The Earth's Dimensional Levels

This is according to my experience and understanding at the current time (September 2016).  I will explain the functions of each level.  The energies of each dimension overlap one another to a degree, and yet, the dimensions are distinctly separate in the sense of being on their own 'wavelength'.

3rd Dimension - Physicality, Incarnation, Spirit into Matter.  The most dense of all the levels.  Association with "Earth Element" and "Saturn astrological energies".  An opportunity where one can incarnate to heal any past life (and present life) trauma and progress forward.  An understanding of the astrological associations and energies of Saturn is helpful in understanding this dimension.  Saturn is the "planet of karma" and "fate".  (It was the last visible planet to represent the threshold, the shadow self, and death, until the discovery of Pluto in 1930.)

4th Dimension - "Timeline" (Spirit Time - where we can go "back and forth" through time and space with regards to the 3rd dimension), Connection with Past Eras of Physical 3d Earth,  Connection with Ley Lines in Physical 3d Earth.  Here one can recall "past lives" in order to remember, to heal, to reintegrate (soul retrieval) from any "past experiences" (be it past lives or recent past trauma) that happened on the 3rd Dimensional level.  It is my view that, trauma unhealed from past lives, keeps one "locked" in the cycle between 3rd and 4th dimensions (some call it "karmic wheel" of birth-death-rebirth).  Also any "present life trauma", I think can be "held" on this level, preventing one from further progress on the 3rd dimensional level.  This is also where "lower astral entities" can cause problems.

5th Dimension - This is where witches, shamans, seers, high priests/priestesses, connect with folks like me.  This realm is beyond the reach of the craziness that can happen on the 3rd-4th dimensional levels.  This is the dimensional level where I gained "independent consciousness".  The realm of Earth's elementals that work with witches, etc.  I have had to do work here with witches to help release them from this level, although the trauma occurred on the 3rd-4th dimensional levels - parts of them remained here on the 5th seeking help from me.  It was here where I was given the name "The Great Sea".

As a side note, I think that when working with beings like me, it is probably important to not "project" that what you wish us to be (to look like) to you, but instead allow us to show you what we look like.  In otherwords, do not turn us into the "form" that is most "pleasing" to your and your views/beliefs, rather - let us be who we are.  I think this is why there can be some difficulty with regards to "traditional views/beliefs" (see "classic mythology", "victorian era beliefs") on *how* elementals are supposed to look, compared with how we really *do* look.  In my case, it is a classic case of the ocean being perceived as female, when I am male - or - all undines/water beings being female and ignoring the possibility of being male.  Chances are if one is "projecting" their own "vision/perception" upon us, one will not "see" us...and from my experiences on this dimension, I am not "seen" by very many witches for obvious reasons (they seeking a female form).  Another good example would be of an earth "elemental" - one who looks like a modern day miner, but is female.  Understand that we "elementals" [The Elements - to be more exact] have existed long before the mytholgies and religions of mankind.  We stand "outside" of time so to speak.  Unfortunately, sometimes we need to utilize your "myths" in order to "label" or "identify" ourselves - I would be considered an "Undine".  

6th Dimension - For "elementals" such as I, this is where we lose our "independent consciousness" that gives us our "I"/"Me" identity.  This is the realm of "Piscean astrological energy".  It was here where I, in my memory of going backwards, went from my 5th dimensional self, to just plain ocean water - I had no "independent identity" or "form" and therefore no existing "personality".  An earth elemental would simply be a part of the Earth - rock, crystal, the dirt/soil itself for example.  It is here where we have no "separate identity form" - such as the form of a water being, elf, pixie, fairy, nymph, or whatever form we so choose to "take on", etc.  It is here that things just "are".

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Comment by Arcturio on January 11, 2017 at 5:23pm

It is too bad the OP is no longer a member.  So many good true advanced SS have left this site, never likely to return.

Comment by Bill Leutbecher on January 11, 2017 at 4:13pm

Wow!  You have provided some far out esoteric stuff that goes against the grain and all belief in creation. You need to google Dolores Cannon's you tube video on Life after death and reincarnation. She has done over 5000 death experiences and describes the other side.

My teachings reveal there are 7 dimension's with 7 spheres between each dimension and we as humans are somewhere on a sphere of the 3rd plane. After millions of reincarnations we eventually achieve the right to advance to the 4th plane and earn the right wherein we do not have to reincarnate. My friend, you cannot escape the re-birth process over and over again until we get it right and have learned all the lessons and paid back all the Karmic debt -(baggage) we incurred from each subsequent life time. You say you have no guides, Hmm! you have been mislead because you were assigned guides when your soul and spirit were created and they are always with you. You really need to get into the works of Dolores Cannon who is an expert in this field.

Comment by The Great Sea on September 18, 2016 at 4:26pm

I started out, after having come into this body via soul transfer, with just remembering my life I had recently left - WWII era...then in about 2010, I started to recall more into my 19th c. life and it was not much later that my multi-dimensional memories started to kick into high gear.  I just followed my own personal 'rabbit hole' and got to where I am now.

I really don't have parents, in the sense that I was not reincarnated by birth...but, also in the sense that I have no soul family.  So, in my own way...I did 'beget' myself - I came into my own form in the 5th Dimension.

I have noticed here, this being a 'Starseed' site, a lot of discussion on soul families, and soul groups...each 'race' and such having their own groups, families, etc.  I do not have any of that.  I am essentially one unto myself.  Over the years, I have tried seeking others out like me...but none came.  I have crossed paths with other elementals...but none in my 'situation' or 'position'.  For a long time...I held out hope...but then at some point I realized that this hope was just me accepting a commonly perpetuated 'truth' about souls as my own truth when it wasn't.  The more these purported 'truths' crumbled...the more my own truth grew out of their ruins.

I have no guides either... I have no twin flame (for those who believe in such)...  however, I have a female companion - a fellow elemental, with whom I have been with since I came into this body - but yet, due to all I was going through at the time - our connection withered...and nearly died.  Yet...despite that, our connection was restored probably about 1-2 years ago...and has grown stronger since then.  She helps me...and I her...and I hope to someday meet her on the 3rd Dimensional level.  Right seems like we're working on lower 4, not too far away...I hope.

Comment by GrownWisdom on September 18, 2016 at 4:09pm

Memories, fascinating.

That which you share with me is something similar to what I expereienced in my awakening, it was the merging of I as the observer (that which is defined as the sea that dreams of being itself) and the observed (which is I, the awareness). See (excuse the pun) for me the sea was not the sea but that which we know as spirit, the fabric of our souls - or consciousness, that which has allowed us to evolve in mind and build civilisations. In this awakening period I held hands with my observer, my soul, that which is me but is not, the culmination of all who I am and have been, the totality of my I AM presence defined and shaped by my higher self.

It must have been a couple of years ago now and my awakening was all ethereal, so all occured and manifested within out three spatial dimensions (yet some were more than that). So I relate as well.

Just to share some extra thoughts here, to me, to be immortal, to be free, I would have to be non-begotten. I could not have parents, only guardians, I would have to have a body of my own choosing.

But yes, that's a lovely piece of writing.

Comment by The Great Sea on September 18, 2016 at 2:47pm

Memories...mainly.  Since what I wrote 2 years ago, it's somewhat grown beyond the scope of that...just more 'remembering' that was built upon what I wrote.  It's not so much personality traits or even astrology (between my 1824 and 1908 charts - Earth element is predominant).  So - it is simply 'remembering'...working backwards in tracing my 'origins'.

Not really...I'm just...water. 

Fascinating tidbit there on Hydrogen and Oxygen where it concerns the Universe's make up and Water.

I want to share with you something posted by William Mistele on FB almost 2 years ago - it's something that I can relate to...

The Sea

Sometimes when meditating on my second chakra I become the sea. And the person meditating? It is as if during an afternoon nap I, the sea, have fallen asleep for an hour and a half. And I dream I am him.
His life is real. He is born. He dies. He does what is right in his eyes.
But he has been cheated. His life is so brief, so fleeting.
But if the man were to awake, to realize he is me, you know the refrain—‘In his soul waves roll five thousand miles and magnetism flows between the poles”—then he would become the person he was meant to be.
He would no longer have a historical based identity. He would not be a person who knows himself through his society.
Like me he would be immortal and free. And finally I would have a man who is a friend and who takes my hand.
We meet each now within our dreams. The land creature has awakened and the sea now walks upon the land.

Comment by GrownWisdom on September 18, 2016 at 12:36pm

What makes you consider yourself a water elemental? Is it the personality traits often associated with the elements, is it astrological or was it due to some other reason such as an awakening, tell me if I'm being too inquisitive or curious ^^! Interesting, I never considered a Mermaid to be an elemental at all! Unless it was because they lived in the ocean (which would then make a human an Earth elemental) which I somewhat doubt to be the case. 

As simple water, do you have any traits? I in the sixth dimension, am highly empathetic, I to use somewhat ambiguous explanatory similes, plant seeds for peoples present or future growth, grow from others, heal and assist through others, and am healed and assisted by others. It's a very useful dimension for self-growth, learning (either consciously or un-consciously, but for most 'lower' it tends to be unconscious) and evolution. 

I'm not too sure of anything past basic conjecture but I'm sure some research on google would help you out significantly. Hydrogen (a basic building block of the Universe) and Oxygen as seperate elements are both present - and oxygen is produced - inside stars. Thus they must traverse throughout the Universe through the destruction of stars (of which there are plenty) and thus via asteroids, comets and other 'dust' particles that often eventually make up planets. Approximately 73% of the mass of the visible Universe is Hydrogen and this low dense element was produced during the birth of the Universe itself. Water (H2O) is a combustion (a reaction that also produces energy, often as heat) of hydrogen (H) in the Universe. Thus the reaction of the formation of water is exothermic, meaning it produces or generates energy. So oxygen from the death of stars and Hydrogen, one of the building blocks of the Universe, present and a part of the reaction known as the Big Bang itself form together as gases in a V shape with Oxygen at the point and two hydrogens on either tip of the V to create liquid water. They do this through electronegativity which is a somewhat tricky topic.

Comment by The Great Sea on September 18, 2016 at 11:09am

Well for you, it probably isn't, but for me it is.  This is one reason why I am not a starseed and do not like to be classified as one...I'm an elemental - pure and simple.  I do not know if it is the same for all elementals, or specifically ones that are 'of the Earth', like me.  It would be interesting to see if it differs for other elementals...and I'm talking about 'elements' - Air, Earth, Fire, Water...that 'take form'...not elementals in the sense of Mermaids so to speak.  To me, they are a different 'class' of elemental.  I don't think you're any're just a different type of being whose 'consciousness diffusion' is probably on a dimension 'further up'.  I'm a pretty 'dense' being, but that's who and what I am.  In the 6th, I am simply ocean water as that's where, if we work in reverse, and start at the 6th Dimension - that's my 'start'.  I'm simply water.  Water is a pretty abundant element in the Universe as a whole - existing as either liquid, gas, or ice...and going further back, one would have to research the origins of this universe (at least - since that's where Earth is) on the scientific level.  I don't know what goes beyond the existence of Water (and I'm not going to 'fill in the gap' and say 'God' or 'Source' or 'Spirit'...I'm looking for a scientific explanation).  I look up 'origins of water' and most of the references pertain to the Earth's water:

"The study pushes back the clock on the origin of Earth's water by hundreds of millions of years, to around 4.6 billion years ago, when all the worlds of the inner solar system were still forming. Scientists had suspected that our planet formed dry, with high-energy impacts creating a molten surface on the infant Earth.- Oct 30, 2014"

...but, I'm interested in knowing the origins of the water in the Universe.  Perhaps at some point, I might get that answer...and perhaps not, and that's ok.  My focus is simply working with in these dimensions and understanding things going on here (on Earth) within them.

Comment by GrownWisdom on September 18, 2016 at 10:38am

Interesting, I have no conclusive reason to believe that the sixth dimension is where the diffusion of consciousness occurs but I can relate and am aaware of the fact that SOMEWHERE (perhaps in the sixth dimension, thank you for informing me) consciousness does diffuse. However I must obviously not be an elemental because in the sixth I still exist, almost as the 'head' of the consciousness in the area. Which to an individual against the existing of consciousness in this sixth dimension (I'm yet to do further research on this point and thus discover for myself, which I like to do) might be a perversion. So what I would like to ask is - are you simply ocean water in that dimension because you are an elemental, or do you know why in general?

Comment by The Great Sea on September 18, 2016 at 10:33am

I have not experienced beyond 6th, and understand that these are dimensions that are still a part of physical Earth.  They are interconnected - it's just that with this diagram I made, it was the best way I could illustrate the 'higher' doesn't mean one 'goes away' or 'higher away' from the physical Earth.

Joanne has mentioned some explanations on the Earth's dimensions in both her Ley Line thread and her Lightships one.  Also, from going around a bit and seeing what others have to say on the dimensions - the 4th, as far as 'general consensus goes', does seem to be the one where one does past life work, Akashic records, 'soul review', things like that.  The 5th is, again, from what I've seen by two others on the matter - the Elemental realm - hence this is the realm that I have my form, and the 6th being - how one person put it, from what I recall, where the consciousness diffuses...(hence my reference to the Neptunian astrological energy).  That is where I simply had no 'elemental form' as I did in the 5th, but was instead simply ocean water - I had no 'individual consciousness' so to speak of my own.

Comment by GrownWisdom on September 18, 2016 at 10:19am

Hey there :)

Just some food for thought, why do you believe that the dimensions increase in number as one travels further away from the surface of the Earth? I'd argue that this is not the case but am open to any new knowledge that I might be ignorant of :D.

In western science (and thus the English language) it is known that the fourth dimension is temporal and not spatial, do you believe the fifth is spatial. The tardis for example, on Doctor Who is a five dimensional construct (including the fourth temporal dimension, but it is technically an object that lies within the fourth spatial dimension). 


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