone’s life a whole lot better. Blessed Be.

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