The Difference Between Religion & Spirituality

RELIGION is an organization, a collective, a hive mind where there is no individual, only external community. A uniform culture of people who follow the same book, the same rules (in theory) and the same beliefs. A state of worship, following a god, messiah, prophet. Different names for the same thing, same message, same idea; different journey with the same destination. Power is in the hands of the collective group as a whole. The Truth is already found and change is hard or impossible. All religions are inspired by a being of spirituality with the same message. Love. Founded by criminals with a different message. Fear.

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SPIRITUALITY is an unorganized, individual, free-minded way of life where there is no group, only freedom. A personal internal journey with no rules, no limitations, no beliefs. A state of enlightenment, leading and guiding others towards Love. No worshiping, no rituals, only the pursuit towards Truth. Power is in the hands of the individual. Truth is not yet found and change is in flux and inevitable. Spirituality is experienced by oneself discovering one message. Love. When explained and misunderstood by others it's abused, twisted into something else. Religion. 

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Comment by Traciann Lee 3 hours ago
Spot on! I am tired of religious people, they wear me down! So programmed with rubbish...
Comment by adeomus on March 16, 2018 at 8:46pm

lol...omg Dodee, this is exactly what i've come to believe...all of it.

and yes, i think "They" may have given all of us a piece of the puzzle, and

only by coming together and cooperating, will we ever "get it" .

but...i think we're on our way ! : D  <3

love, addy

Comment by Dodee giebas 18 hours ago

Hey addy

Perception and logic are tricky things. We all have a piece of the puzzle. The more we come together, the more it starts to make sense. For a long time I have held the thought...when physics and metaphyphics meet in the middle, e'll really be on to something. Something like a giant leap of knowing, a grand awakening, a planetary expansion of consciousness. Things sure look like they are evolving in that direction.

Hippies used to say, "go with the flow." Someone recently told me the Indians are saying "Get into the river, and just go with it"


Comment by Dodee giebas on March 16, 2018 at 2:01am
Hey addy

Perception and logic are tricky things. We all have a piece of the puzzle. The more we come together, the more it starts to make sense. For a long time I have held the thought...when physics and metaphyphics meet in the middle, e'll really be on to something. Something like a giant leap of knowing, a grand awakening, a planetary expansion of consciousness. Things sure look like they are evolving in that direction.

Hippies used to say, "go with the flow." Someone recently told me the Indians are saying "Get into the river, and just go with it"

Comment by adeomus on March 15, 2018 at 8:36pm

Hi Dodee : )

there is not much i'm sure of, especially in spiritual matters....but i am convinced that reincarnation is real because of the many many things my youngest child has said when he was  4 yrs old or less.

but....tales like ours are like ghost tales...it's really hard to believe in it unless one experiences it on one's own....

we know what we know...we just have to admit it ourselves one day <3

love, addy

Comment by Dodee giebas 1 hour ago

More on reincarnation......what is it,really? <snipped>

Comment by Dodee giebas on March 15, 2018 at 7:17pm
More on reincarnation......what is it,really? These ideas come from somewhere, they get warped over time from religion and from people writing books. The only seemingly timeless book I have is the Tao, and people in china still make a career out of trying to interpret it! Back to reincarnation.....I know it exists in some form and that's what confuses me. 2 examples:
1. My shaman spirit. He is able to take over my body in certain ways...enables me to do things I couldn't possibly do by myself, so I know he's in there. How do I know this? He can't talk to me, only through me. Sometime I say really wise things without knowing what I'm talking about, then I have to process what I said before I forget. He's literally taken over my body and saved my life more than once(I was a little wild and reckless when young)I used to think I had "guardian angle" watching over me who could take over my body.
I had several friends who were psychics during " new age " era.ididnt go to them for readings, I have enough crap to process on my own. Two of these psychics and one skeptic scientist who was playing with automatic writing came to me and told me about this spirit, I figured this wouldn't stop until I accepted this as truth. He wanted me to know his name, but none of the three could pronounce it. He wanted me to know his name for me(easier to pronounce) and the meaning of this name, and that it was he that was always with me. The third psychic told me he was ice age shaman of Evenk tribe in Siberia. Is this not "reincarnation?" his spirit is carnal again in my body.
2. I have a catholic friend ( odd isn't it.) sh told me ther was this certain time of the year(late spring, I think) I forget what they call it. They gather into groups and call the Jesus spirit to communicate. She had another friend coming over and invited me to join them. I was to bring a tent and we were to have an over night vigil calling on Jesus. Sounded like fun, love camping out.
I was sitting in my tent, sun wasn't even down yet, wondering how to call a spirit(they usually just showed up). I soon as I asked the question, I herd a loud voice from the sky direction say "Just open your heart, and ask me to come in".( they used to say something like that at my old church ). Then I heard the voice from Sirius say " this is how he again walks the earth ". Is this not " reincarnation"? Also, is this the true meaning of " second coming"? I see the beauty of this. It really feels like truth to me.
My past life dream experiences can be explained by DNA. Memories reside in connective tissue. DNA is in all cells. DNA comes from ancestors. Their lives continue through us. ( kinda sounds like "reincarnation"....)
Comment by Dodee giebas on March 15, 2018 at 1:20pm
I woke up this morning feeling more integrated. Some of us do "reincarnate". This is why I'm able to "hold" earth wisdom. I've been around the block (in this case I should say "sphere")few times. I was "stuck" and needed help. Asar maybe the only being that could of helped me. He truly is a master of intelligence (never sure if I'm using the right word, meanings seen to chane as time passes. ( Asar, I apologize for using you as an example...please forgive.) I learned love from a "religion". I saw Truth in the stories, and thought "Jesus is like me, kind compassionate, and loving." By the time I was
16, many of the things I was reading in the Bible and hearing in the church. My mind and knowledge base were developing. The things I was learning in the woods did seen logical, they caused me to see truth. They resonated in my heart. This is what I think......the spiritual part of my religion, ( the person/spirit, Jesus) resonated in my innocent childish heart, and I didn't even notice the "dogma". This drove me out of the church and into the woods full time where all the "spirit" things resonated with the same Love energy as the Jesus spirit. I thank my mom for this, because I learned what Love feels like from her. I call "spirituality", the things that come from "spirit world". To me, religion looks like the practice or process followed that enables one to communicate with spirit world. Spirits feel like pure energy.
My spirit communicates with star people spirit. I don't know if they are only spirits or spirits in bodies, I don't care, because I feel the love. I don't know what "soul" means. My "body consciousness" feels like a sprit. By communicating with my body's spirit, I learn what "medicine" I need to heal myself. I'm not saying that this is "easy", I'm only saying it is Truth. I other spirit bodies as well, but I don't know what to call them. My star spirit, my earth spirit, my shaman spirit. I feel him in my body.he can control by body spirit if I let him.(sometimes he doesn't wait for my permission. The first day I was online here, something that John(bless his spirit) said triggered him and he sent me kicking and screaming to the flash of light,the place of "everything" (is this what some call the "place of all knowledge?").This happened in the "blink of an eye". I didn't know that Asars words would help put the pieces of my shattered mind back together so quickly just by him speaking out. But words do matter because words do have power. If he didn't have a good intention somewhere in his heart, his words wouldn't have helped me. This is how we heal, this is how we help each other. This is how we integrate our energies/spirit bodies. Waking up more integrated let me answer my own question " why do I have to validate myself?" because my mental energy(logic) had to integrate with my other energies in my heart. Asar's kindness(compassion/love) took a thorn out of my heart and his vast knowledge helped me put the pieces of mind together to further integration process.
Because he was the one who helped me, he will always have a special place in my heart. This causes Love to "intensify". This is a good thing. More love, less fear. Many have helped me with my personal healing since I came here. I really mean it when I say I am grateful and I love you all.

Again I say, may all of your journeys be as fruitful as mine. I only hope my words can touch your hearts.

Comment by Dodee giebas on March 13, 2018 at 11:34pm
Oops where it says 26 years later, supposed to be 16 years later
Comment by Dodee giebas on March 13, 2018 at 11:32pm
Thank you so much for this information. It totally matches the information of my visions and the voices I hear. I asked " where did I cme from and how did I get here?" as a small child like you said previously, and I did not mean wher do babies come from, I knew that. 26 years later, I began having a series of visions with commentary like a documentary. The first was a picture of Chromosomes with the DNA shown in different colors on the strands. I didn't have a clue what it ment as DNA research hadn't begun yet. It went on in installments showing a person rising up out of dirt, standing up, looking around and becoming aware. Then the earth with humans shown as clusters of dots in one area. Stardust fell on them, they multiplied and then moved around the planet. Last one showed me asleep in bed. I wake up, and then wake up a second time(awaken). My Cration painting was from the ones who say they are from Sirius, creation visions from Siberia.my native Russian grandmother is part Siberian. Have ice age Siberian shaman always with me(like he's part of me). My healing gift is from this connection. Visions Sirian star people are scientific in nature. Songs, medicine things, medicine wheel teachings are native American. I know medicine wheel comes from Siberia originally, and Indians I met were talking about the same things I learned from the sirian star people, so it all kind of merges together.
I have other questions,but they involve things that I know are very sacred to the Indians, and I don't want to piss them off by talking about it in public.
I'm very tired from freaking out earlier, I cried for hours on end. Didn't realize I carrying such a heavy load. Don't know what I would have done without you.

Forever grateful,
Comment by Asar Ciakar on March 13, 2018 at 7:03pm

For my dad's family, they just can't deny our origins (we're having a native name), but my mother's family don't do the same. My great grand ma (mother side) have more than obviously native blood (think to a stereotypical native old woman, and there you have her: short, dark skin, black hair, huge lungs, east native nose and eyes etc). However, my family keep saying, with deep rage, that she's not native at all (even if she, and her family, was from a village right next from an Iroquois reservation). To be native, or part native, was see as a terrifying shame not so long ago, and even worse if a child been born out of marriage.

Many of native's ancient religions (European, Asian and African too) are centered on a cult to the ancestors, so whatever if you grew up as a "white" person, your soul is still linked to your ancestors. 

It's hard to explain the link between a soul (who's timeless and who's having no previous bonds whatsoever with the body that we own) and our fleshy vessels. I think that to get a grip on our human reality, we had to acclimate our souls to our vessels... to vibrate on the same frequency. Therefore our souls can influence our vessels (to imbue it with mystic energies for various means)... but also our vessels can influence our souls (our DNA imprint shared with our ancestors) and therefore giving us access to their souls using our common DNA as a catalyst to make that bond between them and us. Races are an archaic boxing system, none of us is pure white, black or native.

So technically, all of us could get in touch with their ancestors, whatever native, black or white. The native shamanism(s) is a way, like many other religions, to get that privileged contact with these who came before us. Mexican catholics, English druidism, African shamanism (etc) are one of many other alternatives. :)

Comment by Dodee giebas on March 13, 2018 at 10:47am
When I say I'm white with an Indian soul, I'm not really sure what that means. I "knew" I was supposed to be an Indian when I was a very young child. I knew nothing about Indian "culture" until I was in my 50's. I didn't know I even had Indian ancestors until I was almost 60. The only Indian I had ever seen as a child was "Tonto" on the old "lone Ranger" television show. Because of prejudice, my family kept that part of our heritage a secret. My mother didn't know either. I asked her many, many times if we had Indian blood and she always said "no". I eventually realized this was because she always hung out with her Scottish grandmother. I didn't know what I was leaning in the park was "medicine wheel" until I finally met some Indians when I was almost 50 years old. At that time, I still did not know that I had Indian blood. I had been given songs in Indian language from "ancestor spirits?", a beaver once came to me(I'm talking about a real live beaver) and taught me things. I've made "medicine objects" my life and didn't know what they were. I used to give them to my hippy friends because they thought they were "cool", and I didn't know what to do with them. my mom did volunteer work at a mental hospital and I used to go with her, I never spoke about these things because I didn't want end up there. the only thing that kept me sane was the beauty and truth that I saw in these strange things. then , when I finally met some Indians, they told me that the real medicine people don't leave the reservation. so sorry, I can hardly type through my tears. I've been both blessed and cursed in my life, but love and truth always shine through. What do I call this? Ancestral memory? Reincarnation? White body,Indian soul? Freak? Does it even matter? Why do I even think I have to validate myself? I don't know the answer to these things. I only know love and truth and and that I have much power to help others heal. And so I live my life. I asked the star people, the ones that talk to me for help and I ended up here. I'm tired of being lonely. I hope you can except me. I can't change who I am. I've learned to love even if I only get it back from spirit world. I will survive.

Much love & peace,


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